I am happy to announce that I will speaking at a very interesting event this Sunday on behalf of the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center and the cause of nullification.

I will be presenting at the Cancer Prevention Convention in Ann Arbor. I will be speaking to a group of alternative medicine supporters about how legislation can be used to unleash the market in their favor, and allow sick individuals to have access to a wider range of medicines and treatments that are unavailable due to regulations.

Here is a flier for the event:

I would never have the hubris to suggest that Nullification could cure cancer, but it can definitely be used to make the lives of individuals better. Through the Right to Try Act (approved in Michigan), individuals are getting access to experimental medications that are banned by the Feds. Through nullifying the drug war, individuals are getting access to medical marijuana that is treating cancer and so many ailments better than the pharmaceutical alternatives.

That is how Nullification can have a positive impact on the lives of people, and I will spread that message of hope in Ann Arbor on Sunday. I hope to see you there as it should be very interesting!

The event will be taking place all day Sunday starting at 9am at Weber’s Inn located at:
3050 Jackson Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Tickets cost $20, and they will not be sold at the door. You will need to order them HERE to attend. See ya Sunday, patriots!

Shane Trejo
State Director
Michigan Tenth Amendment Center