There is a tremendous amount of disappointment within the Michigan conservative grassroots after Tuesday’s primary election results, and for good reason. The pathetic incumbents, funded with boatloads of money from corporate special interests, defeated their challengers. The criminals were able to get away with fleecing the taxpayer, destroying their rights and jeopardizing their prosperity, and democracy failed yet again. Although a handful of good, principled candidates won state house seats, Michigan voters by and large showed that they are not yet willing to throw the bums out en masse. The status quo marches on, and Michigan residents seem content to tolerate it as long as the checks from big daddy government keep coming.

But grassroots conservatives should not be too dismayed. They are steadily making gains against the establishment. Even in the races they lost, approximately 30 to 40 percent of voters voted for the true conservative against the corrupt establishment candidate. That is a significant block of voters that can be built upon moving forward. If conservatives can keep these people engaged and galvanize them to get involved in the political process behind good ideas such as nullification and state sovereignty, this grueling election cycle won’t be for naught. It will simply be a stepping stone for bigger and better things to come.

Remember what happened in Virginia. They put up a more conservative, liberty-minded, tea party friendly candidate in Ken Cuccinelli up for their gubernatorial race. He narrowly lost to a very corrupt Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe closely related to the Clinton machine. The Virginia GOP was chastised by the biased media, by the Karl Rove’s of the world, and by other bought off establishment mouthpieces. They were called extremists, bumpkins and bozos who couldn’t see the forest for the trees. They were getting lambasted in exactly the same way that Michigan conservatives are now.

But did the conservative grassroots in Virginia take their ball and go home? No, they took their lumps, dusted themselves off, and kept fighting. It was because they put up such a conservative candidate that Virginia state politics was dragged in that direction. Next year, they reaped the benefits of their heroic struggle. When the arrogant, elitist crony capitalist Eric Cantor was primary challenged, he was devastated by his virtually unknown tea party challenger Dave Brat. If grassroots Virginia conservatives had done what the establishment GOP and media propagandists told them to do, Cantor would have been coronated as the House majority speaker. He would have kept voting for things like NDAA, NSA Spying and other abominable, anti-constitutional measures. But thanks to the stubborn dedication of Virginia conservatives, he was sent packing in disgrace. We can duplicate that success in Michigan, but only if we double down and refuse to quit. If we wave the white flag of surrender now, the terrorists at the head of the Republican Party establishment win. We cannot allow that to happen.

Where we go from here ultimately determines whether the conservative grassroots becomes the powerful, driving force behind Republican politics in Michigan or shows that they can be tread upon without any consequences. The establishment blatantly disrespected their constituents by throwing millions behind primary challengers against Congressmen Justin Amash and Kerry Bentivolio. Those are millions of dollars that could have been spent in the fight against Barack Obama’s on-going destruction of America. However, the contemptible establishment instead chose to spend that money trying to oust representatives with solid voting records. After this monumental slap in the face, the arrogant SOBs at Michigan GOP headquarters now expect conservatives to fall in line and get the ringmaster behind this sick treachery Rick Snyder re-elected as governor.

If the conservative grassroots falls for the establishment’s ‘unity’ BS, the greedy, power-crazed tyrants will definitively know that they can get away with ANY corrupt dealing without any repercussions. If Rick Snyder can walk hand-in-hand with one of Obama’s thugs pushing Common Core to dumb down our children and get them accustomed to invasive unconstitutional government in their lives and STILL receive the support of the conservative grassroots, freedom has truly died in Michigan. If Rick Snyder can usher in Obama’s health care takeover by actually having the audacity to claim that it makes Michigan a healthier place without major electoral consequences, freedom has truly died in Michigan. If Rick Snyder can hobnob and take dirty money from the Constitution-hating plutocrat Mike Bloomberg without a sound rebuke from the voters, freedom has truly died in Michigan. Grassroots conservatives have a choice. They can either preserve freedom by refusing to give this Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing betrayer their vote, or develop Stockholm Syndrome, engage in mindless partisanship and betray the Founding Fathers in one fell swoop by supporting Snyder.

The power is in the hands of the conservative grassroots. Although they cannot unseat incumbents and replace them with their own folks quite yet, they do have the numbers to cost Snyder his re-election. If they send a message that they will not be duped into the false dichotomy of voting for the lesser of the two evils any longer, they demonstrate that they cannot be tread upon. RINOs will no longer be emboldened to forsake their constituents to line their campaign coffers. The establishment will be forced to understand the reality that their behavior will be met with harsh reprisals. It is the first step toward creating a Michigan Republican Party that consistently respects the rights and the prosperity of its constituents.

Snyder’s second term will certainly be filled with far more progressive compromises and Obama appeasement than his first. Expect gun control regulations to make his paymaster Mike Bloomberg happy. Expect the huge tax hikes that he pushed for in his first term to be rammed through. Expect another even larger bailout of Detroit. Expect more small farmers to be persecuted ala Mark Baker to protect special interests from market competition. Expect more outrageous police state measures robbing us of our natural rights. That is a small taste of what is on Snyder’s docket, and if you vote for him, you are culpable. But if you show the courage to break away from partisan allegiances for this one vote, you make a statement that will reverberate through the entire state party. The statement will be clear: No backstabbers allowed! RINOs will pay! No more tolerance of the status quo! The grassroots has the power to make this happen in November, now all they need is the backbone.

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