It turns out that Mark Levin and his flock of misguided useful idiots aren’t the only people at war with America’s founding documents. Radical leftist ideologues also want a Constitutional Convention or an Article V Convention as well, seeing it as a way they can more quickly fundamentally transform the country into a totalitarian socialist hellhole.

One of these leftist groups promoting an Article V Convention is the WOLF-PAC which aims to destroy the Constitution and replace it with something that promotes ‘true democracy.’ It is hard to get a read on exactly what their plan is to change the Constitution on their website. They seem to deliberately obfuscate what they actually plan to do in terms of the amendments. Instead, they go on bromides about the evils of money in politics. These empty talking points assume once money is pulled from the system that Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner will suddenly become angels. Although they do correctly prescribe some of our society’s on-going problems, relying on bureaucrats to amend the Constitution in a responsible way is completely infeasible.

Another group pushing to alter or abolish the Constitution is the Friends of the Article V Convention. Although this progressive group admits that ‘it is impossible to predict every amendment proposal that will be discussed at an Article V Convention,’ they don’t seem to care all that much about the unpredictability of their plan. The founder of the group Byron DeLear said in a Huffington Post article, “The founders designed a bottom-up solution to a runaway federal government. The actual supreme law of the land can be changed outside of Washington.” Apparently the problem that needs to be changed according to liberals and ‘conservatives’ like Mark Levin is the Constitution itself. Shredding or altering the founding document is the key to a functional republic, according to these bozos. This dangerously idiotic notion, if pursued, would likely spell complete doom for liberty.

So once again, we see some bipartisanship between the crooked left and the crooked right. They are both chomping at the bit to change or destroy the Constitution. This is their big opportunity to make their illicit power grabs legally binding. They are attempting to use the problems the government is largely responsible for to destroy the bane of their existence, the Constitution. Through a Con Con or an Article V Con, they can destroy more private wealth in the name of so-called social justice if they’re leftists or they can legitimize concepts like torture and aggressive war crimes that scumbags like Mark Levin have so vociferously defended in the past.

The big questions that the enemies of the Constitution cannot address about their Con Con/Article V Con scheme are: What’s stopping it from instituting something much worse than what we have now? And who is to say that the people will want liberty over tyranny? Who is to say that they will take freedom over the false promises of the socialists? Who is to say that the RINOs won’t collude with the progressives and overthrow the Constitution to satisfy their totalitarian ambitions? After all, this collusion is exactly what happened in Michigan to implement Obamacare and expand Medicaid. Who is to say the government will ever follow the new amendments when they’ve completely disregarded the current ones? The deceivers cannot come close to answering these questions because their ideas are nothing more than a hollow, empty sham meant to send well-meaning activists down a dead end.

All of these questions and more make a Constitutional Convention a terrible idea for activists to spend their precious time and energy promoting. If you think the Constitution is the problem with this country, your priorities are completely backward and you need to stop listening to hypocritical talk radio hacks immediately. The problem is that our Constitution has not been enforced. The idea that some of today’s infinitely corrupt bureaucrats can improve upon the greatest document ever written is preposterous and frankly un-American. We must resist demagogues and charlatans like Mark Levin and focus on the proven, time-tested solutions that our Founding Fathers recommended in times of tyranny such as nullification.

4 thoughts on “Mark Levin and the Radical Left: Collaborators in Constitutional Destruction

  1. I stand by my statement as its an opinion backed by primary source evidence: “The founders designed a bottom-up solution to a runaway federal government. The actual supreme law of the land can be changed outside of Washington.”

    The poster of this blog, Shane Trejo said, “Shredding or altering the founding document is the key to a functional republic, according to these bozos.”

    Trejo says he supports the Constitution, but explicitly opposes it. He can’t have it both ways—either you support the Supreme Law of the Land or you don’t.

    The Founders and Framers were not so idiotic as to place a self-destruct switch in heart of their masterpiece. Article V is one sentence long and provides for two paths for amendment—Congress and the convention. I support the Founders and Framers design in this regard, and sadly, its clear that people like Trejo do not.

  2. Gregory Watson

    On March 26, 2014, Michigan lawmakers gave final approval of Senate Joint Resolution “V” applying to Congress to call a convention, pursuant to Article V of the Federal Constitution, for the purpose of proposing an amendment to the United States Constitution to require a Balanced Budget for the Federal government. With that action, Michigan is either the 22nd or the 34th (out of the necessary 34) state to apply for a convention on that particular topic. If one takes the position that a state legislature which has in the past applied for an Article V Convention on the subject of a Balanced Budget Amendment CANNOT change its mind and repeal that application, then the Michigan Legislature’s adoption of SJR “V” officially triggers the calling of such a convention. On the other hand, if one believes that a state indeed MAY change its mind from “yes” to “no” then America is still 12 state legislative applications shy of triggering an Article V Convention on the subject of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

  3. Shane

    The recent our foreign policy is awful is because we do not follow the Constitution. That is a problem of enforcement which a Con Con would do nothing to solve. Your belief that modern-day corrupt bureaucrats are going to shape the Constitution in a prudent and well-reasoned manner is unfounded and absurd.

  4. Tom Sulcer

    I believe it is time for a Constitutional Convention, although I agree that it could prove to be a risky proposition if it was done by the wrong people. I remain hopeful that it could be handled correctly, balancing the needs of all parties, to result in an arrangement which is functional, fair, preserves the best aspects of the current system (property rights, divided government, checks and balances, federal arrangement) while fixing serious problems with the current one. Today’s constitution has numerous problems: the two-party system leaves many people out (a multi-party arrangement with party proportional representations works best in most democracies). Further, people are essentially divorced from politics, are not real citizens but really consumers; a revised Constitution could insist that citizens play a more active role in government, meet with representatives periodically during the year, stay informed. A huge glaring defect in the current Constitution is foreign policy which results in a mediocre effort that often backfires (Vietnam War, Iraq II war, blunders in the Mideast, supporting tyrannical dictators around the world) and prevents long-term sharp thinking. That reason alone — reforming the foreign policy function — is reason enough for a second constitution, but there are other glaring problems: congresspersons in office for life (gerrymandering, $$$, franking privileges) etc. It’s time.

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