As this year’s election comes closer, we are seeing campaigns beginning to ramp up. Many elections are tremendously important this year. More defenders of liberty are running for office than ever before. Nick Sundquist, Jim Runestad, Mark Manier, Tom McMillin and others are running for seats in the state legislature and deserve our wholehearted support. However, the gubernatorial race isn’t one of them. The choice is virtually non-existent.

The Michigan Democratic challenger to Rick Snyder is practically indistinguishable to his opponent. They may advertise their small differences and lie about how they are bitter rivals to create the illusion that there is an actual choice, but that is all political theater. When you examine Snyder’s record rather than his rhetoric, you can see that he doesn’t come close to being a conservative. As a matter of fact, conservatives should be deeply offended that this imposter is parading around as if he is one.

Snyder and his underlings do their best to make it difficult for voters to separate fact from fiction. They want to obfuscate Snyder’s abysmal record as governor so he can get another term of ravaging the Michigan taxpayer. That is why I have taken the time to write this article and expose the truth about what Snyder has accomplished over the past four years. I will help you understand what ‘Snydernomics’ is all about, and why it must be vehemently resisted for Michigan conservatism to maintain its credibility and honor.


A hallmark of the Snyder regime is flagrant disrespect of the Michigan taxpayer. The most egregious example of this was the announcement of his Detroit bailout. In this plan, Snyder went out of his way to protect Detroit’s extremely expensive art collection and wasn’t shy about milking the taxpayer to do so. The city’s art, modestly appraised as being worth hundreds of millions of dollars, could easily be sold so pension commitments could be honored. Instead, the delinquent government that issues million dollar payouts for ‘beard discrimination’ now gets few hundred million dollars more in taxpayer cash to play with. All this while Snyder tries to impose an internet sales tax, increase licensure fees and hike gas taxes as well. For Snyder, these actions are par for the course. He’s always ecstatic to buy votes with your money. If saving the art makes a demographic of incredibly idiotic voters show up at the polls and vote for him, Snyder is more than happy to loot your bank account in order to make that happen.

Snyder also infamously expanded Medicaid last year. As a matter of fact, he was the primary force behind getting it passed. He even went as far to rush home from his Israel trip, cutting it short in a show of disrespect to our nation’s closest ally, just to make a frantic last-minute attempt to twist people’s arms and expend political capital so Obamacare could be implemented. Unfortunately for us, he was successful. Thanks directly to him, Obamacare is being inflicted upon you and your family with the help of the Michigan state government. While states such as South Carolina and Georgia take decisive action to stop Obama’s health care takeover, Snyder and his cronies in the Michigan GOP usher it in. This is completely inexcusable.

Now he plays it all off like it is little more than water under the bridge. No biggie, he says. Well, maybe it isn’t a big deal for you sitting in your giant mansion counting your heaps of dirty money from special interests. But it is a big deal for the people who have lost their insurance such as Julie Boonstra. She may lose her life because of Obamacare. Snyder never gave a damn about that woman or anyone else. He just saw the federal cash and took the payoff like the typical money-grubbing, soulless, bureaucratic turd that he is. He also claimed that expanding Medicaid would make us more healthy. Snyder was able to spew this dubious claim that is unsubstantiated by any evidence ad infinitum with a straight face, demonstrating sociopathic tendencies that will be further addressed later in this column.

Has Michigan gotten any healthier since then? Probably not, but more people have been thrown into the Medicaid program that is already tens of trillions in the red as a result of Snyder’s actions. However, the people getting those new benefits are more likely to vote for Snyder in November. The terrible, budget-crippling burden will be borne long after Snyder leaves office. By then, he’ll have already used Michigan as a stepping stone for a more prestigious office and ditched this place like it was a bad habit. We’ll be the ones that have to suffer while big bucks are funneled into his coffers. In the mean time, Snyder keeps strutting around like he’s a conservative champion and will continue to do so as long as the sorry Michigan Republican Party tolerates it.

