It has been a busy couple of months. I have been running myself ragged going all throughout the great state of Michigan promoting the good word of nullification to all that will listen. In addition, I have been reaching out to legislators across the country trying to get them to introduce nullification-style legislation to protect their residents from unlawful and unjust federal policy.

I am happy to report that we are having a great deal of success in many states throughout the country. Only a few weeks into the new legislative year, we are already tracking nearly 150 bills that tackle a wide variety of key issues. However, none of these bills have come out of Michigan. Due in large part to Rick Snyder’s progressive power-lust, the Michigan legislature lags far behind the legislatures of other states in terms of resisting federal power. All hope is not lost though, as it seems there are some incoming state legislators who may have some fight in them.

Newly-elected State Reps. Todd Courser (R-82) and Cindy Gamrat (R-80) recently unveiled their Contract for Liberty Project. It is a very ambitious and interesting proposal that outlines their vision for restoring liberty. In it, they talk about how they want to fight back against excessive regulations and taxation, privacy violations, property rights infringements, gun control, health care mandates, and so on. At the very least, this plan shows that at least two State House Reps have their finger on the pulse of the grassroots and understand the issues that really matter to hard-working Americans.

However, no specific legislation has been produced on any of these fronts as of right now, to my knowledge. It remains to be seen if the legislation will live up to the promise of the Contract for Liberty. But we can be helpful in giving Reps. Courser and Gamrat the support that they need to be effective in defending our rights. They can’t do it by themselves. How we can help them right now is by giving them a ring, and suggesting legislation to them that can help their vision come to fruition.

Our 4 step plan to defeat Obamacare would help fulfill the “Health Care Freedom” portion of the contract. Our 2nd Amendment Preservation Act would protect our necessary ‘Freedom to Defend Ourselves’ listed in the contract. Our model privacy rights legislation would restore the Right to Privacy from Government Intrusions. A proposal similar to Arizona Prop. 122, which enshrined the anti-commandeering doctrine into their state constitution, would ensure a Free and Independent State. Our Hemp Freedom Act would unleash a cash crop onto the state of Michigan that could bring in thousands of jobs thereby nullifying senseless federal regulations restricting industrial development and giving us Freedom from Economic Intrusion.

It’s obvious that Rep. Courser and Gamrat’s hearts are in the right place. They just need our wisdom and support to make sure that they can do what’s right in the Michigan legislature. Give them a ring, and suggest the afformentioned legislative proposals to them. Make sure that they have the tools necessary to successfully fight back against Fedzilla, and let them know that you’ll have their back when they introduce these important pieces of legislation:

Gamrat: 517-373-0836
Courser: 517-373-1800

Let’s hope we see some substantive bills coming out of the state legislature from these two in the upcoming weeks. If/when they are introduced, the corresponding action steps will be posted on this blog as quickly as possible. Feel free to e-mail me or call me anytime if you have any questions or comments on reaching out to legislators.

Shane Trejo
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