All around Michigan, the roads are crumbling. They have been a public safety hazard and a major inconvenience to drivers throughout Michigan for many months now. They have made one of the most brutal winters in recent history that much worse, and there is one man who is personally responsible for all of this needless misery we have been suffering: Governor Rick Snyder

He’s the guy who is sitting on a near billion dollar budget surplus. However, he isn’t going to spend a dime of that money on the roads. He and his progressive cohorts in the Republican Party have made the conscious decision to take the roads hostage in a pathetic attempt to get a higher gas tax.

Raising the gas tax has been a personal fetish for Governor Snyder for quite some time now. He feels that the price at the pump is just too low for you and your family. He thinks he and his army of bureaucrats in Lansing can spend your money better than you can. That’s why he’s juicing you out of your hard-earned cash, and he’s willing to let your driving experience be a nightmare until you cry uncle and give him his cut.

Snyder and his minions will throw out buzzwords like ‘revenue-neutral’ to try and dupe his followers into compliance with his schemes, but it’s kind of hard to pull the wool over people’s eyes when it is widely recognized that Michigan has a surplus. Snyder even brags about the surplus when he’s not pleading to take more of your money to fix the roads in a show of doublespeak that would make Dictator Obama proud. However, in spite of the nerd’s bluster, Michigan residents know he is sitting on a bundle of cash and refuses to spend any of it on the roads.

Somehow, Gov. Snyder has the nerve to proclaim his fiscal responsibility as the roads crumble and Detroit receives a big bailout. Apparently he resides in the same alternate universe as Obama. The universe where nothing matters except the P.R. spin concocted by your regime. As long as there is some lame ad of Snyder puffing out his chest and proclaiming Michigan to be the ‘comeback state,’ everything is fine. Lord Snyder doesn’t give a damn if the lowly peons suffer, as long as his own power and prestige are protected.

It has become crystal clear what Rick Snyder is all about. He is the kind of guy who would blow through many millions to expand Medicaid and implement Obamacare while refusing to fix the roads in order to inflict pain upon Michigan taxpayers for refusing his gas tax scheme. This is the same type of behavior Obama showed during last year’s government shutdown, forcing veterans off of national monuments to make the public pay for his own profligacy and incompetence. Snyder and Obama are shown yet again to be peas in a pod.

Snyder loves to parrot Obama’s propaganda on everything from taxes to Obamacare to Common Core to the wage gap. That is because he is the king of the Republicans in Name Only. He ran Republican so he could get the power. Now, he takes Obama’s blood money to destroy your children’s health care. He walks hand in hand with Obama’s education secretary pushing Obama’s 1984-style takeover of the education system. He is selling Michigan’s future down the river for a taste of Obama’s ill-gotten spoils.

If Snyder had any class, he would have joined RINOs Mike Rogers and Dave Camp and ran from the office with his tail between his legs. But he doesn’t have any class. So he will keep going out there, strutting around, shaking hands, kissing babies and telling everyone that he’s a conservative. Why? Because he’s a tyrant. Because he has no respect for his constituents. Because he’s a self-serving scumbag in the same vein as Obama. Remember that the next time you drive over a street that looks like a bomb was just dropped upon it.