After an embarrassing year that has seen ‘Republican’ Governor Rick Snyder bend over backward to Obama and the Democrats at every turn, he is now trying to hide behind our nation’s heroes to win back betrayed voters. As a matter of fact, he recently named November ‘Hire a Veteran’ month to kowtow to the patriotic impulses of voters.

In an Oct. 31 Press Release, Snyder said, “Michigan’s nearly 700,000 veterans have sacrificed and bravely defended our nation. With their experience and training, they are ready to offer Michigan employers a wide range of business, technical and leadership skills. These returning heroes bring real-world work experience and transferrable skills to the job – qualities Michigan employers can tap to benefit their businesses and help grow Michigan’s economy.”

Maybe it wouldn’t be so hard for veterans to find a job if the state of Michigan wasn’t so poorly managed. Ever think of that, Snyder? Obviously not since this arrogant, out-of-touch elitist thinks that he can make businesses hire people by mere proclamation. Here’s a newsflash: People will only hire when they can afford to. They won’t be able to afford bringing on more employees with the tax hikes, big government and Obamacare that you so enthusiastically support, jackass.

‘Hire a Veteran’ month was just another gimmick from Snyder to try and pull the wool over the eyes of conservatives yet again. This is another desperate attempt to show his constituents that he’s a real conservative. He wants them to think that ‘Sure, we may have a difference or two here or there, but he sure does love the troops!’ so they’ll get out there and get him re-elected so we can have another term of his craven Obama appeasement. Snyder apparently thinks the people of Michigan are gullible enough to be tricked by his trite, disingenuous lip service.

What Gov. Snyder has done is stage a political stunt and use the troops as props. He wants the admiration that the country rightfully has for the courageous actions of the troops to rub off on him. But there is nothing admirable about implementing Obama’s health care train-wreck. There is nothing courageous about supporting Common Core curriculum to dumb down Michigan children so they can be more easily controlled by Obama and other scheming bureaucrats in Washington D.C. There’s nothing heroic about squeezing Michiganders at the pump and during their internet transactions.

What Snyder has done for the troops is to make sure that their health care will be destroyed when they come home from their brave sacrifice. He has made sure that they will be paying higher gasoline prices, as if leaving their job and family to serve wasn’t enough of a financial strain already. He has made sure that their kids will receive sub-standard education if they are unfortunate enough to attend Michigan public schools. He has done a tremendous disservice to our nation’s military with his extremist big government policies that are in direct contradiction to the Constitution the armed forces fight so gallantly to defend.

What I demand from Gov. Snyder is a formal apology directed to our nation’s troops. He must apologize for desecrating them in a vain attempt to buoy his fluttering political career. He must apologize for ravaging their pocket book and their freedoms with his wretched, Granholm-esque tenure as governor. This pathetic, sniveling nerd who was far too much of a coward ever to join the armed forces himself owes an apology to our nation’s heroes. Until he gives a satisfactory apology, he will be seen not just as a disgrace to the Republican Party but as an enemy of the Republic and a betrayer of the military as well.