We had a wonderful showing for liberty on Sept. 26 for State House Bill #5768 with 40+ people showing up to support nullification at the committee meeting! Our voices were impassioned, heartfelt and numerous. Every representative in attendance now knows that there will be consequences should they choose to disregard the Constitution, stab their constituents in the back and vote ‘no’ on this legislation.

Constitutional Congressman Justin Amash (MI-3rd District) started off the hearings with a tremendously informative speech. He mentioned that the 2013 NDAA does nothing to stop the unconstitutionality of the 2012 NDAA, an important point that must be made to detractors. He also brought up that the internment of Japanese people during World War II is highly unpopular with the American public right now. It is rightfully seen as one of the most monstrous acts of injustice in American history. Going back to the policies of indefinite detention is unconscionable. If the mainstream media would give this the coverage it desperately needs (instead of endlessly fawning over Goldman Sachs candidate A or Goldman Sachs candidate B), the public would be outraged.

Other speakers included Legislative Director of the ACLU Shelli Weisberg and dedicated Michigan liberty activists Dennis Marburger, Darrell Johnson and C.J. Schuman. Every person that spoke was for House Bill #5768. There were no anti-Constitutional voices in attendance, and hopefully the State Representatives take heed of this fact. Unfortunately, I was one of many people who was unable to speak to the committee due to some procedural tomfoolery. Still, it was recognized that I, along with the others who didn’t get to be heard, supported the bill. The speech that I prepared closed with the following:

The occurrences I described [earlier in the speech] seem like something that would happen in a repressive police state, not the land of the free. We cannot afford to make the same mistakes that other countries have made, ignoring the warning signs and choosing to do nothing when there was still time to act. We must refuse to let some of the most tragic events in history repeat themselves in our own backward. Please vote ‘yes’ on House Bill 5768 so we can take precautions at the state level to prevent the further escalation of the police state and preserve our Constitutional rights. Thank you.

Although my words weren’t heard in Lansing, they will be heard tomorrow in Pontiac as we reconvene upon the Oakland County Commissioners Building to work for nullification of the NDAA in my neck of the woods! The vote has been delayed twice already, but tomorrow the commissioners are finally expected to either affirm their support of the Constitution or show their true colors as enemies of the Republic. Bureaucracy works against freedom by design which means we have to work even more tirelessly for liberty! Hopefully even more people turn up tomorrow than they did last time (which was around 25 people) in support.

In addition to Oakland County, we have significant developments in other counties as well. The first victory of NDAA nullification was achieved in Allegan County where the measure was passed with an 8 to 3 vote. Commissioner Bill Sage was instrumental in that victory, and he isn’t satisfied with just that. He headed to Berrien County last week to work with activists and give an impassioned speech to their county commissioners in support of NDAA nullification. They will hopefully be swayed and follow Allegan’s heroic example along with Oakland County. We want to have some victories that we can show grassroots conservative activists to show them that nullification is the way to fight the federal power grabs that they abhor.

Like I mentioned in the inaugural blog post, there are some interesting developments afoot for liberty in Michigan. We are bringing together conservative tea partiers and ACLU lawyers for the common goal of restoring basic Constitutional rights. We are throwing partisan politics into the trash where it belongs and establishing a new dichotomy. Instead of left vs. right, it is going to be freedom vs. tyranny. NDAA nullification is just the beginning. We’re going to establish reforms away from the cesspool known as Washington D.C., and we’re going to make the enemies of freedom expose themselves for exactly what they are while doing so.

The time is now! Become involved today! E-mail me at shane.trejo@tenthamendmentcenter.com for more information. If you want to support the Liberty Preservation Resolution and live near Oakland County, the meeting is tomorrow morning at 9:30 A.M at the following address:

1200 North Telegraph Road
County Service Center, Building 12 East
Pontiac, Michigan, USA, 48341-0421

Hope to see you there!

Shane Trejo