I have some great news for you! A large number of patriotic, liberty-minded activists will soon be invigorated and galvanized as the Tenth Amendment Center’s communications director Mike Maharrey will be giving a speech Halloween Day at the Spirit of Liberty Conference at Lawrence Tech University in Southfield.

Mike Maharrey, author of Our Last Hope, is one of the most eloquent defenders of freedom around today. He’s written countless articles that have provided clarity to the political landscape and put the nullification deniers in their place. He gives a fantastic speech and is always working to reclaim the moral high ground on behalf of decentralized government advocates. Check him out:

The first annual Spirit of Liberty Conference also features a tremendous array of patriotic speakers from around the country. Check out this all-star roster:

– Kris Anne Hall, host of ‘Liberty First’ radio program
– Mike Maharrey, Tenth Amendment Center communications director
– Mark Baker, owner of Baker’s Green Acres
– Rick Ector, NRA-certified Firearms Instructor
– Karen DeCoster, blogger and food freedom advocate
– Coleen Rowley, national security whistleblower
– Tamara Carlone, Stop Common Core in Michigan
– Tony DeMott, State Coordinator for Michigan Campaign for Liberty

Is there any place you would rather be on Halloween day than this terrific event? I didn’t think so. You can register for tickets here. You can find out more detailed information here. I hope to see you there!

Shane Trejo
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