The audacity of these politicians really amazes me sometimes. For instance, the tone-deaf Hubris of the Republican Party establishment. They openly defy their constituents to implement Obamacare, pat themselves on the back about it and then expect their betrayed constituents to get them re-elected! A classic example of this is Rick Snyder (who from this point in the blog I will refer to as ‘Syndbama’ because his agenda is so obviously similar to the Presidents) and his new ‘One Successful Nerd’ ad campaign. It is some of the most jawdroppingly delusional nonsense I have ever laid my eyes upon. Take a look for yourself, at your own risk:

First off, it is sickening the way he personally takes credit for the ingenuity and success of the people of Michigan. The way Snydbama makes it seem, you would think that the people of Michigan are helpless vassals who are completely lost without the divine stewardship of their so-called public servants. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is the people who are burdened by an endless amount of lousy decisions from their corrupt politicians. If anything, the people have excelled in spite of Snydbama’s anti-conservative reign which I will highlight later.

When going through Snydbama’s insidious propaganda, I actually had to hold myself back from vomiting multiple times. He actually has the nerve to paint himself as an ‘outsider’ when he has been one of the worst cheerleaders for big government in Republican Party history. He has been the standard bearer for the establishment, the biggest RINO of them all.

What’s Snydbama’s real record? Standing with Obama at every opportunity. Taking the federal blood money to destroy the health care system. Let us not forget that it was Snydbama who was personally responsible for the Medicaid expansion that is needed to implement Obamacare. He cut his trip to Israel short, disrespecting one of our country’s closest allies just so he could rush back to Michigan and assure that Obama’s agenda was realized in the State of Michigan.

Do you think some asinine propaganda videos will make people forget that? When your faithful constituent who got you elected hoping you would stand up against Obama sees the quality of their care decline while the price skyrockets, they will know that it is you personally who is at fault. Now you actually expect the loyal constituents that you backstabbed to move on and help you get re-elected? Governor, you make me sick.

Snydbama also has been an advocate for Common Core, the education curriculum out of George Orwell’s worst nightmares. Yes, Syndbama wants your children made into little obedient worker bees for Obama’s wretched socialist Amerika. Yes, he wants them dumbed down so they aren’t able to question scheming politicians like himself. He wants Obama to have all of the personal data on your children at his fingertips. Snydbama’s Judas routine doesn’t stop there however. It gets even worse.

Snydbama also loves tax hikes. He is doing everything he can to levy an internet sales tax on to businesses so he can get his hands on more of our dough. He wants to raise the gas tax as well, as if you’re not paying enough at the pump. He doesn’t just want to ruin your health care and your children’s future. No, no, that’s not enough for Snydbama. He also wants to rob more of your hard-earned cash as well! Is there no depths to which this monster will not sink? This is a track record that almost makes Jenny Granholm look good by comparison!

The facade is crumbling though. If you go to the first youtube video for Snydbama’s ‘One Successful Nerd’ campaign that I posted, you’ll see a tremendous number of dislikes. Comments are banned because he is too much of a coward to allow the people’s voices to be heard, but if you go to Snydbama’s Facebook where he’s boasting about his record of progress in Michigan, you will see that he’s being lambasted by both Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats. I guess you’ve succeeded in one regard, Snydbama. Your record has been so poor that you’ve actually brought conservatives and liberals together in disgust of you.

But I guess there are other ways he has been successful as well. Snydbama certainly was successful at pulling the wool over the eyes of his constituents. He certainly was successful at being a crony capitalist. He certainly was successful at being a lap dog for the Obama regime. He certainly was successful at being the perfect avatar for the arrogant, out-of-touch, elitist Republican establishment. However, these successes of yours may send you to the unemployment line next November.

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