Thad Cochran’s despicable behavior last month demonstrated everything that’s wrong with the Republican Party, Washington D.C. and politics in general. To keep his cherished Senate seat, he threw all supporters of freedom in Mississippi under the bus, slandering them as racists and promising everyone under the sun that he would preserve the status quo to keep paying out huge entitlements to them indefinitely. Cochran reminded Americans just how low a Washington D.C. politician will stoop to remain in office.

As disgusting as Cochran’s behavior was, it shouldn’t have taken anyone by surprise. The national political system is beyond redemption at this point. This situation demonstrates exactly why it is so necessary for the Tenth Amendment Center to function. Just think of all the resources that were lost at the federal level that could been have better used at the local and state levels instead. National Congress is a hopeless, futile enterprise that cannot be saved and all of the time, money and energy that are dumped into there are usually squandered.

However, we cannot throw stones at Mississippi because our politics is equally as creepy and corrupt. As a matter of fact, things may be even worse for us in Michigan because our worst problems occur at the state level. Instead of fighting Obama and protecting Michiganders from his destruction of America, the politicians in Lansing work at every turn to help usher it in. We have our own Thad Cochran, and unfortunately he is in charge of the entire state. The similarities between Gov. Snyder and Cochran are chilling.

Cochran and Snyder are both politicians willing to do anything to keep their grips upon the levers of control. That is the only thing that these people care about. There is no behavior, no matter how heinous it may be, that they would not gleefully perpetrate to keep their boots around the necks of the American people. They may pay lip service to Christ, but their real God is the state and the evil, illicit power that it wields. No true Christian would ever behave in the manner that Snyder and Cochran have during their taxpayer-financed crime spree (a.k.a. public service).

Another similarity is that both Cochran and Snyder met with the infamous bigoted billionaire gun-grabbing control freak Michael ‘Stop and Frisk’ Bloomberg to beg him for cash. Both men repeatedly have disgraced their constituents in the name of political expediency. Both men represent everything that is wrong with the political system and the world in general. Both men would sell their own mother down the river for an extra vote or an extra buck. They both dread accountability for their wicked dealings, and they hate our founding documents with the ferocity of an Obama sycophant.

The sad fact of the matter is that Snyder is even worse than Cochran. If you disagree, ask yourself these important questions: Did Cochran hold hands with the Obama administration to usher in his education takeover? Was he personally responsible for implementing Obamacare in his state? Was he terrorizing the bank accounts of Mississippians by pushing massive tax hikes upon them? Did he waste taxpayer money on a huge bailout to keep America’s worst city afloat? No, but Rick Snyder is guilty of all of these offenses, and these ghastly actions must NEVER be swept under the rug.

If Michigan keeps Snyder in office, he will owe Bloomberg and other unscrupulous donors big favors. That means he will bolster totalitarian government. That means he will enact gun grabs. That means he will shove even more huge tax hikes down our throats. That means more craven, yellow-bellied Obama appeasement from the nerd. Snyder ushered in Obamacare, Common Core, a minimum wage hike and pushed for new taxes during his first term while worrying about re-election. When he doesn’t have to worry about the opinion of the voters, it will truly be open season upon our liberty and economic security.

Snyder has demonstrated his contempt for Michigan residents repeatedly. Now it is time to return the favor. Don’t vote for him. Don’t give him a dime. Tell everyone you can about his true record and how he has devastated our state. Don’t listen to his propaganda and pathetic excuses. We cannot set the precedent of allowing a big government loving, Obama appeasing, federal bribe money taking, power-obsessed, progressive charlatan taking advantage of us and getting away scot free. So what if Schauer gets elected? Worst case scenario, he’s Snyder 2.0. Don’t let Snyder tread upon you and your freedom. Only by taking out the trash can we begin the process of mending our broken Republic. That begins with showing Snyder the door.

Lets not mince words. America is completely bankrupt. The economy is permanently in the tank. The Constitution is hanging by a thread. And Snyder is lining up at the trough for federal cash to help usher in all of this insanity! Snyder deserves far worse than to just be voted out. He belongs in a jail cell for betraying the Constitution and stabbing Michigan residents in the back. But if we can’t even give him the boot after all that he has done, we have truly failed the Founding Fathers, and we are not worthy of the freedom they bestowed upon us. Don’t allow this wretched excuse for a man to get away unscathed. Show Snyder that his behavior will not be tolerated in November.