NOTE: This article was written on behalf of the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center by Kenneth Lloyd.

On Monday, March 9, 2015, our “Republican” Governor Rick Snyder announced that he is going to lobby for the legislature to create a state-run health care exchange. Governor Snyder wants Michigan to comply with Obamacare just in case an important part of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court in the King v. Burwell case. The question that is being considered by the U.S. Supreme Court is whether it is constitutional for Michiganders and the citizens of 33 other states to receive federal tax credits to buy health insurance from insurance exchanges that are run by the federal government.

In the King v. Burwell case, the plaintiffs are arguing that ObamaCare does not allow federal tax credits to be paid to citizens, unless they reside in a state that has its own “health insurance marketplaces.” Since Michigan does not have its own state-run exchange, many Michiganders will not be able to receive federal tax credits, should the plaintiffs win their case. This could spell doom for Obamacare. Governor Snyder is clearly desperate to save this unpopular health care program for whatever reason.

Unsurprisingly, we are not getting help from our federal overlords on this issue. Rather than making an effort to convince the governor that it is unconstitutional for the government to interfere with our free market health care system, liberal Republican United States’ Representative Fred Upton from Michigan’s 6th U.S. Congressional District has stated that, if some Michiganders are denied federal tax credits, he is going to lead a discussion in Washington DC to pass another unconstitutional measure to “fix” the problem. In other words, we have a Republican governor and a Republican congressman embracing Obama’s unconstitutional, tyrannical healthcare insurance scheme, just so that they can continue to get unconstitutional money from the federal government.

Governor Snyder’s advocacy for the creation of a state-run health insurance exchange wrongly makes the unconstitutional ObamaCare appear to be a legitimate law. This is unacceptable. Snyder’s support for a state-run exchange, along with his support for things like, raising the minimum wage, raising the gas tax, common core, expanding Medicaid under ObamaCare, and the ballot proposal to raise our state’s taxes by $2 billion proves that liberty-minded folks cannot trust this governor to do anything to protect our liberty from our tyrannical and corrupt federal government. We have to become the leaders for freedom ourselves because it’s obvious that the feds and most state officials aren’t doing us any favors.

What Michiganders really need, in terms of their health insurance, is for Michigan to completely nullify ObamaCare, and then remove all of the state’s governmental regulations of the health insurance industry. If we do this, no one will need any federal tax credits to purchase their health insurance, because the free enterprise system would increase competition, which in turn would increase efficiency and innovation, which in turn would drive down the costs of health insurance. This would make health insurance more affordable for all of Michigan’s citizens, without destroying our Constitution and our liberty.

The first step toward doing that is taking our plans to defeat Obamacare to your state legislators. We have the ready-made plan that can preserve health care freedom for Michigan residents. This Legislation to stop State-Run Health Care Changes can leave Gov. Snyder with egg on his face. We can take a stand against his big government policies by urging our state legislators to introduce this legislation:

There are two other measures that can be implemented at the state level to fight Obamacare alongside this. Make sure to urge your state legislators to introduce these important measures as well:

This legislation would suspend the licenses of insurers who accept illegal Obamacare subsidies in the state of Michigan:

This legislation would prohibit state insurance commissioners from investigating or enforcing violations of federally mandated health insurance requirements:

Do not accept the spin that Obamacare is the ‘law of the land’ and we just have to deal with it. Keep fighting the good fight. We can beat these bums, but only if we keep battling no matter what. Call your legislators, urge to take action, and tell many others to do the same and we can stop Gov. Snyder’s latest betrayal of our Constitutional freedoms. If we don’t, there is no telling what he might be able to get away with.