A question I always receive from folks while traveling this great state, especially considering the woefully pathetic, dismal, puke-inducing, treasonous nature of the Michigan legislature, is: What do I do when my legislators won’t nullify?

It’s a good question. What I tell people first is to keep trying. Legislators will likely brush you off until they know that you mean business and that you’re a threat to them. But sometimes legislators are so arrogant, so bought-off, so deplorable, and so untouchable that nullifying simply isn’t an option. In this case, what you need to do is organize people to deny, disobey, refuse to comply with, and just say NO to unlawful government mandates!

The government criminals want to make you feel like you’re very small, and they are very big. They want to make you think that a small little individual couldn’t possibly take on the huge, hulking, colossal machinations of government. This is nothing more than an elaborate, well-financed illusion. The dirty little secret is: Almost everything the government does relies on your compliance and obedience to pull off. Once you remove your support, their façade crumbles immediately.

We are seeing it happen all across the country. When the Bundy Ranch heroes stood up to federal land barons, they didn’t want for a legislature to approve their actions. They did it anyway. Juries who decided in recent years to acquit ‘criminals’ who had broken asinine laws prohibiting raw milk and medical marijuana because they didn’t agree with the law didn’t wait for permission. They did it anyway. The hundreds of thousands of parents who have withdrawn their children from Common Core’s bizarre testing regime did not ask their government masters if it was fine and dandy to do so. They took bold, decisive action. They decided that their children’s future was more important than mindless obedience to federal/state edicts.

Our country was built upon this style of resistance. Thomas Jefferson invoked nullification as a consequence of the abominable Alien and Sedition Acts, which effectively criminalized free speech. Nullification was used again when states and individuals pulled their support for the Fugitive Slave Laws, and saved a countless number of black folks from being returned to bondage. It has been used more recently as well. Rosa Parks refusing to budge showed how peaceful non-compliance can tear at the heart of government injustice. Martin Luther King Jr. showed the same. These tactics are time-tested to be effective, even in the face of immense and seemingly insurmountable oppression.

We must use these tactics to fuel this revolution that is currently underway to cut at the heart of the federal tyrants’ control over us. We must roll up their sleeves and take matters into our own hands. Just like the Founding Fathers did. In fact, I am giving you their blueprint for resistance right now! The Father of the Constitution, James Madison famously said that we must “present obstructions which the federal government would hardly be willing to encounter” in order to stop federal tyranny in Federalist #46. Now is not the time for complacency. Now is not the time for in-fighting and petty squabbling. Now is the time to put James Madison’s words into action. And I hope and pray that we are able to do so before it’s too late.

Shane Trejo
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