“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Thank you for your interest in Take Back The Town. I have written up some pointers that will guide you in building a team that can restore constitutional governance in your community. By putting together this team, you are taking a crucial first step in reclaiming our lost Republic. Only through patriots like you leading the way can we build a national movement where these teams are around in every county across America to ensure our freedom and prosperity are protected. And of course, we will be alongside you doing everything in our power to assist your courageous efforts to stand up against the tyranny of the 2012 NDAA.


We have a model resolution and a model ordinance available for you. A resolution is non-binding and easier to pass. An ordinance is binding and therefore more difficult to pass. Passing either one of these makes a bold statement against tyranny. Here they are:

The Tenth Amendment Center’s Liberty Preservation Ordinance

People Against the NDAA’s Restoring Constitutional Governance Resolution


Getting it introduced is very simple. Here are the five steps you need to engage in to get it introduced in your town:

Step 1: Be a resident of the town in which you are introducing the Resolution/Ordinance

Step 2: Contact the Supervisor

Step 3: Give them a draft of the resolution/ordinance

Step 4: Have the supervisor get it on the agenda for a town council meeting

Step 5: Give a presentation to your local representatives in favor of the resolution/ordinance


Our ability to pass these resolutions hinges upon whether we can build enough pressure on our elected officials. We at the Tenth Amendment Center and People Against the NDAA will do everything we can to help you at the national level to get the word out. That means we will urge our contact lists of concerned patriots to take action steps including calling government officials and sending them e-mails. But without concerned citizens getting out there and reaching people, town councils and county commissions will take the cowards way out virtually every time. Most government officials aren’t looking to stand up to the feds either because they’re cowards or in cahoots with them, I’m sad to say.

If we can get enough people angry and make the government officials’ phones ring off the hook and demonstrate our points in a way that we can’t be dismissed offhand, we can have success. Success has already been achieved across the country, including in Oakland County back in 2012 when they passed a rebuke against the NDAA. It is not always easy though, and it is important that you know how to talk to these government officials and that you constantly refuse to take their nonsense.


When calling in to your government officials that are considering taking action against the NDAA, be polite yet forceful. Say that inaction against the NDAA is unacceptable. Let them know this is not fun and games. Let them know that this is an extremely serious issue, and if they don’t support it, they are voting against your interests in the worst manner possible. Let them know they are oath breakers that support federal kidnapping if they refuse to take action against the NDAA. Refuse to budge an inch if/when they make pathetic excuses. Assure them that when it comes time to vote in the next election, you’ll be out there leading the charge against them if they vote NO. Keep calling them up every 3-4 days letting them know that you mean business as well. If they receive this message enough times, they will have no choice but to take action against the NDAA.


Pressure cannot be built until there is a groundswell of grassroots support against the NDAA. Our main problem is that the media has kept the public in the dark about this heinous offense against liberty. That means there is an educational component to what we do as well. We have to go out there, find people, engage them, talk to them about this issue and get them to take action. This takes a lot of work and requires some patience. What we have going for us is that the public has turned on the government. Still, it’s a shock to their system to learn about indefinite detention and America being declared a permanent battlefield.

Talking to people about this can be tough. This information comes out of left field and causes people to have cognitive dissonance. It is important that we remain patient even if we are met with skepticism and ridicule. Waking up is not easy and people do not want to believe that their government is this evil and out-of-control. We have to work with people. Someone who initially rejects our information could easily come around later on, and we need them to if we are to be successful. If someone rejects the information in a particularly repugnant way, just try to politely give them the facts and then disengage. Don’t pry too much and always be the better person. Because of what we are up against, we have to be ultra-careful in terms of the way we present ourselves. We will always be held to a higher level of scrutiny than Barack Obama or Rick Snyder or the rest of the establishment hacks, that’s for sure.


