We pulled it off! The Spirit of Liberty Conference occurred yesterday, and it was a smashing success. Our roster of speakers entertained, moved and educated the audience of around 100 patriots. If you missed it, don’t worry because video will be forthcoming in the days to come. Here are some pictures from the event:

Dennis Marburger, Birmingham and Bloomfield Republicans

Mike Maharrey, Tenth Amendment Center communications director

Mark Baker, Baker’s Green Acres

Kris Anne Hall, host of ‘Liberty First’ radio show

Tami Carlone, Stop Common Core in Michigan

Karen De Coster, Anarcho-Capitalist Blogger

Rick Ector, Legally Armed in Detroit

Hopefully, this was the first in an annual tradition of liberty conferences that can keep Michigan patriots on the straight and narrow as they battle to reclaim their lost freedom! A big thanks goes to Scott Tillman of U.S. Term Limits, Kim McCurry of the Libertarian Party of Michigan, Matthew Semrau of Nullify Abortion, George Brikho, Tom McMillin, Rob Steele, and, of course, Campaign for Liberty and the Tenth Amendment Center for their roles in setting this magnificent gathering up!

One thought ran continuously through my mind yesterday: Rumors of the liberty movement’s demise have been greatly exaggerated! Onward and upward toward nullification, state sovereignty, individual rights and FREEDOM!

Shane Trejo
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