The Michigan Tenth Amendment Center was recently able to represent the message of state sovereignty and nullification to the entire nation! I had the honor to table on behalf of the national Tenth Amendment Center at the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington D.C. It was an amazing and inspiring time.

Here are some pictures of the exhibitor table:

It was very encouraging to see how diverse and widespread the student libertarian movement is! It seemed like there were folks from every country in attendance, and everyone had wonderful developments to share about how they were moving the ball forward for freedom. Many of them knew about the work of the Tenth Amendment Center too from the Tom Woods Show.

Students were especially impressed with the work the Tenth Amendment Center is doing with the ACLU. The ACLU has endorsed our approach for tackling Orwellian surveillance with state-level resistance. There was even a recent joint op/ed between our organization at the ACLU that appeared in TIME Magazine. As I told many young kids: “It is not everyday that the ACLU comes out in favor of states’ rights.” That really opened some eyes!

I hope to attend more of these conferences, either as a Tenth Amendment Center exhibitor or otherwise. It shows that there is much work to be done to bring all the libertarian folks together around the idea of decentralization of power. It is a huge task, but one that I am ready for. I am up for the challenge of restoring liberty in this great Republic. Will you join me?

Shane Trejo
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