Recently, I had the honor of interviewing Nick Sundquist, a liberty-minded Republican Candidate for the State Senate in Michigan’s 34th District. He is primary challenging Geoff Hansen, one of Snyder’s lackeys who infamously voted to implement the Medicaid Expansion provision of ObamaCare earlier this year. Here is what Nick had to say about Michigan politics and his on-going political run:

Thanks so much for taking the time during your busy schedule to do this interview with the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center, Nick! First question, what’s your background?

Nick Sundquist: “I am an Air Force veteran. After a bouncing around from job to job for awhile, I ended up working in paintless dent repair which I’ve been doing for about 20 years now. Recently, I’ve celebrated by 10 year anniversary. My daughter was born about seven weeks ago, and I have three other sons.”

Why did you decide to run?

Nick Sundquist: I just got tired of yelling at my TV set. I feel that there are so many good ideas that are simply not being talked about by the legislature. So I want to take good solutions to the different problems we’re facing into the state senate, and I feel like the time is right for me to make some noise.

Do you think the role of state government should be more adversarial to the feds?

Nick Sundquist: I think the role of the state government has been immeasurably harmed by the 17th Amendment that gives the Senators to the popular vote. I also think that the income tax gave far too much power to the federal government. At this point, the state governments do need to become more adversarial toward the federal government. It wouldn’t have had to be this way if we had just followed the original intent of the Constitution, but here we are.

So does that mean you would go against Rick Snyder if he wanted to help implement Obama’s agenda?

Nick Sundquist: Absolutely. I feel like Snyder has done a great disservice to the people of Michigan by going along with Obama on Medicaid Expansion. The proper attitude toward that should have been to fight it tooth and nail, perhaps with lawsuits like the state of Oklahoma is doing.

Do you have any legislative ideas in mind to promote freedom if you are elected?

Nick Sundquist: At this point, we’re running on a platform of real school choice with a voucher program so parents can choose what schools they want to send their kids to, and across the board 10 percent cuts. We would work to eliminate all corporate welfare programs. My belief is that if they can afford to give big subsidies to out-of-state and foreign companies to come in to Michigan then they can give tax cuts and relief from excessive regulatory burdens to the people who actually live here.

Would you be potentially interested in introducing our 2nd Amendment Preservation Act or our new 4th Amendment Protection Act to protect the rights of Michigan citizens from federal encroachment?

Nick Sundquist: Yes, definitely. If we do not start stepping up at the state level, we will have European-style socialism or something even worse on the way.

If you were elected, would you call out your fellow Republican congressmen who vote for big government or do you believe in ‘party unity’ like Gov. Snyder does?

Nick Sundquist: No, I do not believe in party unity in Gov. Snyder’s sense of the word. Party unity sort of makes me mad. I am challenging an incumbent State Senator right now because he believes in this notion of party unity where we need to come together and support things like Common Core or Medicaid Expansion. That makes no sense to me. I would certainly call out any of my colleagues for not adhering to the Republican Party platform.

Do you think it makes sense for libertarians to join the Republican Party and reach out to tea partiers?

Nick Sundquist: Certainly. I have found the tea party to be very much awake and ready for the message of liberty. They are largely sane, sensible people who are sick to death of the corruption coming out of the federal government. They are slandered by the left-wing media as racists and extremists, but that hasn’t been the case whatsoever from what I have seen. Our future really depends on people within the tea party and libertarian movement coming together and fighting for freedom. It may not always be easy, but it is something that has to be done to save the country.

So you see a coalition brewing between libertarians and tea partiers?

Nick Sundquist: Absolutely. There should be a healthy divergence of opinion in the Republican Party, but there must be a core set of principles we agree on. We just need to put aside our differences and focus on our similarities. Personally, I have had a lot of success reaching out to tea party groups. If you have a message of liberty, you should definitely be reaching out to them.

Last question: What does the Tenth Amendment mean to you?

Nick Sundquist: The way I understand the Tenth Amendment is that if something isn’t specifically outlined in the Constitution, the federal government cannot do it. This means that the vast majority of what the federal government is doing is illegal and unconstitutional.

As you can see from this interview, Nick Sundquist is the real deal. He is a legitimate liberty candidate who understands the importance of defending state sovereignty, the importance of fighting back against federal tyranny at the state level and the importance of leading the Republican Party in a much more conservative direction! I am very happy to give him the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center seal of approval. We need more men and women like Nick Sundquist in Lansing giving Snyder and his cronies a headache as they try to full fast ones on their constituents.

However, Nick cannot send the powerful message that our rights will no longer be tread upon to Lansing without your help. Because Nick isn’t a member of the crony establishment, he won’t get the big corporate money that sell-outs and backstabbers like his opponent Geoff Hansen get. He depends upon the support of ordinary folks, not well-connected fat cats, to defend our freedom. Help him out by visiting his website, and please consider donating to this important grassroots campaign to preserve liberty.

Shane Trejo

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