I have recently been making the rounds throughout the Metro Detroit area, spreading the word about the necessity of state sovereignty. I have been greeted with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm about the message, and have been pleased with what I have seen. Patriotic activists are fully waking up to the corruption in BOTH political parties, and are starting to refuse to lick the boots of the blue team or the red team. This is a thrilling development. The two party duopoly is slipping, and I am happy to give people the ideas and blueprint they need to become the leaders for freedom themselves and steer the ship of state back on course before it’s too late.

At the same time, I have had the pleasure of meeting many different candidates attempting to go to or stay in Lansing. It was not a pleasure because I got to shake hands and mingle with these bureaucrats and bureaucrat-wannabes, oh no. It was a pleasure because I got to grill them on topics related to state sovereignty and nullification in front of large audiences. Putting these politicians on the spot is always a good time, and sometimes you can get the desired result out of them as well. That happened to me twice in the past week alone.

At a meeting of the SouthEast Michigan 9.12 Tea Party, not only was I able to hand out nullification flyers to most of the folks there, but I was also able to ask State Senate candidate Marty Knollenberg about his intentions on repealing Obamacare. I explicitly asked him, “If you are elected into the State Senate in November, would you introduce a bill to repeal Gov. Snyder’s Medicaid Expansion provision of Obamacare?” to which he replied “Absolutely!” As Tenthers understand, Obamacare cannot exist without state help. That begins with repealing Medicaid expansion and continuing to deny state-run exchanges in Michigan.

There was more good news on the trail this week as well. At a meeting of the Bloomfield/Birmingham Republicans, Rep. Martin Howrylak committed to re-introducing term-limited Rep. Tom McMillin’s bills in the upcoming legislative session. This includes HB5420, the 4th Amendment Protection Act, which would cut off all state-level material support and compliance to the NSA and other unconstitutional federal bureaucracies that are warrantlessly spying on us. It also includes HB4455, which would set strict limits on drone use for law enforcement. Rep. Howrylak has a good reputation among liberty activists in the area so it is expected for him to live up to his word if he can win re-election in November.

Now obviously, politicians are known to bluster. They are known to say one thing and do another. That is why we must not forget the words of Marty and Martin if/when they are voted into office in November. We must hold them accountable to what they said on the campaign trail. That means e-mails, phone calls, hounding them at public meetings, and even staging protests if all else fails. We must keep the heat on all of our elected officials to do the right thing. It will only be through eternal vigilance that we can keep our politicians true to their word and defending liberty.

We must remember that the politicians will fold under enough public pressure, and people are more pissed off than ever nowadays. This is a good combination for promoting the ideas of liberty and decentralization. We must continue to build an organization to effectively KO bad bills in Lansing, and push forward the few good ones that deny the feds the tools they need to oppress us. That is what we are working toward at the Tenth Amendment Center, and we are not alone. There are many great tea party organizations and Campaign for Liberty organizations in Michigan that want to focus on the issues rather than the distractions. We are steadily growing our ranks, as the institution of government continues to spiral downward. We live in crazy times, but there has never been a better time to promote liberty. Join us, and help us spark the path to a better world with more freedom and less bureaucracy!

Shane Trejo

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