It was a jubilant weekend. I was fortunate enough to attend a Property Rights and Liberty event in Traverse City, featuring hundreds of the state’s most dedicated and tireless defenders of freedom. KrisAnne Hall and Tom DeWeese were the keynote speakers, and their presentations centered around Nullification and Agenda 21.

I am happy to report that there was widespread enthusiasm over the 10th Amendment at the event. KrisAnne Hall, one of liberty’s premiere speakers, specifically plugged the Tenth Amendment Center and urged everyone in attendance to support our organization! I had a table at the event, and dozens of people shared with me their contact information. The seeds of liberty are being sown and I am proud to be apart of a movement that very well may save this great country.

Thanks to Barb Willing, Matthew Schoech and the rest of the Traverse Bay Area 9.12 group for being so hospitable and receptive to me and my message. An additional thanks goes out to avid Tenther (and the most patriotic fella I know) Chris who helped me table at the event. Thanks to Chris, we were able to tell people not only about nullification and the Tenth Amendment Center, but also about many other organizations doing similar work like the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Organization, American Lands Council, and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

We were able to show Michigan patriots exactly how diverse and active the patriot movement is. We were able to show them that the torch of liberty still burns in the land of the free. You just have to go outside of the federal government and mainstream media’s sphere of influence to see it, and the wonderful difference it is making nationwide.

The situation may seem bleak, folks, but there are many of us out there. Millions upon millions of Americans have awoken to their patriotic duty with millions more on the way. The feds and other enemies of freedom want us to retreat. They want us to cower. They want us to feel isolated and divided amongst each other. We have to band together around crucial ideas like nullification to fight back against federal tyranny.

It won’t be easy, but it can be done. I hope you join us in the fight, and never quit until the bitter end. Freedom is just too important of a cause to give up on. We will never wave the white flag of surrender. Help us restore the Republic, and keep the flame of liberty ablaze in these trying times.

Shane Trejo
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