It has been an encouraging year thus far for the Tenth Amendment Center and the liberty movement. We continue to make progress in the state of Michigan and across the country. Whether it is on the national level with Rand Paul’s epic filibuster or at the state level with an NDAA non-compliance bill being passed, there is much to be optimistic about even with our country in the dismal state that it is in.

Last week, we saw a victory as an NDAA non-compliance bill passed the Michigan House of Representatives by a unanimous 109-0 vote. This follows a unanimous State Senate vote that a companion bill received several weeks back. This means that the bill now goes to Governor Snyder. If he signs the bill, state and local law enforcement officers will not be permitted to aid the federal government in rounding people up and indefinitely detaining them without a trial.

In addition to this success, I am very happy to report that grassroots conservatives are receiving the message of liberty loud and clear. I wrote in one of my previous post that I wanted to provide a legitimate dichotomy for conservatives out there. They could either take the TAC approach of fighting the government to reclaim their God-given rights through the Jefferson approved approach of state nullification or they could take the GOP establishment’s approach of kowtowing to Obama and sitting on their hands and letting him destroy our rights. The conservatives are making the right choice for the most part.

Although we are changing minds and experiencing success in the legislature, our work is far from over. We are getting hit from all angles by the malevolent, terrorist government that resides in Washington D.C. They are relentless in their march toward totalitarianism, and they are desperate considering they have grown to be historically unpopular with the American people. They know that they have to get all of their evil plans through now before the public fully wakes up to their scheming, low-life nature. It is thus our duty to trip them up in the political process by using our power as represented through our state and local governments to halt this process of rapid implementation.

Luckily, we have a valiant fighter for freedom in the State Legislature who has repeatedly shown the willingness to lead on issues that are important to Michiganians’ freedom. This man is Rep. Tom McMillin (R) of Rochester. He introduced two bills in the State House to partially nullify the NDAA, both of which passed unanimously. He also has introduced two other bills that are still pending which tackle huge pressing issues coming at us:

Common Core: House Bill 4276, introduced by Rep. McMillin, nullifies the Common Core curriculum in Michigan schools. If you are unaware of what Common Core is, here is a short primer from the Glenn Beck Show. Basically, it’s the federalization of the education system. The bill puts an end to common core’s influence on the Michigan curriculum stating bluntly, “The state board model core academic curriculum content standards shall not be based upon the common core standards.” The bill now awaits a vote from the House Education Committee. If you want to urge the members of this committee to vote affirmatively on H.B. 4276 to protect our education system, you can find their contact information by clicking here.

In addition to that bill that has been introduced, more developments are happening within state government to stop Common Core. On Apr. 24, the State House passed an education budget with an amendment also authored by Rep. McMillin that prohibits all funding for the Common Core system in Michigan. The amendment states that “funds appropriated in Part 1 (MDE’s full budget) shall not be used to fund the Common Core State Standards Initiative or Smarter Balanced Assessments. Funds shall not be used to implement programs or student assessments created by the Common Core State Standards Initiative or Smarter Balance Assessments.” I still implore everyone to contact their representatives and the House Education Committee to support the HB 4276 though to make a resounding statement that our education system WILL NOT be federalized by the Obama regime.

Drones: Rep. McMillin has stepped to the plate again and has another bill that sets rules on state law enforcement for the use of drones. House Bill 4455 was introduced in March and aims to prevent drones from being weaponized with lethal or non-lethal ammunition. The bill also requires that a search warrant be implored before drones are used on private citizens and their property. Under the bill, all unauthorized information gathered accidentally by drones must be destroyed within 24 hours and is inadmissible in court.

This bill is currently in the House Criminal Justice Committee pending further review. I personally attended the first committee meeting, and all the committee members agreed that there would have to be much deliberation on this with all voices heard because it is such an important issue. Whether that is a stalling technique or genuine restraint on behalf of concern for the public, I am not completely sure. However, Rep. McMillin and ACLU Lawyer Shelli Weisberg gave wonderfully informative presentations which made sure that the committee got the full scoop on why action needs to be taken to protect our privacy rights from being swallowed up by big brother permanently. Urge the House Criminal Justice Committee to quit dilly-dallying and push H.B. 4455 through as soon as possible. Their contact information is available here.

But Tom McMillin isn’t the only person working on behalf of We the People in the Michigan legislature. We also have Sen. Phillip Pavlov (R) of St. Clair Township working to preserve Constitutional rights through nullification! He has co-sponsored the following bill:

Firearms Freedom Act: In January, Sen. Pavlov and 12 of his colleagues co-sponsored Senate Bill 0063 or the Firearms Freedom Act. What this bill essentially does is nullify federal gun control when it pertains to firearms or firearm accessories manufactured in the State of Michigan. The Constitution strictly forbids the government from regulating intrastate commerce, and this bill codifies that principle into law when it pertains to firearms saying, “A personal firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition that is manufactured commercially or privately in Michigan and that remains within the borders of Michigan is not subject to federal law or federal regulation, including registration, under the authority of congress to regulate interstate commerce. It is declared by the legislature that those items have not traveled in interstate commerce.” The bill quickly made its way through the Committee of the Judiciary but has been stalled for four months, as the House has yet to take a vote on it. Perhaps if they receive enough constituent pressure, that will get them moving on this urgent bill. You can get your State Senator’s contact information by clicking here.

The wheels are in motion, but they won’t remain that way for long unless every patriot gets active. The Tenth Amendment Center has many different resources to help you in the struggle for liberty. For instance, we have a Local 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance that you could take to a county commission. We also have a whole page of similar pieces of model legislation that you could take to your representative and urge them to introduce. You’d be surprised how many allies you will find within government these days. Look at our legislative tracker to see how many bills and resolutions have been introduced to defend freedom across the country just this year alone. Many of these got introduced because of the lobbying efforts of grassroots patriots who took the initiative to talk to their representatives, educate them and introduce them to pro-freedom legislation. You can make a huge difference at the local and state level away from the filthy, corrupt Washington D.C. cesspool that is beyond redemption. How we regain our country is by focusing on local and state politics and getting away from focusing our resources at D.C. which has proven to be a lost cause.

We are coordinating a lobbying network in Michigan that will pressure legislators into supporting the freedom agenda. We see ourselves as the special interest group that works for the Constitution, and we need your help. Even if it is just calling, e-mailing and sending letters to your representatives, that would be greatly appreciated. But if you would like to get further involved either by lobbying State Congress directly, blogging, donating money, officially joining, doing social media for us or in any other way that you can think of, e-mail me at The Constitution will not protect itself, and we must be its guardians. I believe I have demonstrated in this writing that we are doing productive work here for the state of Michigan at the Tenth Amendment Center. Please devote your resources to our effort, we will not disappoint you.

Shane Trejo

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