The events that are occurring in Ferguson, MO right now are deplorable and heartbreaking, but they shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The only surprise may be that an event like this hasn’t erupted sooner with the amount of corruption and unaccountability within police forces nationwide. If we do not rally around the brave protesters in that town, the situation will soon be coming to all of our communities regardless of where we happen to reside.

Whether the slain teenager Michael Brown was guilty of a crime or innocent is completely immaterial. His example is the final straw that has broken the camel’s back. There are countless instances of police brutality that have been documented, and the problem is metastasizing. And although not every victim of police brutality is a minority, it is unquestionable that a disproportionate number of them are.

This is a golden opportunity for patriotic Americans to stand up for the Constitution and against police brutality, once and for all. But where are they? With some notable exceptions like the courageous Daniel Johnson of People Against the NDAA who is reporting over there right now, many so-called patriots have been silent about this situation or worse. Disgustingly, many of them are even siding with the jackbooted thugs who have put the town of Ferguson on lock-down. Don’t these fools realize that this is the same militarized goon squad that will be used to kick in their doors and take their guns? I guess not. Logic and common sense must not be their strong suit.

Obama and his legion of sycophants have been propagandizing the public for years now that anyone who doesn’t lick the government’s boots is an insane white supremacist violent terrorist threat. This whole situation flies completely in the face of that bogus narrative. This is a group of predominantly black people who are standing up and turning against the government in the wake of sustained, unbearable oppression. And what are many of these patriots doing? Playing right into the phony baloney media narrative. Being marionettes for the government’s divide and conquer strategy. Making this into a left vs. right or black vs. white situation needlessly. It is beyond repulsive, and is really separating the men from the boys so to speak within the patriot movement. It is now easier than ever to tell the real mccoy from the summer soldiers.

The ‘patriots’ who call the protesters savages, animals and other racially-charged derogatory remarks are most likely unfamiliar with the story of Eric Garner, the man who was choked to death after stopping a fight. They are likely unfamiliar with Danroy Henry Jr. who was a college student shot to death by a policeman later named ‘Officer of the Year’ by the department. They are likely unfamiliar with Oscar Grant, who was killed in front of many witnesses in cold blood after he was safely detained by police. They are likely unfamiliar with Manuel Diaz, who was unarmed and shot dead in the back before police dogs were sicked upon grieving pregnant women and children involved in a protest. These are just four instances out of thousands of police committing acts of terror against minorities. What is happening in Ferguson is a long time coming and transcends whatever malicious attacks are being levied toward the murder victim Michael Brown.

This is the type of issue that draws a line in the sand, and patriots must be on the right side of it. Otherwise, patriots will prove what naysayers have been squawking about all along to be true. That they only care about freedom for themselves, and not freedom for people of color. That they will defend government tyranny when it is being deployed against a group of folks they don’t particularly care for. That they have no consistency or principle, and are instead motivated only by hate of Obama rather than love of Constitution. That is what the patriots are proving if they do not firmly stand in support of the protesters in Ferguson.

If you want to turn this turmoil into an opportunity to fight for freedom and justice, we have the plan for you to do just that. Get involved in your community to Take Back the Town. Take our 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, Privacy Protection Act or Liberty Preservation Act to your state legislators. These pieces of legislation are the first steps toward shielding yourself and your community from the ravages of the police state. Furthermore, you can push to stop police agencies from receiving tanks, drones and other goodies paid for in federal blood money. You can demand reforms to abusive policies such as civil asset forfeiture which incentivizes the police to steal property from We the People. In addition, you can call for cameras to be mounted on police officers for added transparency or change law enforcement priorities away from non-violent crimes at the local level.

There are so many good solutions out there, and we must strike while the iron is hot. Patriots, I will not mince words: If you don’t rally around the courageous protesters in Ferguson, you share in the responsibility for the death of the Republic. You deserve just as much blame as any liberal who you deride. With Nazi Germany on your doorstep, you cheered the tyrants on as they destroyed the last semblance of freedom America had to offer. That is an unforgivable offense. That makes you deserving of what the sociopaths in Washington D.C. have in store for you. It is time for patriots to put their money where their mouth is. It is time to live up to all of that big rhetoric about loving the Constitution and standing up to tyranny. If you don’t, you are quite frankly a disgrace to the Founding Fathers and everything they fought to achieve.

Please e-mail me if you want to fight the police state in your community. I will do everything in my power to help you stand up for what is right during these crucial days:

God bless,
Shane Trejo

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