The 4th Amendment Protection Act has been officially introduced in the Michigan State House of Representatives!

On Mar. 20, Rep. Tom McMillin (R-Rochester) introduced HB5420 to safeguard the privacy rights of Michigan residents from unwarranted spying. If passed, the bill would stop state material support and compliance with all unconstitutional federal surveillance measures, prevent illegally-gathered information from being used in criminal and civil prosecutions in the state of Michigan, stop Michigan universities from partnering with the NSA, and deny state contracts to the NSA’s corporate collaborators.

The bill has garnered bipartisan support with 6 Republican sponsors and 5 Democratic sponsors right out of the gate. In today’s polarized political climate, it is refreshing to see government officials from both sides of the aisle recognizing the dangerousness of the NSA’s pervasive spying operation. We at the Tenth Amendment Center and are working on a trans-partisan coalition at the state and local levels of government to fight civil liberties abuses, and HB5420 is evidence that our ideas are beginning to take root within Michigan politics.

This is fantastic news because only bills like HB5420 will stop the NSA and other rogue federal agencies from continuously assaulting the Bill of Rights. Petitioning our federal government to address the problem and regulate itself simply will not happen. If the NSA’s web of deceit being exposed to the public by the great whistleblower Edward Snowden didn’t get them to change, nothing well. Exposure only emboldens the NSA to ramp up its unlawful spying campaign. That is why it is important for us to act now away from the Washington D.C. sewer, and support legislation at the state level like HB5420 that can protect us.

The OffNow campaign to stop the NSA from commandeering our resources and manpower has been a smashing success thus far, as we have had bills introduced in over a dozen states and we have received glowing national press coverage. I am proud of Rep. McMillin for once again demonstrating the courage to lead the way in the fight to reclaim our freedom. His introduction of the 4th Amendment Protection Act will hopefully alert many Michiganders to their duty of resistance against federal tyranny.

Supporting HB5420 is easier than you think. We have prepared simple action steps at our state-of-the-art Tracking and Action Center to make it as easy for you as possible to aid in the passage of this bill. Sometimes a mere 10-15 calls are all that is needed to move a bill forward. Your voice can make a difference and can help put a stop to the NSA’s illegal spying operation. Please visit the Michigan Action Page for HB5420 and spread the word to family and friends about this important development for liberty.