Shelly Gregoire is a 2016 Libertarian candidate for District 62 of the Michigan House of Representatives. She was gracious enough to answer several questions about state sovereignty, nullification and the Tenth Amendment.

Why did you decide to run?

Shelly Gregoire: The nail in the coffin was the $700 dollar fine I received for not being able to afford healthcare. I couldn’t get help either. Neither side of the aisle is doing anything to alleviate the burdens unduly placed upon Michiganders. I’m the lone voice in the race pushing constitutional values, and real solutions to alleviate the burden on taxpayers.

What makes you think you would be a good candidate in the state house?

SG: I can work with both parties to make Michigan a beacon of liberty in the United States. While also working with them, I will work against them. I will keep updates on what‘s going on within the legislature, and not just throw out bits and pieces here and there. I will call out the corruption. I will also stand against the federal government overreach. Neither side will go against the Washington Machine. I am a strong believer in the Tenth Amendment. If they try anything, expect some noise.

What federal laws do you think are the most unconstitutional?

SG: Anything that goes against the Tenth Amendment is unconstitutional. However, I’d say the Affordable Care Act is the worst right now. The federal government should have no say in my health care. Ever since they have gotten involved, we’ve seen enormous spikes in the health care insurance premiums and deductibles. I also shouldn’t be forced to purchase anything. I‘d like to ask our President to show me where in the United States Constitution that it says the government is supposed to take care of my health care needs. I would love to force the Affordable Care Act out of Michigan. Win or lose, I won‘t stop until it is fully and completely eradicated from our state.

I understand that you had a recent run-in with the law. How did that come about?

SG: I am the president of Young Americans for Liberty at Kellogg Community College. Recently, KCC officials arrested me simply because I was distributing pocket Constitutions to passing students in an outdoor area of campus. This is an egregious violation of the First Amendment, and I look forward to vindicating my constitutional rights and those of all students at KCC. Travis Barham with Alliance Defending Freedom is representing me.

How have we have degenerated so much as a country that public universities no longer allow freedom of expression?

SG: We allow the universities to trample over the constitution, for the sake of public safety. They use excuses like you’re stopping students from higher learning” or they don’t know how to just walk away from a conversation.” The things I’ve heard are insane. They always go back to the point of how it keeps the students safe. Safe from what? Learning about new things? Learning about their liberty? Their freedoms? I take Benjamin Franklin’s quote to heart when he says, Those who give up a little essential liberty, to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither and lose both.” We need to teach university administrators this, and never give up the fight for our liberties. Not now, not ever.

If you are elected, what would your legislative agenda be?

SG: First and foremost, push to get the federal government out of our education and healtcare. We can utilize the Tenth Amendment to push out Obamacare and make insurance affordable again. Some say it can’t be done, but Im hoping if one person stands up, everyone will then stand up. Common Core is a nuisance as well. First of all, the federal government has no say in our state’s education per the Constitution. Second, implementing the failing program has left us with a negative deficit. Im planning on getting rid of Common Core completely in Michigan and handing education back to local communities. I would also love to see gun free zones become a thing of the past. Im from Chicago originally, and I can tell you right now that gun control doesn’t stop criminals. No one should be denied their right to carry their firearm no matter where they are. We must allow Michigan to be a constitutional carry state.

You’re running as a Libertarian Party candidate. How do the ideas of state sovereignty and libertarianism intersect?

SG: To be honest, we don‘t have any state sovereignty now a days. Right now, we‘re letting the federal government control us and no one in our legislature is trying to defend us from them. However, where we do agree is that the federal government shouldn’t have a say in our every day lives. I’d rather the government be more localized though, with the state legislature being there to defend us from the federal government.

What do you think of your two major party opponents? Do you think either would possibly consider nullifying unconstitutional federal laws while in office?

SG: There is literally no difference between them. Neither are pushing to end any federal government regulations over us. The incumbent is just giving updates and my other opponent is just mud slinging. Neither will talk about the real issues. The issues hurting every family here in Michigan. Neither will address the Affordable Care Act, except saying that unfortunately some people will be affected or that it‘s a wonderful thing to happen. Neither are trying to push any kind of unconstitutional government out of Michigan. It‘s really depressing to be honest.

Do you think it is necessary for citizens to get involved in politics at the local and state levels?

SG: Yes. There’s corruption right down to local politics. I used to think it was only the federal government that was out of control. That‘s far from accurate though. For example, there’s a man running here in Bedford Township for supervisor. Theyre trying to throw him in jail over having backyard chickens. Now, Bedford is an agricultural township. Tell me why theyre trying to throw a man who‘s self-sustaining himself and lives in what’s considered a farming community in jail! They‘re setting up work shops, but then they cancel at the last minute. This is happening locally so imagine what‘s going on even higher up. People need to get involved and take back control of their government at every level.

What is the single most important political issue facing Michiganders moving forward?

SG: From what I‘ve been hearing, it is health care. Premiums and deductibles are sky rocketing yet no one in our legislature is trying to fix the problem. We need to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, and make insurance cheap again.