On Tues. Oct. 15 at 7 P.M, a very important meeting that is co-sponsored by the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center is being held at the Marriott Hotel at 200 West Big Beaver Road in Troy, MI! John Birch Society President John McManus is going to be there, and he will be giving a talk about the evils of the United Nations and why it is so important that our country gets out of it immediately!

For those of you unfamiliar with the John Birch Society, they have been one of the best pro-freedom organizations around for many decades. They have repeatedly spoken truth to power on many controversial issues from globalization to the Federal Reserve to the Illuminati. They have received a lot of undue flack throughout their history, but it has become abundantly clear in recent years that the predictions they’ve made have come to pass. With the economy in the tank and showing no signs of recovery, a burgeoning police state in the homeland and illegal wars at an all-time high, the Birch Society’s so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ don’t seem so crazy nowadays.

John McManus’ presentations are always very informative with a tremendous amount of pertinent information being packed into a couple of hours. It is a real palette-cleansing change from the usual infotainment we’re force fed from the mainstream media. Activist David Lonier will also be there hosting a table with information on how to fight Smartmeters. The Tenth Amendment Center will have a table as well, and we’ll be talking to everyone about how to nullify the NSA’s illegal spying and Obama’s gun control. It should be a great event all around!

Tickets are only $10, and I have four of them for sale right now. You can also buy them at the door. If you buy them from me, I can give you an excellent booklet though to help wake people up called ‘Agenda 21 and You’ –

The booklet is a fantastic primer on what John McManus will be talking about. Agenda 21 is the nefarious plan of the United Nations to completely de-industrialize and destroy the sovereignty and private property rights of Americans. This booklet breaks down the plan in a very professional, understandable way. Read it and then give it to a friend to help wake them up!

Send me an e-mail or call me if you would like to buy tickets, and I will get you them as soon as possible. Hope to see you there!



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