I am happy to report that there is a plethora of enthusiastic folks eager to hear about the supremacy of state sovereignty and the necessity of decentralized government all throughout the state, and country! I was fortunate enough to meet some of them in Novi, MI last week at the first annual Cracking the Code Symposium which featured attendees from across the nation.

The event was fantastic. Many different perspectives were heard from a slew of experts in the freedom movement. It was refreshing to see all of the talent that the freedom movement has to offer and to see all of these fantastic ideas on display. Although the country is undeniably in poor shape, it won’t be hard to put us back on the right course with all of this wisdom spreading like wildfire!

At the Tenth Amendment Center, we encourage all forms of nullification. The folks at the CtC Symposium are working on nullifying the excesses of the IRS and the income tax (more info HERE). Although their methodology is different than ours, their work is excellent all the same. We need to hit the federal machine from every possible angle. Whether you’re Cracking the Code or applying nullification through the state legislature, you can put pressure upon the bloated, inefficient federal bureaucracy and work to make it go belly up before the worst case scenario can happen.

That anti-federal sentiment was the crux of the speech I gave at the event. I stressed the importance of working from the outside to force Washington D.C’s hand and lessen their power. The feds want you to think that they are all-powerful and that their power cannot be broken. They want you to feel weak, scared, frustrated and alone. They want you to submit. If we retreat, we play into their hand. However, if we become local leaders for freedom, we can have success.

Don’t believe me? Well, then I advise you to ask the people of Washington and Colorado. Right now, thousands of people in those states are sparking up marijuana that they bought legally, laughing in the face of federal thugs and hysterical prohibitionists while doing so. There is no reason why federal law cannot be successfully flouted on any other issue. This is the blueprint for taking back our country and restoring freedom. We must shift our focus away from the feds and back to our communities where worthwhile reforms are achievable and can be enacted outside of the jurisdiction of the feds.

I was happy to bring the message of empowerment to the CtC Symposium. I urged everyone to fight the federal tyranny developing in Washington D.C. tooth and nail to the bitter end. Defeat is not an option. The stakes are too high for us to give up. The feds are not all-powerful and untouchable yet, but they will be in the not too distant future unless they are stopped NOW. We are the last line of defense against full-blown 1984 tyranny enveloping America and the planet forever.

There has never been a better time to be in the fight for freedom. More people are disenfranchised with the regime than ever before by a mile. Leaders must emerge immediately to guide these righteously angry folks and give them the proper ideas to fight back effectively. The founding fathers were willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING for the prospect of liberty. Now, we must do what it takes to keep those liberties around. Nothing is more important.

Shane Trejo

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