It is important that we reach out to the public in a way that benefits us and does not give our opposition ammunition to slander us. This means that we should present information that only has to do with the NDAA. That means that your communication to the public should only be about indefinite detention, how it can easily apply to anyone, and what effects it has upon free speech. Talking about other Constitutional violations like NSA Spying and the Repressive Police State Abuses can be applicable as well, but be careful! What you do must be as non-partisan as possible because it will otherwise be dismissed as the work of ‘right-wing Obama haters.’ There will be a separate time for more divisive issues, this is not it. We don’t want to be pigeonholed into the manufactured partisan divide, we want to be a rejection of this phony partisanship. Bureaucrats will use any conspiracy talk as a reason for dismissing our legitimate efforts. The NDAA has been done in out in the open, and unveiling the publicly recognized facts is more than enough.


Reaching out to form coalitions. This is important as well. Tea parties, Gun Shows, Occupy Groups, ACLU, Campaign for Liberty, Anti-War Groups, Veterans Groups and more. These are all places you could hit up and find active people. Anyone who is outspoken and passionate about their beliefs one way or the other is going to oppose potentially being jailed for expressing their views. Just know your audience and know how to appeal to them. We have to act as the conduit that works to bring people from opposite sides of the political arena together. There is the opportunity for a huge coalition because the government is so obviously threatening and unconstitutional in this particular instance.


Create Content for Public Access TV. It is also important to produce a video of us talking about the NDAA from a localized point of view and present it to public access networks. Cable access networks pretty much exist to give people like us a soapbox. We need to utilize that soapbox in the hope that people stumble onto us that way. This may give us access to a person who otherwise would never have come across our information. We have to hit areas to reach out to people who consume their media from the very controlled TV/newspaper setting, and that is what we can do on public access. It can also be used on the internet and posted where activists will see them on social media websites and forums.

Writing letters to the editor. People tend to read letters to the editor moreso than almost any other section of the newspaper. As I stated before, this is a way to get out the message of NDAA to people who might not be tuned into the internet where talk of these incessant constitutional violations is more prevalent.


In all communications, it is important to be confident and passionate. It will give you more gravitas as you communicate information that many will inevitably find hard to stomach. If you are not a confident public speaker, practice in front of a mirror. Do the research. Be knowledgeable. Don’t give the opposition a weak point that they can pounce on. It is easier to do nothing, but the only way we’re going to avert complete disaster is by becoming the leaders ourselves. Our group has to actually create leaders and coach them onward through the inevitable hardships toward success.


We should use these resolutions as a way of getting people involved and active in things that matter. They are to be a stepping stone for a bigger and more important movement that will actually help solve some of the ongoing and seemingly never-ending problems facing our country and society.

Mutual Aid/Mutual Self-Defense Groups. This Take Back the Town effort needs to be a jumping off point for mutual aid/mutual self-defense groups. It isn’t going to be enough to pass these resolutions. We must stay vigilant afterward. This is when you need to reach out to police groups too, inform them about the changes in the law and make sure that they adopt it in their official policy. A good plan might be to start one of these groups that is centralized in a county at first with people who are known to be skilled and awake. We can then find what works, eventually branch off and start them in a bunch of cities in the county. This all comes after the resolution or ordinance is passed, of course.

Other resolutions or ordinances. Never quit the fight. There are many more sample resolutions and ordinances on the Tenth Amendment Center website that your team can push afterward on NSA Spying, TSA Groping, 2nd Amendment and so on. If you could only get a resolution passed, keep building and maybe you can get an ordinance passed next time. The feds will never stop their march toward tyranny so we must never stop being active in our communities to stop them! You will also need to be around to make sure that the resolution is not ignored and that the bureaucrats are forced to follow through with what they passed. Keeping your team together after the resolution passes is essential.

Building an apolitical movement. These ideas are important because they get people out of the mindset that the only way you can enact change is at the voting booth. This is people coming together to secure their own freedom, their own self-defense, and their own economic well-being. We must use our knowledge to be a blessing upon our fellow man during the ongoing Constitutional crisis. It is our patriotic duty to do so. We can use these resolutions and ordinances to build toward a solution, rather than just focusing on political action which at best can only slow down the upcoming tyranny.


Here are some more resources to give to folks that want to understand how to come across when approaching government officials:


Michigan Tenth Amendment Center
PANDA Michigan


Lathrup Village, MI: Ordinance was submitted to town council Dec. 2013. Currently pending.

Pontiac, MI: Resolution pending as of Sept. 2014.

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