Welcome to the website of the newly formed Michigan Tenth Amendment Center!

I am ecstatic to become involved with this wonderful organization during this crucial period within this country. We are currently undergoing a serious Constitutional crisis within America right now, and Michigan is quickly becoming an important battleground for this fight right before my very eyes. This week is especially important as State House Bill #5768 is coming up for committee this afternoon at 12:00 Noon on Tuesday, September 25 in Room 326 of the Anderson House Office Building. The address is 124 North Capitol Avenue, Lansing, Michigan 48909-7514 if you wish to attend to show your support.

State House Bill #5768 will forbid state officials from assisting the federal government in authorizing any unconstitutional powers that they have gained from the odious National Defense Authorization Act that was passed last year by President Obama. This bill declares the United States a ‘battleground’ and allows for President Obama to indefinitely detain anyone who is an alleged terrorist without so much as a trial.

It may sound a bit farfetched to imagine America using this power against anyone who isn’t an immediate threat to public safety like Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany did in the heyday of those tyrannies, but recent events show that very well may be the case. These alarming instances include:

”Homeland Security-Funded Study Lists People ‘Reverent of Individual Liberty’ as ‘Extreme Right-Wing’ Terrorists” all the while largely ignoring the Islamic fundamentalist terror threat

FBI says that people standing against new taxes and new government
regulations ‘pose a growing threat to local law enforcement officers in the United States’

The federal government is now buying ammunition by the hundreds of millions

The military is running training drills in St. Louis to condition the public for martial law

Pentagon is running war games scenarios where they are preparing for a ‘large scale economic breakdown’ in which martial law would need to be imposed on the public

– The Vice President and mainstream media openly calling their political opposition terrorists –

After a Federal Judge struck down the NDAA last week based upon its gross unconstitutionality, the Obama administration appealed that ruling and got it reinstated

Thank God that we in Michigan have the antidote for all of this craziness working through the Michigan House of Representatives right now! State House Bill #5768 would ‘prohibit any agency of this state, any political subdivision of this state, any employee of any agency of this state or any political subdivision of this state, or any member of the Michigan national guard from assisting an agency of the armed forces of the United States in the investigation, prosecution, or detainment of
any citizen of the United States’ if the Federal Government attempted to enact their new unconstitutional NDAA powers to indefinitely detain a citizen. This would be an important safeguard against tyranny as it would put a law in the books that makes sure our state officials would be firmly on
the side of We the People in protecting our God-given Constitutional rights from usurpation.

I hope for better luck in the Michigan House of Reps than we have currently seen in Oakland County. We had a similar bill called the Liberty Preservation Resolution that went to the Board of Commissioners yesterday. Unfortunately, it was obstructed. This was the third hearing the Board has had about this resolution, and they will reconvene yet again on October 8, 2012 for a fourth meeting. Unfortunately, there are forces at work that are doing everything they can to elongate the process with one particularly loathsome commissioner calling the bill a moot display of partisanship (although the NDAA was passed with an almost unanimous bipartisan consensus in the Senate).

In spite of these set-backs at the local level, the showing we received in support of this resolution was tremendous. The amount of people willing to show up early on a weekday to voice their vociferous support really demonstrates that the liberty movement is strongly moving forward. There was one speaker who was an immigrant from Czechoslovakia that spoke of her horrifying youth growing up in a repressive, tyrannical police state, and how she is mortified to see the once free country she moved to morphing into despotism right before her eyes. This was the most moving speech of the day. I hope we can get an even bigger turnout next month to show the Commissioners that our voices will be heard regardless of whatever shenanigans they try to pull.

Another very encouraging development at yesterday morning’s meeting was Kerry Bentivolio’s impassioned speech in support of NDAA nullification. For those who do not know, Kerry is a Congressional candidate in the 11th district of Michigan. He is a Ron Paul supporter and his liberty credentials are top notch. He will fight not just against the NDAA but other unconstitutional acts such as SOPA and the Patriot Act as well. He is a veteran who opposes illegal wars, supports gun rights, supports an audit to the Fed and is an ardent supporter of the Tenth Amendment. This afternoon, we have Justin Amash speaking in support of House Bill #5768. Hopefully Kerry can join him defending liberty in Congress with a resounding win this November.

When I said I can feel like Michigan is rapidly becoming an important battleground for the Constitution, I wasn’t kidding. In addition to the campaigns of Justin Amash and Kerry Bentivolio, there are some other quality candidates that are up for election in Michigan House of Representatives races. For instance, there is Don Volaric in the 9th District. He showed up in the rain at an End The Federal Reserve rally on Saturday and spoke very loudly about many of the problems facing this nation. He strikes me as a rabble-rouser who will be willing to take bold stances on many key issues in Congress. He is trying to unseat Democrat Sander Levin who is brothers with the disgraceful co-sponsor of the NDAA Senator Carl Levin.

Another impressive Michigan House of Representatives candidate is Kurt Haskell running in the 7th District. Because of a personal experiences he has had with the federal government, the courts and the media, he knows how deep the corruption goes within the current system. I had a chance to meet with him at a Campaign for Liberty barbeque on Saturday, and he firmly asserted his support for civil liberties and a full audit of the Federal Reserve. He stated that he does not wish to be a lifetime Congressman, and that he’s running for public office to use his post to spread truth to the American public that he believes are not receiving the full story about the war on terror. If what he says hurts his re-election chances, so be it. He is running against Republican Tim Walberg who voted to renew the Patriot Act and voted for sanctions on Iran and Syria.

The liberty movement is starting to make its mark on politics within the State of Michigan! Now that you are filled in on the goings-on around here, let me talk about the two initiatives that the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center will be working on in the near future:

Obamacare Nullification: This seems like one that will be great for getting the idea of nullification into the mindset of the tea parties in Michigan. They are rightfully worried about the effect that the new health care bill will have on the quality of their care. They are already skeptical of federal authority and most likely understand that there’s little to no chance of getting this repealed at the federal level. Nullification should be music to their ears in this case. It will give them the power to protect their health care from federal meddling. If they embrace nullification, they won’t have to be saddled with the ill effects of a truly lousy piece of legislation.

Nullification of Legal Tender Laws: This one may be a harder sell than the Obamacare nullification, but it is just as important. We need to protect the value of the dollar from rampant counterfeiting. With the Federal Reserve announcing their recent plan of open-ended Quantitative Easing, the already devalued dollar is running the risk of slipping even further into worthlessness. We need to nullify the laws that basically force us to use the Fed’s paper and transition back to sound money.

That is my overview of what is going on within the liberty movement in the state of Michigan as of right now. So while we are in a dire Constitutional crisis, there is light at the end of the tunnel because of all of these encouraging developments. We really need them to continue if we are to restore the rule of law back to this state and this nation. Please join the Tenth Amendment Center today and become directly involved in this massive undertaking. We need you!

Shane Trejo