Dana Carver is a 2016 Libertarian candidate for District 106 of the Michigan House of Representatives. She was gracious enough to answer several questions about state sovereignty, nullification and the Tenth Amendment.

Why did you decide to run?

Dana Carver: I decided to run because I am tired of Lansing not listening to the people. We call, we write, we rally, but nothing is working. Every time we try to make change on the local level, it is merely a band aid if we are even able to make any change. We are always told that there is a state or federal law for that. Well, the time is now to repeal unconstitutional state laws and get the feds out of our state for good. If the federal “law” is not within the enumerated powers in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, it is no law at all. If we can get Lansing to understand the 10th Amendment, we can make true change. That is the only way.

What makes you think you would be a good candidate for the state house?

DC: I think I am a good candidate because I am well versed in the way things are truly meant to be. I have studied the original intent of the founding documents and will do every thing in my power to restore the rights of the individual.

What does the Tenth Amendment mean to you?

DC: To me, the Tenth Amendment means exactly what it says. All powers not enumerated and defined for the federal government in the Constitution are left to the states and the people. The states are sovereign and individual. it is beyond time for the states to take their power back.

What federal laws do you think are the most unconstitutional?

DC: Wow, this is a hard one. I would like to first state that all Federal laws that violate the rights of the individual and have no victim and are not enumerated are unconstitutional. This means probably around 95 percent of them. The ones that hurt us all the most are the laws against the Cannabis plant.

If people would just realize all of the lies that surrounded the creation of these laws they too would see how huge this is. So much money could be saved if this war would end. This war is strife with government piracy, grants, huge costs, and government control of our bodies. This plant is food, fiber, fuel, medicine, and so on. In fact, this plant was very important towards the founding of our country.

If you are elected, what would your legislative agenda be?

DC: If I am elected, my only agenda is to secure the rights of the individual. I will vote no on all laws that violate those rights. I will only write bills that repeal laws. There are many that need to be repealed.

Are there any issues that you are concerned about that the mainstream politicians won’t talk about?

DC: There are many issues that I will talk about that they will not such as cannabis freedom. I want no laws against a plant. We need private property restoration by repealing the planning and zoning enabling acts. I want to cut whole departments as well. I take the following quote from the Declaration of Independence to heart: “He has erected a multitude of new offices and sent swarms of his officers hither to harass our people and eat out their substance.” I would fight for the rights of the people against the oligarchy in the State House.

You’re running in the Libertarian Party. How does nullification relate to the principles of libertarianism?

DC: Nullification relates to the Libertarian party because it is the only party that truly believes in the founding principles of this country. We know that the only way nullification will work is if we get the state house in order and then actually utilize the 10th Amendment and get the feds and their laws out of our state for good.

Do you think your two major party opponents have any idea about State Nullification and the founding principles?

DC: One of my opponents is aware of those principles and yet has no desire to actually get back to them except under strict circumstances. The other one has no clue.

Do you think it is necessary for citizens to get involved in politics at the local and state levels?

DC: I think it is very important. The people’s involvement is the only way we can make the changes needed. People need to speak out, they need to demand accountability.

What is the single most important political issue facing Michiganders moving forward?

DC: Taxation is the most important issue Michiganders face. The budget in Lansing is bloated. We have a 54 Billion dollar budget for less than 10 million people. There is much work to be done.