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It has been a busy couple of months in the fight for liberty. We are still under continual assault from the federal government. They are desperately, furiously trying to push through their unpopular agenda in a mad panic against the will of the American people. Guilty of a whole host of crimes including treason, this administration depends upon the ignorance of the population in order for them to keep destroying the Republic. But thanks to organizations like the Tenth Amendment Center, the public has a wealth of educational resources at their disposal free of charge. We are setting brushfires in the minds of men and women all throughout the country, and this is making it more difficult for the state to peddle the asinine propaganda that holds up their bankrupt façade.

We are also aided by the seemingly endless list of scandals that are making their way out of the disgraceful, embarrassing cesspool known as Washington D.C. It seems that our elected officials have broken the public trust, harassed political activists and media members for having the nerve to exercise their 1st Amendment rights, unlawfully gathered data on every American and now are arming cannibalistic Al Queda-affiliated rebels in a Syrian civil war. Although the American public isn’t typically known for its memory retention, it is becoming harder for John Q. Public to run away from the fact that his government is nothing more than a naked gang of crooks.

That’s what makes this such a wonderful time to be an organizer and an activist! With government corruption at record highs, the economy hitting the skids and inflation ravaging the savings of Americans, people are rightfully understanding that their political establishment has failed them. They’re looking for a fresh perspective and new ideas to get us out of this horrible mess. They are more open to the freedom philosophy than ever before, and we can show them results at the state and local levels to demonstrate that we mean business!

One instance of success occurred just this past Thursday. Medicaid expansion was up in the State Senate. It had already been rushed through the State House with little time for debate and discussion. The same tired jargon was repeated verbatim. It was a ‘bipartisan effort’ to ‘help people in need’ and ’move Michigan forward’ that we need to pass because Obamacare is the ‘law of the land.’ We had seen stunning betrayals of constituents in other states where Republican governors had taken federal bribe money to help implement the Obamacare monstrosity, and our state was sadly no different.

Governor Rick Snyder was the number one cheerleader for Medicaid expansion, even going as far as cutting his trip to Israel short to come home and make a last second push to get the Senate behind this bill. So much for the hyper-partisanship that supposedly plagues our political system! Majority Leader Randy Richardville led the charge of the RINOs in the Senate desperate to receive their 30 pieces of silver from the Obama regime with zero regard for their constituents or their country. There were also dozens of insurance industry lobbyists running around the Capitol doing everything they could to ensure that Medicaid expansion passed.

The odds were stacked against us. The establishment had brought out their big guns to make sure that their newest power grab was pushed through unabated. But that didn’t stop liberty activists from across the state from making a colossal push against it! The grassroots were fully activated, and the results were tremendous. We had several GOP districts work quickly to pass resolutions strongly condemning the Medicaid Expansion bill. Also, many GOP senators who were on the fence were threatened with primary challenges from fed up constituents. In addition, Lansing was barraged with phone calls from citizens expressing their displeasure with the Snyder/Obama agenda to increase big government.

And it worked! The voice of the people was too loud to ignore, and Medicaid expansion was temporarily defeated. Unfortunately, the battle is not over. This exact same fight is expected to resume in August after the legislature returns from summer recess. We could put an end to this though once and for all with the Tenth Amendment Center’s model legislation to reject the Medicaid expansion or better yet a full-blown nullification of Obamacare. Our time is very important and we shouldn’t have to fight these same battles over and over again when there are many other ones that need to be fought. You can view our full four-step plan for defeating Obamacare by clicking HERE.

In addition to stalling Obama’s health care takeover, we have had other success as well. Patriots in Oscoda County have begun what hopefully turns into a state-wide trend of local resistance to unconstitutional federal behavior. Activists have taken the initiative to get resolutions passed in three townships (Big Creek, Elmer, Comins) that affirm the Second Amendment rights of their citizens. They hope to use the momentum from these victories to take another resolution to the county commission.

These resolutions, though non-binding, are a great first step in fomenting local resistance for several reasons. First, they get people used to the idea of standing up and defending their rights. For too long, Americans have been force-fed the propaganda that the Supreme Court will make sure that their Constitutional rights are protected. That has obviously been a pathetic failure. Getting people involved locally reaffirming their freedom is how to get people active and to understand the power that they have. Second, this works to beat the narrative we’ve heard that there is national support for stricter gun laws. As communities make statements against it, that defeats the notion that there is public support for the destruction of the Constitution. Third, it pressures the political system. People voting against these resolutions expose themselves as enemies of the Republic and can be targeted for dismissal in the next election. It can also help to spur action at the state level. Last and most importantly, these victories build a national movement. We can show people our successes and show them that we are the legitimate crusaders for the Bill of Rights, not just big talkers. The more success we have, the more people will accept the legitimacy of resistance at the state and local level, the more people will get involved and exert their power across the country, the stronger the measures we can get passed. It is a snowball effect working in our favor. We just have to be the straws stirring the drink so to speak in order to make this happen.

A big thank you goes out to Oscoda County Republican Party Chair Douglas Davis for being so instrumental in getting these resolutions passed. More thanks go out to Joseph Stone of Big Creek Township, Michael Handrich of Comins Township, Dave Bugg of Clinton Township, John Paulus of Greenwood Township, Julie Hershberger of Elmer Township, and Bob Hoffman of Mentor Township for working so hard to spearhead this noble cause.


Here are some bills that are going through the state legislature that may be of interest to conservatives and other liberty-minded folks:

House Bill 4623: This bill would decriminalize marijuana possession for people caught with small amounts. People caught with up to 1 oz would be subject to no more than a $100 fine if this new law was passed, saving the state over $350 million per year in costs related to incarcerating non-violent marijuana users.

House Bill 4271: This bill is called the Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center Regulation Act. This bill would affirm the right for medical marijuana dispensaries to exist in the state of Michigan with communities able to vote on whether or not they would permit them.

House Bill 4688: This bill stops the forced licensing of nutritionists and dietitians.

House Bill 4315: This bill will require utility companies to provide analog meters to anyone who requests one free of charge. This is a rebuke against smart meter technology which has drawn the frequent ire of many freedom activists out there.

UPDATE on House Bill 4276: As mentioned in a previous post in this blog, HB 4276 would make Common Core illegal. Common Core is basically a top-down attempt by the Feds to control the education system and further dumb down our nation’s children. This bill is still dormant, but the good news is that the funding for Common Core was blocked in this years’ House budget! We’ve sworn off this encroachment on our liberties for the time being, but it is still extremely important to get this bill passed to make sure that Common Core is stopped in Michigan once and for all!

Make sure to contact your State Reps and Senators to urge them to support all of this legislation. As was shown by the temporary defeat of the Medicaid expansion, we have the power to make our voices heard and protect our freedom as long as we stay away from the Washington D.C. sewer. Politely urge your legislators to support these bills immediately! For more information on how to contact your State Senator, click HERE and click HERE for the contact information of your State House member. And while you’re at it, let your legislators know about the 4 Step Plan to Defeat Obamacare! Many of our public servants are willing to fight, they just need us to educate them about how to do so!

Shane Trejo

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