Speaker Cotter’s Inaction on Privacy Amendment Enables Big Brother

NOTE: This article was written on behalf of the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center by Kenneth Lloyd.


There is a resolution that is active in the Michigan legislature that would give the voters a chance to amend the state constitution to protect individuals’ electronic data and communications from warrantless intrusion by law enforcement agencies. This amendment was introduced by Republican State Representative Jim Runestad (R-White Lake), as House Joint Resolution N (HJRN).

If this resolution is passed, Michigan voters will be able to change Michigan’s State Constitution. It would change our State’s Constitution’s Article 1, Section 11, in order so that it would read as follows: “The person, houses, papers, and possessions, and electronic data and communications of every person shall be secure from unreasonable searches and seizures. No warrant to search any place or to seize any person or things or to access electronic data or communications shall issue without describing them, nor without probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation. The provisions of this section shall not be construed to bar from evidence in any criminal proceeding any narcotic drug, firearm, bomb, explosive or any other dangerous weapon, seized by a peace officer outside the curtilage of any dwelling in this state”.

The good news is that the Michigan House Criminal Justice Committee approved HJRN by a unanimous 6-0 vote last year. If the amendment passes the House and Senate, it could be approved and added to our state’s Constitution by Michigan voters in the 2016 general election. This is a very possible outcome because a similar amendment was put to voters in Missouri for consideration in 2014 and was passed with an overwhelming 75% of the vote! So what is the hold up in Michigan?

Although HJRN has been passed though the House Criminal Justice Committee of the Michigan House of Representatives, it has to be brought before the entire Michigan House of Representatives, and receive the support of two-thirds of the members, in order to for it to be placed on the ballot for the consideration of Michigan voters in 2016 general election. The problem is, despite the fact that the House Criminal Justice Committee has passed HJRN, House Speaker Kevin Cotter has allowed this measure to stall for over a year, by failing to bring it before the entire body for a vote.

This issue is especially pertinent to Michigan residents because the Sheriff’s Department in Oakland County is using a cell phone tracking device known as Hailstorm. Republican Sheriff Michael Bouchard says that his department uses Hailstorm to find fugitives. The problem is that, without transparency with regard to this technology, it is very easy for this Sheriff’s office to abuse it by using it to spy on the people in violation of the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment. Bouchard’s story sounds very similar to the story the NSA officials used before their spying operation was finally revealed to the public. We cannot rely on the empty words of power-hungry governmental agents. We need protections such as HJRN that will put Bouchard and other bureaucrats on notice that their use of devices like Hailstorm warrantlessly is clearly against the law.

The people of Michigan would be wise to heed the following words from one of America’s greatest founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin: “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither. He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security”. By bringing Rep. Runestad’s privacy resolution to the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives for a vote, Republican Speaker Kevin Cotter would be taking a solid step towards moving Michigan back into the direction of the restoration of the Constitution, 4th Amendment and founding principles.

Speaker Cotter must place his oath to honor and defend the Constitution above trying to satisfy the desires of any special interests. Speaker Cotter’s failure to move on HJRN is simply unacceptable when you consider the fact that the federal government’s unconstitutional spying system is getting more and more powerful with each passing day. We must make sure Speaker Kevin Cotter is aware of HJRN and its importance by deluging his office with emails and calls. The contact information for Michigan Republican Speaker Kevin Cotter’s office as follows:

Phone: 517-373-1789

Let Cotter know that it is imperative that he moves HJRN forward to a vote in the House. Please spread the word to others about the importance of this resolution, and make sure that Cotter’s office knows you mean business and will be alerting the community about his behavior on this issue as well.

Keeping Big Brother at Bay: Five Active Bills Take Aim at the Surveillance State!

NOTE: This article was written on behalf of the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center by Sabrina Ramirez.

The federal government tells us we should give them our trust and cooperation because they are here to help. According to their story, if we are willing to give up our personal freedoms, they can offer us security. But in actuality, that hasn’t been the case.

The feds have formed various agencies that are at best useless and at worst horrific infringements upon our rights. We stand to lose much more than what is promised, and the proof is all around us. It is especially terrible when it comes to invading our privacy rights. Thankfully, Michigan state legislators are actively pushing back against these atrocities in Lansing.

Rep. Gary Glenn (R-Midland) and Rep. Rose Mary Robinson (D-Detroit) introduced House Bill 4916 (HB4916). The bill would allow customers to opt out of having a smart meter installed on their property if they purchase their own traditional meter.

The bill would prohibit utilities from penalizing customers who opt out of the service through fees or service connection, while allowing the company to charge a fee of no more than $5 a month; and requiring certain privacy and security measures, including encryption, on smart meter data.

Companies such as Consumers Energy claim that Smart Meters are the only way to accurately assess a customer’s bill. This comment comes amidst hundreds of customer complaints in regard to their billing process. The company can accurately and conveniently asses a customer’s bill but they hope to have all “smart meters” installed by 2017.

These new meters will provide companies with daily meter updates and allow a family’s electrical usage to be monitored. HB4916 would allow customers to fight back against intrusion and keep their data from possibly being accessible to many other sources. TAKE ACTION IN SUPPORT OF THIS BILL HERE.

Another bill designed to hold back federal data thieves is still active in Lansing. Rep. Martin Howrylak (R-Troy) along with 21 bi-partisan cosponsors introduced House Bill 5162 (HB5162). It would ban the state from providing resources to any federal agency to aide in its collection of a person’s electronic data or metadata, without a warrant. This would essentially make NSA spying untenable in the Wolverine State! PLEASE TAKE ACTION IN SUPPORT OF THIS CRUCIAL LEGISLATION NOW.

