Greetings, Patriots!

I have some good news to share with you today. A Lathrup Village Patriot by the name of Robert Brim has decided to step up to the plate and become a leader for freedom in his community by taking our Liberty Preservation Ordinance to his local representatives. Here is the video of his rousing speech at last month’s city council meeting:

We must all follow in the footsteps of Robert Brim. Not only is he running for political office with the intent of promoting liberty, he is also taking the initiative and spearheading an effort to Take Back His Town. If we had a Robert Brim in every community, we would have our freedom back in no time.

The thing working in our favor is that there probably is someone in every community who would be willing to lead the way. They just do not understand their rights and do not understand the tools at their disposal. We at the Tenth Amendment Center and our friends at People Against the NDAA work to snap people out of that ridiculous mindset that you can only make a difference at the ballot box. That is absurd.

The only way we can make a difference is by rolling up our sleeves and being willing to do the grunt work to get a national movement rolling. Right now, Take Back The Town is only in its infancy. It has only been utilized in a handful cities thus far. That means we are on the ground floor of this. We are the pioneers. We are the ones who have to lead the way and make it easier for others to gain the strength and courage needed to join us.

It may not be easy, but was it easy for the Founding Fathers to risk everything for freedom? They risked their lives, their prosperity and their good name. Because of their heroic sacrifice, they have given us a system that allows for many checks and balances. We don’t have to make the sacrifices that our Founding Fathers did. All we have to do is get up off of the coach, devote a little free time, shake off public speaking fears and take TAC’s ready-made legislation to your town council. The effort you expend on this could very well save the country.

Are you up to the challenge or are you just going to sit idly by while our country goes down the toilet? There are voices out there in the establishment who will assure you that everything will just be fine if you sit on your hands and vote Republican or Democrat. These are the people who must be ignored. Their lousy advice is what has gotten us into this mess. It is through a definitive rejection of these failed ideas of the past and an acceptance of decentralized, grassroots resistance from the bottom up that will put our country back on the road to freedom and prosperity. It starts in your town. Follow the examples of Bob Brim and thousands of other patriots across the country. Be apart of something huge. Reclaim your lost liberty. We’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

Shane Trejo

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One thought on “Lathrup Village Leads the Charge Against Indefinite Detention!

  1. Gina Brim

    Jefferson said, “We in America do not have government by majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”

    You’re speaking truth to power, Shane. Time for sitting on the sidelines is over. If we want to see the change, we’ve got to be the change.
    Great and encouraging message. Keep up the terrific work you are doing.

    Yours in Liberty,

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