The Michigan Tenth Amendment Center was happy to have a presence at Liberty Fest in Ann Arbor this weekend. We had a table, and we were able to engage with Libertarian Party members from throughout the country.

It is always great to hang around fellow freedom-minded activists who understand the road we must take to restore our country to prominence. Here are some pictures from the fun event:

Shane and Sabrina, Tenther Tablers

I am happy to report that the message was largely well-received. People in the Libertarian Party are acutely aware of the evils of government power, and understand how we can use the states to push-back against the centralized control of the feds.

Although I am no longer a member of the Libertarian Party, I was happy to bring an important weapon to them that can cut through the partisan nonsense that is out there: Nullification. Through nullification, we bring people from the left and the right together behind a time-tested proven method that stops government power. Nullification is a practical and constitutional means to decentralize government power, and it can bridge the immense partisan divide as well.

I hope to attend many more Libertarian Party events in the future so we can work together to nullify in the state of Michigan. We need to build a groundswell of support because Michigan unfortunately lags behind the other states in that regard. Third party groups like the Libertarian Party can play a crucial role in bringing this subversive idea to the state of Michigan, and I really hope they are beside us as we do just that!

Shane Trejo
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