I have some great news for you! A large number of conservative activists will soon be invigorated with the Spirit of 1798 as the Tenth Amendment Center’s communications director Mike Maharrey will be giving a speech Saturday at the latest Grassroots Powwow event at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mount Pleasant.

Mike Maharrey, author of Our Last Hope, is one of the most eloquent defenders of freedom around today. He’s written countless articles that have provided clarity to the political landscape and put the nullification deniers in their place. He gives a fantastic speech and is always working to reclaim the moral high ground on behalf of decentralized government advocates. Check him out:

It will be hard for conservatives not to be fired up after hearing something like that! In addition to giving a speech, he will also be apart of a panel discussion with the Founder of People Against the N.D.A.A, Daniel Johnson and Dennis Marburger of PANDA Michigan. These two patriots were instrumental in getting the Take Back The Town campaign going in Michigan. They helped Oakland County to pass an anti-NDAA resolution in 2012, and are tirelessly working to get as many grassroots activists involved in the fight against indefinite detention as possible. After hearing from these three constitutional heavyweights, the conservative activists will certainly learn a great deal of knowledge to help them ward off propaganda from the Mark Levin’s of the world.

The Grassroots Powwow represents the changing of the guard within the conservative movement. No longer will federal bootlickers be able to claim the banner of conservatism. Constitutionalists that believe in a consistent application of the rule of law are taking the throne within the GOP, and there’s nothing that the old crony capitalist Republican guard can do about it. I attended the last Grassroots Powwow and had an excellent time. The importance of rebelling against the corrupt Republican Party establishment was fundamentally stressed. This one looks to be even bigger and better with more high-profile speakers and organizations attending. It is truly an exciting time to be a constitutional conservative in Michigan!

The conservatives at this event will not be let down. They will be hearing the unfettered truth about what their criminal government is doing to them, and will be given the blueprint for how they can step up and save freedom in the Republic once and for all. Hopefully, we can look back at this weekend as the turning point for liberty in Michigan. Nullification can not only save us from indefinite detention but from intolerable programs like Common Core and Obamacare that are shoved down our throats by both political parties as well. Let us hope that this is the beginning of a powerful political coalition of folks finally ready to listen to the Founding Fathers and do what is necessary to keep America free.

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