In a day and age when our freedoms are under assault like never before, it is important to appreciate the small victories. These are the small victories that will hopefully cascade into larger, more substantial victories in the not-too-distant future. I am happy to report about a victory in the 29th State House District as avowed tenther David Lonier secured the Republican nomination in a nail-biter against his opponent.

Lonier won his primary election by a mere ten votes! After his original primary victory in August, the results of that election were challenged and a recount was taken. Because of his anti-establishment credentials, the corrupt powers-that-be in the MIGOP did not want Lonier representing the party. Now instead of hearing meaningless, empty platitudes, Michigan voters will be hearing about Constitutional principles, the necessity of state sovereignty, and of course NULLIFICATION!

Lonier is looking to represent a largely urban district which means he will probably not win as a Republican. Still, he is doing something far more important than just participating in some silly election. He is working to win over hearts and minds to the message of freedom. Running for office gives Lonier a golden opportunity to grow the freedom movement and to ignite those brush fires of the mind that must be set in order to create the revolution of independent thought needed to restore the Republic.

From my own personal experiences, urban areas can be very advantageous for liberty-minded activists. In wake of the disaster in Ferguson, MO, there is more awareness of the dangers of police brutality and militarization than ever before. While affluent areas are more likely to sweep Ferguson-style events under the rug, urban areas do not have this luxury because its inhabitants are the ones far more likely to be victimized. Because of the epidemic of corruption within our politics, there are not nearly enough individuals and groups organizing against blatantly unconstitutional measures perpetrated by police. This is where we can make huge gains and more importantly break down the wedges that keep different races and ideologies fighting against each other rather than uniting against their common enemy, the state.

That is the important work that David Lonier and his supporters will be conducting over the next several months. They will be out there in Metro Detroit shaking hands, kissing babies and giving the public the important information about the country that it desperately needs to understand. This is how we win: by getting out there, rallying the folks in a grassroots manner, opening their eyes to the madness that is going on around them, and letting them know that freedom is the only way to escape it. This is how we circumvent the mass media and its brainwashing power. This is how we subvert the evil federal bureaucrats and their treacherous schemes. Win or lose, David Lonier is doing an invaluable service to our liberty by sacrificing his time, money and energy to run for office.

Join David Lonier, and join the Tenth Amendment Center as we get into the trenches and do the necessary grunt work that is needed to turn our country around before it is too late. It won’t be easy, but it has to be done. Otherwise, we will be living in a tyranny that makes Nazi Germany look mild by comparison. Think that’s hyperbole? Well, take a look at this video and get back to me. The time to fight is now. The stakes are too high for us to give up or wait for others to do something. Defeat is not an option. We will not surrender in the face of adversity. Please help us to change America back into a free, prosperous society where our rights are respected without exception.

For further information on David Lonier and ways you can help his campaign, visit his website at