Rick Snyder has shown once again why he is the wrong person to lead the state of Michigan. He has once again caved on another Obama-led initiative. Snyder has led the charge to raise the minimum wage, and recently signed a law doing so. Snyder claims that this will ‘protect Michigan’s growing economy.”

Snyder is living in lala-land if he actually believes the tripe he is peddling. If the implementation of Obamacare (which Snyder was also responsible for) wasn’t going to hurt Michigan small businesses enough, now they have to deal with a minimum wage hike for their troubles. It will drive up prices for Michigan consumers as well, and that isn’t even the worst of it. This regressive policy will make it even more difficult for the most needy and disadvantaged among us to find employment.

Black youth unemployment is close to 40 percent, more than doubling the unemployment rate of white youths. This is a national tragedy, and one that has been ushered in because of the minimum wage laws that have been in place for many years. What is Snyder’s solution to this? Double-down on the failure. All the while, he sends nearly $200 million to bankrupt Detroit just so they can keep their art collection then declares it a ‘Grand Bargain.’ The economic insanity never ends with this governor.

It is Snyder’s woeful leadership that has made Michigan the 45th best state for doing business. That will only be plummeting after the results of the minimum wage increase and Medicaid expansion are felt by Michigan residents. No matter what spin is put out by the Snyder regime, it is obvious to see what direction this economy is going. Snyder and his crooked buddies in the legislature have furthered Michigan down the road to socialism and the catastrophic consequences it entails.

If Rick Snyder really cared about alleviating poverty and making life easier for Michigan families, would he be fundraising with the infamous, gun-grabbing plutocrat Michael Bloomberg? Of course not. Once again, he repeats Obama’s talking points verbatim on the minimum wage just as he did with Common Core, Medicaid expansion and tax hikes. It is what he loves to do. He routinely walks hand-in-hand with the regime when he should be fighting them tooth-and-nail.

The Michigan Tenth Amendment Center demands politicians that will fight illicit federal power, rather than serving it. That is why we reach out to the general public, and convince them to become the leaders themselves. Rather than waiting for a bureaucrat to do the right thing, we make it easy for citizen activists to roll up their sleeves and promote freedom on their own. Obviously, the corrupted Republican and Democratic parties will never do it. That means the onus is upon us to restore the Republic.

Snyder will never stop demagoguing. He did not get into politics for anything else other than self-aggrandizement. He won’t protect your liberty, he won’t protect your country from its domestic enemies in Washington D.C. and he certainly won’t protect your pocketbook. This means that you have to take the initiative to do what the nerd doesn’t have the spine to do: Take our country back! All the tools you need are available to you free of charge HERE.

Shane Trejo

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