NOTE: This article was written on behalf of the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center by Kenneth Lloyd.

The liberty of the people of the state of Michigan has taken another blow. The Federal Aviation Administration gave the Michigan State Police the “authorization” to “use drones in every corner of the state.”

That means that our skies are no longer safe. Big Brother is upon us.

The Federal Aviation Administration is another cronyist bureaucracy with no concern for the taxpayer or the Bill of Rights. That organization does not have the legal authority to force any state government agency to get “authorized” before it can do anything. As a matter of fact, there is no constitutional basis for the Federal Aviation Administration to exist in the first place.

The first drone to receive authorization is the Aeryon SkyRanger. The FAA decision has made the Michigan State Police the first department in the country allowed to fly this drone across the whole state, according to the Detroit Free Press. This drone “is fitted with a high-definition, infrared camera and can stay in the skies for about an hour on a single charge.” The Aeryon SkyRanger is also capable of both taking hundreds of photographs of events and sketching three-dimensional maps of anything that its handlers desire it to do.

Although the Michigan State Police Department claims that they will be using the drones to assist them with operations at the scenes of major crimes and accidents, history and experience teaches us that we cannot allow government officials to have access to technology that they can use to violate our God-given, inalienable rights. They will abuse them. That is why we must act now at the state level to put substantive restrictions on government drone use.

We must band together with all those who support privacy rights from across the political spectrum on this issue, and then call our state legislators. We must demand that they introduce legislation that puts severe restrictions on drones, such as our Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act. There is no excuse for our full-time state legislature not to act on this important issue. Politely urge your legislators take action, and tell others to do the same. The future of our privacy rights hangs in the balance. Act now!

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