Although we may have dodged a bullet by electing Trump over Clinton last November, we are not out of the weeds yet. Trump is under attack, and we still cannot rely on the federal government to protect us. That means we need to get active at the local level, and unite our communities to keep them free and safe when peril strikes in this age of political violence and mayhem.

That’s why we need a Constitutional Sheriff’s Movement in Michigan. Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf has already gotten started, and he’s working to spread his constitutional message throughout the state so that sheriffs know that it is their duty to protect the people, not obey federal orders.

He sat down with the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center and answered some questions recently. Here are his responses:

Michigan Tenth Amendment Center: What is your background? What made you interested in law enforcement and what awoke you to the importance of the Constitution?

Sheriff Dar Leaf: My background is that I grew up out in the country with a middle class GM/UAW family. My mother is Catholic and dad is Baptist which made for an interesting mix. My dad is a Korean War Veteran with the USMC. Both were old school and strict about my behavior as well as all of my siblings. When I got out of high school, I was not sure what I wanted to do. I got a job in a factory and worked with some incredible people. I saved enough money to start college. Out of the blue, I chose Law Enforcement. The work was outside and always different. While going to college, I read an NRA magazine. The NRA was warning its readers about upcoming gun bans coming from the federal government. I couldn’t believe what I had read. I joined the NRA as a life member because I wanted to know more about this cause. I stayed in Law Enforcement for many reasons with one being that there would be at least one gun they wouldn’t be able to take away.

MTAC: What is the role of the Constitutional Sheriff in your eyes?

Dar Leaf: As my career went on, laws changed and the courts made rulings that were called “Case Law”. I started wondering how courts could make laws when they were supposed to interpret law. So, the next gun show I went to I stopped at the John Birch Society booth and got some information on the Constitution. 5.) When I was elected Sheriff I knew that I was more than a police chief. I got my power directly from the people but what did that mean. During my research I came across a common law attorney, Carson Tucker. Carson had a power point that was about the office of the Sheriff. Later I received a phone call from the Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) and was invited to their conference. This was the best conference that I have ever been to. Not only did I learn about the Office of Sheriff, but I learned the history of government, then history of our constitution, how greed screwed it up and what’s coming.

A Constitutional Sheriff is there to represent the sovereignty of their state. The Sheriff has arrest powers that come directly from the people and that is why he is called “The Chief Law Enforcement Officer” of his county. The Sheriff has the authority and duty to nullify and interpose any federal tyranny. That piece of metal on his chest is a shield. Back in early England the king had the sheriff as his enforcement and protection. The Sheriff had a sword and a shield to defend the King. Today, we shrunk that shield and most people call it a badge. However, every officer out there is supposed to shield their people (Kings) from evil even if it is their own government.

MTAC: Have you deputized a posse in your county? Do you think this is a wise course of action? Why or why not?

Dar Leaf: I have a Posse, Auxiliary, and reserve unit. The Posse falls under the Sheriffs authority of “Posse Comitatus” or “the Power of the County”. My Posse is trained in many aspects from law enforcement to search and rescue. They are a great organization of volunteers who work many hours for me and the county. Insurance companies sometimes will raise their rates but the Posse, Auxiliary and Reserves are worth every penny. I use them at big and small events all over the county. They are uniformed and non-uniformed, male and female, and will show up at a moment’s notice. I recommend every Sheriff in the country to start up a group like I have.

MTAC: Do you feel that sheriffs should disobey orders from the state or federal government if they believe those orders to be unconstitutional?

Dar Leaf: Sheriffs have a duty to nullify and interpose illegal action by any government. Oath Keepers have a list of illegal orders that they will not assist the government in enforcing. I read that list and I agree with them.

MTAC: Do you see Constitutional underpinnings amongst the other Sheriffs you are familiar with throughout the state?

Dar Leaf: Michigan has over 30 new Sheriffs. I do not know the other Sheriffs well enough to see any constitutional underpinnings. There are handfuls that are very conservative that I know of and there are others that are not.

MTAC: For other people who may want to run for Sheriff, can you give them any tips on selling the Constitutional message to voters?

Dar Leaf: If you are going to run for Sheriff be prepared. When Obama was in office, the left was against the constitution and anyone who stood for it. Now that President Trump is in office now the left said that they want the constitution. Make it clear that you support “Limited Government” which includes your own limitations as Sheriff. However, make sure you understand the powers of the Sheriff because the powers not used are powers lost by the people.

MTAC: How does the election of President Trump effect this movement in your point of view?

Dar Leaf: President Trump seems to be more local law enforcement friendly. President Obama seemed to want to tear down local police especially the Sheriffs. Obama is part of the “Progressive Movement” which wants a very large central government controlling everything. Trump sounds like he wants to bring back some of the restrictions. The jury is still out on President Trump. If he holds true to his promises, he will undo most of Obama’s usurpations.

MTAC: What do you think are some realistic short-term and long-term goals for the Constitutional Sheriffs movement in Michigan?

Dar Leaf: Short term goal is to educate as many people as possible of the proper role of government. A longer goal is to start teaching the constitution in its correct content. We need to bring back the true powers of the jury, the people, and local government. As of today government is up-side-down. The federal government is way out of control and the locals do not understand their role in stopping them. The bigger government gets, the further away they get from the people.

If you would like to help Sheriff Dar Leaf get the Constitutional Sheriff’s Movement kick started in your area, email him at We need to make sure our sheriffs and our law enforcement are educated and prepared to stand with the people rather than against them in the case of civil unrest.

Shane Trejo
State Director
Michigan Tenth Amendment Center