Let us not forget his education policy. The governor is an avid supporter of Common Core. As a matter of fact, he went on a tour with Education Secretary Arne Duncan across Michigan last year to promote the standards. This is open collusion with the enemy that we are supposed to applaud as ‘bipartisanship.’ But once again, Snyder doesn’t have to deal with the ill-effects of Common Core. His children will never have to deal with the decaying public school system in any way, shape or form. His children will never be subjected to the hellish Common Core testing regime. They’ll never be poked and prodded for information that goes to the Orwellian federal database. Snyder cares only about appeasing the establishment so he can grease the wheels for his own political ambitions. It is why he never challenges the regime on anything substantial. He doesn’t care about the long-term impact Common Core will have on your children. By the time they are dumbed down and fully conditioned to live in 1984, he’ll have hightailed it out of here.


Snyder has also shown himself to be a dear friend of the progressives. To him, words are far more important than actions. When Michigan Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema made some controversial statements on his social media account, Snyder echoed the sentiments of the LGBTQ community and publicly released a strict condemnation. Snyder’s Republican Party is one where selling out your constituents out, destroying their health care, taking Obama’s blood money and pissing on the Constitution is just fine while making politically incorrect comments is not to be tolerated. I suppose that is one area where Snyder does deserve praise. He is great at never speaking genuinely or doing anything that isn’t totally politically calculated. That way, it is easier for Snyder to avoid criticism as he throws your children’s future down the drain to enrich and empower himself and his masters.

A Republican Party dominated by the likes of Snyder would have all of the dissenters thrown out. Those pesky tea partiers who care about the Constitution? Gone. Libertarians who care about the economic well-being of the country? Gone. Anyone who is intelligent enough to question the Republican Party establishment’s dogma would be thrown to the wolves. No diversity of opinion would be allowed. Only automatons so brainless as to think that the expansion of Medicaid will make Michigan healthier would be allowed to stay. Sycophantic vapidness is what Snyder demands out of his constituents. That is why he is so enthusiastic about rolling out the red carpet for progressives to enter the party.

Snyder is very similar to President Obama in his narcissistic, ego-driven nature. He brags about Michigan’s success like he is the one personally responsible for it. He paints the picture that Michigan was single-handedly pulled out of the dumps because of his dictates, rather than the creativity and the ingenuity of Michiganders. He also takes credit for the passage of Right to Work laws when he was originally against it and only supported it when he absolutely had to. The Hubristic nature of Snyder is endemic of all corrupt RINOs and progressives who attribute America’s greatness to their wielding of political power.


Now that we have considered Snyder’s official record, many questions remain for his supporters. They include: Are you a sucker? Are you a fool? Are you going to let yourself be conned by a sniveling, pencil-necked nerd? Are you going to let Snyder laugh all the way to the bank after he has repeatedly put the knife in your back? Are you going to reward Obama collaborators within the Republican Party or are you going to punish them? Make no mistake about it – If you reward Snyder’s repeated appeasement of the Obama regime, you are no better than the scum in Washington D.C. that is destroying the country.

If you want this type of inexcusable behavior to come to a screeching halt, there is a simple plan of action that would be immediately effective: Don’t give a dime to him. Don’t give a moment of your time to him. Let the teachers unions, health insurance industry and the other special interest groups that he serves pay for his re-election because there is no difference between he and the other progressive running for governor this year. There are good politicians out there who deserve your time, effort and money. Snyder is not one of them. Don’t reward a man who killed your children’s future. If your lack of support costs him his power and prestige, the precedent will be set that a politician cannot betray you without receiving dire repercussions in the next election. It will be a much needed long-term victory that will keep politicians from treating you like a doormat ever again.

The power is in your hands. By voting for Snyder, you prove that you are a sap. By working to get him re-elected, you prove that you are too craven to hold politicians accountable for their actions. By sending him money, you prove your worthlessness as a constitutional conservative. The tired mantra of ‘but at least he’s not a Democrat’ simply does not cut it anymore. Our country is hanging by a thread, and that won’t change unless we get our political house in order. Re-electing a candidate who has proven himself to be a politically-calculated, dishonest schemer proves that we deserve to lose our country to tyranny. Because if we can’t stand up to a wimpy little geek like Snyder, there is zero chance that we would be able to stand up to tyranny. Please find your backbone and show this bum the door before he does even more damage to us and our posterity.