The fight against indefinite detention has just begun. When President Obama signed the 2012 NDAA on December 31, 2011 (which is still in effect today), it was a declaration of war on free Americans. The federal government expected their codification of tyranny into law to go unnoticed while people celebrated the new year. They expected the people to be distracted from the secret coup that was taking place against the Constitution and for them to pay no attention to their treasonous behavior. What the feds found instead was a nation galvanized in loathing and contempt for them and their attempted dictatorship.

Over the past two years, we have seen many activists demonstrate their rights in various ways. Through letter-writing campaigns, knocking on doors, protests, phone calls, grassroots organizing, citizen lobbying efforts, and impassioned pleas before town councils, county commissions and state legislatures, we have made our presence known in Michigan and across the country. We have seen several successes that should make us proud. In 2012, we saw Oakland and Allegan counties pass resolutions rebuking indefinite detention. Last year, SB94 was passed to stop state compliance with military officials should they indefinitely detain Michigan citizens under the onerous provisions of the 2012 NDAA. This is a good start, but not nearly enough to protect us from the upcoming onslaught of federal tyranny.

That means we have to redouble our efforts in 2014. The federal government does not unlawfully usurp these powers not to use them. We have already seen them stockpile jawdropping amounts of guns and ammo for domestic government agencies, release scurrilous propaganda depicting their political opposition as potential terrorists without evidence and conduct military drills in cities across America. The writing on the wall is becoming more difficult to deny with every passing day. We cannot settle for a mere non-compliance bill being passed in Lansing. We need to have state officials interpose themselves against federal kidnappers who try to enforce this intolerable act. Accepting anything less would be akin to desecrating the Founding Fathers who risked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor so we could have these basic freedoms.

It is not an easy task that lies in front of us. We are dealing with a state legislature that was too craven to stand up against Medicaid expansion and the implementation of the horribly unpopular Obamacare law. That is why we must work from the ground up to take the NDAA on. Only by alerting their constituents about the horrors of indefinite detention will we be able to force the bums in Lansing to act. That is why we are getting organized and working at the local level to Take Back Our Towns. In conjunction with the Michigan Chapter of People Against the NDAA, we are taking resolutions and ordinances to local municipalities to wake up as many public officials and Michigan residents as possible to what the government is doing to our rights.

If we can wake enough people up and get enough cities to pass measures, we force the hands of the Lansing bureaucrats. That is our blueprint for getting nullification bills passed, and it begins with you. We do everything we can to provide resources that make things as easy as possible for you to battle Leviathan. Our new Nullify NSA Action Page is packed full of them. We have the ready-made Liberty Preservation Ordinance that can be easily modified to your town. We also tell you what you need to do to get the resolution on your municipality’s agenda and provide tips for success in building a local team. We will also update the page with the latest happenings from cities, counties and the state legislature when it comes to resistance against the NDAA.

I hate to sound redundant, but the future of the Republic really hinges upon the success of this. That isn’t alarmism, it is the truth. The cesspool in Washington D.C. grows more toxic everyday. We will only be insulated from the treacherous behavior of the federal government if we take the necessary precautions while there is still time. The democratic process has been subverted a great deal, but we still have the ability to get involved at the local and state levels to combat tyranny. We must take full advantage of this. Please join us and become a pioneer in this truly revolutionary movement to stand up for what is right against the entrenched power structure, once and for all.

God bless,

Shane Trejo

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