EDITOR’S NOTE: Since I became actively involved in Michigan politics over two years ago, I have not witnessed a more dedicated and tireless activist than David Lonier. When it came to my attention that he was running for political office, I desperately wanted to draw attention to his candidacy on the Michigan Tenther blog. I recently had the honor of interviewing him. He is one of the most involved and well-informed patriots out there and is exactly the type of person who America desperately needs in the legislature.

David Lonier is a candidate for the Michigan State House of Representatives in the 29th State House District. He is an Air Force veteran who worked as a small business owner, advertising illustrator, and an architectural graphics and restoration contractor. He is a three term precinct delegate who is on the Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee. He had previously run for County Commissioner in 2008.

Why did you decide to run?
David Lonier: I decided to run because our political system needs well-informed people who know what must be done to restore our freedom. Ron Paul was an inspiration for me to get involved in politics.

What makes you think you would be a good candidate in the state house?
DL: I would be a good State Rep. because I am aware of the many of the problems that we have gotten ourselves into and will work with other legislators to repeal all laws that strip us of our rights and, when necessary, introduce legislation to return the people to a self-governing society with the elected officials held to their oath and fully accountable to the people.

What does the Tenth Amendment mean to you?
DL: The Tenth Amendment is the limitation on the power of the Federal government. It only allows the Federal government to engage in those powers delegated to it in the Constitution, and no others. It is also the basis for the States’ right to exercise dominance over the Federal government and nullify any Federal Law which violates the Constitution.

What federal laws do you think are the most unconstitutional?
DL: The federal laws that I think are the most unconstitutional are the Federal Reserve Act, the Social Security Act, the Buck Act, the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, the Military Commissions Act, The National Defense Authorization Act (especially Sections 1021 and 1022), The Affordable Healthcare Act, laws that created the CIA, NSA, and the 500 other unconstitutional federal departments and agencies that are draining the life out of our once free and prosperous society.

If you are elected, what would your legislative agenda be?
DL: If I were to be elected as a State Rep, I would first attempt to undo all the harmful legislation that serves no other purpose than to rob the people of their freedom and wealth. As an example, I would do everything possible to pass legislation that prohibits government actors from treating people as criminals without probable cause, such as penalizing them or subjecting them to searches or detention when there is no injured third party complaint. I would also attempt to pass legislation prohibiting government from claiming to be an injured party.

Are there any issues that you are concerned about that the mainstream politicians won’t talk about?
DL: Issues that I am deeply concerned about that receive little mainstream notoriety are chemical aerosol spraying of our atmosphere, dangerous radiation emitting surveillance devices known as smart meters, genetically modified organisms (GMO crops and food), forfeiture laws that take people’s property without due process.

You’re running as a Republican. What is your opinion on the present day Republican Party?
DL: The principles of the Republican Party basically state that the Party upholds such values as individual liberty and responsibility, equal opportunity, free markets, the right to keep the fruits of one’s labor and a small limited government that allows people to control their own lives. My opinion of the Republican Party is that it does not come close to acting on the principles it claims to embrace.

Would you stand against Republican Party leaders when they support things like Common Core and Obamacare?
DL: I would not be influenced by party pressure to do anything that would violate the constitution and the principles of freedom such as Common Core and Obamacare.

Do you think it is necessary for citizens to get involved in politics at the local and state levels?
DL: I believe the closer citizens work with one another and with local, county and state elected officials, the better chance they will have for a self-governing society.

What is the single most important political issue facing Michiganders moving forward?
DL: The most important political issue facing Michiganians is their unimaginable, yet somehow litttle-noticed loss of individual liberty which is being legislated away from them by a tyrannical Federal government. The State legislature must intervene on their behalf and say to the Federal government…”Not in our State, our people must remain forever free”.

As a policy, we do not endorse political candidates at the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center. However, this candidate’s impeccable track record and rhetoric made us come very close to making an exception to that rule. David Lonier possesses a knowledge of history and politics that few among us have. If we can have him representing us in Lansing, the enemies of freedom in both political parties will have a massive thorn in their side making it more difficult for them to perpetrate their misdeeds upon us!

For information on how to support David Lonier’s campaign for the State House, visit his website at DavidLonier.com

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