Rick Snyder can’t stop proving me right. I have tarred him as an anti-conservative, big-government-loving, scummy, two-faced charlatan practically from the get-go. And whenever I look at what he is doing in Lansing, he keeps getting worse and worse. What nefarious dealings is Snyder up to now? He’s bailing out Detroit.

“This is not a bailout of paying the debts directly of the city of Detroit. This is not a bailout of banks and other creditors,” Governor Snyder said after unveiling his plan to bailout Detroit, as reported by CNN Money. “This is focused on helping reduce and mitigate the impact on retirees.”

Snyder will also protect the city’s art collection through the bailout, which according to the aforementioned article is worth between $452 million to $866 million. Instead of selling some of the city’s works to pay some of the bills of a desperate, bankrupt Detroit, Snyder has decided to blow $350 million of state funds instead. This is Snydernomics at work. Protect the art, screw over the poor taxpayer.

Furthermore, what message does this bailout send to cities across Michigan? It incentivizes them to be greedy and wasteful and profligate. Politicians are already known for making lofty, expensive promises to voters with taxpayer money. They are always happy to throw as much of it around as possible to buy votes. Snyder’s bailout blunder sends all of the wrong messages to state government officials.

This could have been a wake up call for cities to get their fiscal houses in order. Detroit, after all, isn’t the only city in the state or in the country with a spending problem. Far from it! This could have been the big chance for a more conservative approach to governance that could have cleaned up the city’s waste and corruption. But Snyder’s bailout plan stops that dead in its tracks. Now with Daddy Snyder setting the precedent of bailing out broke city governments, there will be nothing stopping other cities from following in Detroit’s footsteps. Spendthrift bureaucrats now have the OK to rack up unpayable, astronomical debts to win over voters knowing that Snyder will pick up their tab.

No doubt Snyder ran this bailout scheme through focus groups and made his decision based upon political calculations, rather than principle. That is the M.O. of a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing governor who is about as Republican as Hillary Clinton. He’s clearly proven that conservative principles aren’t exactly his cup of tea. They are only something that should be brought up as lip service at big Republican functions. They are then tossed aside when he constructs his public policy.

Conservatives, remember this when Snyder is going around masquerading as a successful leader while he grovels for your support during his re-election bid this year. Remember how he was PERSONALLY responsible for implementing Obamacare and expanding Medicaid. Remember how he supported the implementation of Obama’s Common Core education program that is straight out of 1984. Remember that he wanted to jack up your gas taxes and implement an internet sales tax as well. And most importantly, remember not to give this louse a damn cent and not to spend one minute working for his re-election campaign – unless you like to reward people who have personally stabbed you in the back time and again.