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One of the questions that comes across the mind of concerned patriots all the time is: Why aren’t these government scumbags in jail? What happened to Justice in the former Land of the Free? I have been asked questions along these lines many times, and I haven’t had a good answer for them – until perhaps now.

Constitutionalist Peter Konetchy, an avid nullification supporter and former U.S. House of Representatives candidate, is working on a grassroots project that may bring accountability back to the United States of America by setting up citizen grand juries that could deliver justice to our ‘public servants’ Nuremberg style.

He was recently gracious enough to answer many of my questions about his Michigan Constitutional Amendment Initiative for citizen grand juries.

What is Defend the Oath?

Peter Konetchy: Defend the Oath is a movement started by a group of individuals throughout the state who understand that every problem facing the people within this state, as well as throughout the nation, is directly attributed to those in power betraying their oath to support the provisions within the Constitution.  We’re not associated with any organization but include private individuals, such as myself, a tea party leader, a township commissioner, and several individuals who are being unconstitutionally prosecuted by the state – such as Mark Baker.

The members of this group are insignificant, but the concept being promoted is paramount.

What are you hoping to accomplish with this project?

PK: Hold elected officials accountable to honoring their oath to support the Constitution.  Every individual with authority over the people — public servants — swear on their sacred oath to support the constitution.  Yet when they assume power, they betray this oath and enforce discretion on the people rather than law.

Witnesses’ in court also swear on their honor to “tell the Truth”, but unlike our public officials, they go to jail for perjury when they break this oath. We want to return to the people the tools to hold public officials accountable to the oath they swear to.

Is there any precedent for Common Law Grand Juries?

PK: Of course. One of the documents upon which our Constitution is based is the Magna Carta.  Paragraph 61 of this document establishes a grand jury of normal citizens – barons – who could review the actions of the king and hold them accountable when authority was breached.

Also, the preamble to our Constitution clearly states that “We the People”  do ordain and establish this constitution.  The Bill of Rights was added so that there would be no misunderstanding as to the limits of government.  The 5th Amendment states that no person shall be held to answer for a crime unless upon the indictment of a Grand Jury.  This amendment never references that crimes must be heard before a state-controlled grand jury.  Nowhere in the Constitution is the authority for a grand jury granted to the states or federal government.  The 9th and 10th Amendments specifically state that unless authority is specifically designated to the government, the power remains with the people. Therefore the people have constitutional authority to convene a Grand Jury.  As it stands now the State has usurped this authority through statute.  This initiative returns through statute the power of the Grand Jury to hold public officials accountable.

A significant check against government abuse is the Grand Jury controlled by the people.

Why do you think this idea has fallen by the wayside over the years?

PK: A lot of it has to do with the public education system which has consciously degraded any emphasis on teaching anything about the Constitution, the very limited nature of government, and the true power of the people.

People have been falsely informed that the state has full control over the judicial system — including the Grand Jury. People believe that lawyers and judges know the law better than them.  They blindly accept the “fact” that the state, government, is right, and that they must accept whatever government imposes.

If they fight government they are destroyed — as was Mark Baker.  People have learned to submit to state control.

How do Common Law Grand Juries compliment the nullification and state sovereignty movement?

PK: Nullification is the proper response to unauthorized dictates.  The problem is that the people have no authority to nullify – so if an unconstitutional dictate is passed by the federal or state government, the people must comply or they will be punished — again as with Mark Baker. Without this initiative, the people, as in “We the People” are helpless to nullify.  Take, for example, the Medicaid Expansion Program recently implemented within the state.  The great majority of the people were against it.  I know of many individuals and groups lobbying their representatives to refuse it’s implementation, yet it passed.

This initiative allows the people the ability to nullify unconstitutional actions.  Again, dealing with Medicaid expansion.  Rather than pleading with our legislators to do the right thing — as was done and failed, imagine if this initiative were in place and a a full page ad was purchased in the State Journal explaining why federal health care was unconstitutional, and informing any legislator voting to impose it upon the people that they would be brought up on charges of betraying their oath and need to defend their actions in court.  Additionally, if they were found guilty by a jury of their peers they would lose their jobs and all public pensions.

I believe the legislators would think twice about voting to impose a non-constitutional dictate upon the people, and if so, they would need to defend the indefensible.  It would shift motivation for seeking office from personal gain to securing our rights. This initiative truly gives the people the power to nullify.

Are there any lawyers, law enforcement, judges, etc. who are on board with this idea?

The idea is in its infancy, and naturally the majority of lawyers, judges, and other public officials will be against it because it transfers power from them back to the people.  I have talked to Sheriff Richard Mack, of the CSPOA, about it and am planning to talk face to face with him later this month.  I have also talked with a man I greatly respect Michael Peroutka, who is a retired lawyer, past presidential candidate for the Constitution Party, and founder of the organization called The American View.

They are both supportive of the idea, and are researching it more.

What will it take to actually get this on the ballot?

PK: We need to collect a minimum of 320,000 by the end of June,  Seems insurmountable, but if we can develop the necessary language to get it on the ballot, and  recruit 1000 active volunteers throughout the state it can be done.  One volunteer can easily collect 500 signatures in a week.

Consider, when I was running for Senate we could collect over 500 signatures per day at gun shows.  Walking neighborhoods I could collect 100 signatures per day.  If we can recruit a sufficient number of volunteers liberty groups throughout the state – tea parties, C4L, church groups, young republicans, etc. we can do it.

How do we sign up and help out this initiative?

PK: The biggest thing we need now is concrete support for the idea.  Thereafter we need to convert the initiative into legal language so that we can get it on the ballot.  Thereafter we need to organize introductions to as many liberty minded individuals as possible.

Interviewer’s Note: Although this idea is just getting off the ground, it is invigorating and refreshing that there are patriots out there still fighting the good fight. They have not thrown in the towel in spite of great adversity. They are hunkering down, and pursuing avenues outside of the Republicrat two party dictatorship to bring justice to government terrorists. If that doesn’t bring a smile to your face, I don’t know what will 🙂

For more information on Defend the Oath, please visit their website at http://www.defendtheoath.com

Shane Trejo
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