It has been a busy week (or so) for liberty!

Last Friday, we were able to represent for the Tenthers at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference. People Against the NDAA’s Dennis Marburger and I were petitioning and handing out flyers to promote freedom. The reception we received was wonderful from rank-and-file constituents although not so much from the establishment. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Here we are holding up the wonderful brochures for the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act available to download HERE:

The Mackinac conference was lovely with the exception of the pathetic arrogance of the corrupt Republican establishment. They are truly reminiscent of the British royalty before the American Revolution. They are completely out-of-touch, walking around bragging about how great of a job they are doing while expanding Medicaid and implementing Obamacare. But the embarrassing display from these cretins gives us an opportunity. While they gallivant around rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, we are hard at work winning over minds for freedom. Here are the two projects we are working on at the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center right now:

2nd Amendment Preservation

Republicans understand that Obama is coming for their guns in order to make people helpless for his on-going takeover of society so this is the PERFECT time to introduce them to the idea of nullifying federal gun control. Conservative media sources do not seem to be giving the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act the attention it deserves so we have to take it upon ourselves to inform people! As I have previously mentioned on the MITAC blog, this is already a state-wide movement. Delta, Cheboygan, Presque Isle, Crawford, Alpena and Jackson Counties along with several townships have already passed 2nd Amendment Preservation Resolutions. I was happy to talk to folks from all across the state at the Mackinac conference who were working on this and already seeing great results. Prominent local, state and national politicians (even Sen. Rand Paul) were given our brochures promoting federal gun control nullification. This is what restoring the Republic through local, civic action looks like.

Medicaid Expansion Fallout

The Republican establishment is desperate to move on with their agenda and get angry constituents’ minds off of the Medicaid Expansion betrayal. Their method of accomplishing this seems to inventing a record of success that does not even come close to existing and bragging about it incessantly. However, too many people are enraged and know what is going on to make this bizarre strategy of theirs a success. Thus, we need to primary challenge these traitors while they’re vulnerable. A resource page is going to be made shortly with sample flyers, accurate up-to-date information about contenders, relevant news from the state legislature, tips for activism and more.

All in all, we feel that our presence at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference was well-received. Hopefully, our work can inspire leaders to take it upon themselves to defend freedom and make their party into something that respects the Constitution consistently. Certainly, steps have been made in the right direction in recent years but the Republican Party isn’t quite where they need to be right now as a whole. There is much more work that needs to be done, and we want to make it clear that MITAC will be there to help them restore their party to its constitutional conservative roots every step of the way.

Shane Trejo

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