Let me tell you the obvious: Mark Baker is NOT a summer soldier. Times are tough, but he is ready for the next phase in his battle against the corrupt Republican bureaucrats who are trying to rob him of his livelihood.

He has fought the power structure and won – up to this point. But the battle is not over. Oathbreaking Governor Rick Snyder, Oathbreaking Attorney General Bill Schuette and their henchmen will not stop until Baker’s family farm is put out of commission for good.

Mark Baker is a living, breathing symbol that resistance from ordinary people can stop government tyrants dead in their tracks. That cannot stand in the eyes of the ruling class. That means Baker is a marked man who needs our help. We must stand by his side and defend him, as he has defended freedom for our country throughout his heroic life.

That’s why I was extremely proud to help book him for the Spirit of Liberty Conference, taking place on Halloween Day. Tickets are $35 and available HERE.

Taking place in Southfield at Lawrence Technical Institute (Metro Detroit), it would be worth the drive to see not only Mark Baker but an array of some the country’s most fierce liberty warriors as well. Baker will be joined by Liberty’s Lobbyist Kris Anne Hall, Mike Maharrey of the Tenth Amendment Center, and many others. You don’t want to miss it!

Unlike previous conferences, Mark Baker will have the main floor to himself and he will get to express an uncensored message of resistance to tyrants that should not be missed!

It is also worth noting he theme of the conference is ‘Putting Political Theory into Practice.’ So it isn’t just going to be a mere speaker series. No, we are going to give you the BLUEPRINT that you can use to not just be informed, but also to fully restore liberty in the state of Michigan as well.

The Spirit of Liberty Conference is all about galvanizing patriots to go back into the community and actually sow the seeds of freedom. Mark Baker is in, are you?

Shane Trejo
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