Rep. Jim Runestad introduced House Bill 5026 (HB5026) along with nine co-sponsors to prohibit police from gathering information with a drone without a warrant with only a few exceptions. It includes a complete ban on the use of drones armed with lethal or non-lethal weapons. Any information collected in violation of the law would be inadmissible in court. The legislation also includes specific criteria judges must follow when issuing a warrant, and criminal penalties for violations of the law. PLEASE TAKE ACTION IN SUPPORT OF THIS BILL TODAY.

This year, Rep. Samir Singh (D-East Lansing) and a group of four bipartisan co-sponsors, introduced House Bill 5248 (HB5248). The bill would restrict the use of automated license plate reader devices (ALPR) to specific law enforcement functions, and place limits on the storage and sharing of any data collected by such systems. HB5248 would still allow police to use an ALPR for a wide range of specific law enforcement activities, including locating stolen vehicles, locating persons subject to arrest warrants, locating missing persons and for investigation of specific cases. However, bulk collection in a dragnet manner would be stopped. TAKE ACTION IN SUPPORT OF THIS KEY BILL.

Rep. Jim Runestad introduced House Bill 4870 (HB4870) to prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies and personnel from participating in voluntary motor vehicle checkpoints or stops conducted by a private company or research group to collect human samples from consenting drivers who are stopped at the checkpoint for research or statistical purposes. It will apply even if the federal government funds the checkpoint or if it operates under contract from a federal agency.

When any sort of personal data is accumulated is always a concern especially, when we are looking at DNA. Where it could land is uncertain. The federal government is aggressively growing biometric databases. With that being said there’s no assurance that data gathered would not be placed permanent databases. We must take action against this before it is too late! PLEASE CONTACT THE HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE AND URGE THEM TO PASS THIS BILL.

While it may seem like resistance is futile to federal tyranny, that is far from the case. But we will only be free if we are willing to get active in support of the solution. We must get behind the legislators brave enough to stand up against Big Brother, and support their legislative efforts to keep our privacy rights in tact.

The Michigan Nullification Movement Goes International at the ISFLC in Washington DC!


The Michigan Tenth Amendment Center was recently able to represent the message of state sovereignty and nullification to the entire nation! I had the honor to table on behalf of the national Tenth Amendment Center at the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington D.C. It was an amazing and inspiring time.

Here are some pictures of the exhibitor table:

It was very encouraging to see how diverse and widespread the student libertarian movement is! It seemed like there were folks from every country in attendance, and everyone had wonderful developments to share about how they were moving the ball forward for freedom. Many of them knew about the work of the Tenth Amendment Center too from the Tom Woods Show.

Students were especially impressed with the work the Tenth Amendment Center is doing with the ACLU. The ACLU has endorsed our approach for tackling Orwellian surveillance with state-level resistance. There was even a recent joint op/ed between our organization at the ACLU that appeared in TIME Magazine. As I told many young kids: “It is not everyday that the ACLU comes out in favor of states’ rights.” That really opened some eyes!

I hope to attend more of these conferences, either as a Tenth Amendment Center exhibitor or otherwise. It shows that there is much work to be done to bring all the libertarian folks together around the idea of decentralization of power. It is a huge task, but one that I am ready for. I am up for the challenge of restoring liberty in this great Republic. Will you join me?

Shane Trejo
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Tribunals for Government Criminals? – A Discussion with Peter Konetchy of Defend the Oath

We the people ~


One of the questions that comes across the mind of concerned patriots all the time is: Why aren’t these government scumbags in jail? What happened to Justice in the former Land of the Free? I have been asked questions along these lines many times, and I haven’t had a good answer for them – until perhaps now.

Constitutionalist Peter Konetchy, an avid nullification supporter and former U.S. House of Representatives candidate, is working on a grassroots project that may bring accountability back to the United States of America by setting up citizen grand juries that could deliver justice to our ‘public servants’ Nuremberg style.

He was recently gracious enough to answer many of my questions about his Michigan Constitutional Amendment Initiative for citizen grand juries.

What is Defend the Oath?

Peter Konetchy: Defend the Oath is a movement started by a group of individuals throughout the state who understand that every problem facing the people within this state, as well as throughout the nation, is directly attributed to those in power betraying their oath to support the provisions within the Constitution.  We’re not associated with any organization but include private individuals, such as myself, a tea party leader, a township commissioner, and several individuals who are being unconstitutionally prosecuted by the state – such as Mark Baker.

The members of this group are insignificant, but the concept being promoted is paramount.

What are you hoping to accomplish with this project?

PK: Hold elected officials accountable to honoring their oath to support the Constitution.  Every individual with authority over the people — public servants — swear on their sacred oath to support the constitution.  Yet when they assume power, they betray this oath and enforce discretion on the people rather than law.

Witnesses’ in court also swear on their honor to “tell the Truth”, but unlike our public officials, they go to jail for perjury when they break this oath. We want to return to the people the tools to hold public officials accountable to the oath they swear to.

Is there any precedent for Common Law Grand Juries?

PK: Of course. One of the documents upon which our Constitution is based is the Magna Carta.  Paragraph 61 of this document establishes a grand jury of normal citizens – barons – who could review the actions of the king and hold them accountable when authority was breached.

Also, the preamble to our Constitution clearly states that “We the People”  do ordain and establish this constitution.  The Bill of Rights was added so that there would be no misunderstanding as to the limits of government.  The 5th Amendment states that no person shall be held to answer for a crime unless upon the indictment of a Grand Jury.  This amendment never references that crimes must be heard before a state-controlled grand jury.  Nowhere in the Constitution is the authority for a grand jury granted to the states or federal government.  The 9th and 10th Amendments specifically state that unless authority is specifically designated to the government, the power remains with the people. Therefore the people have constitutional authority to convene a Grand Jury.  As it stands now the State has usurped this authority through statute.  This initiative returns through statute the power of the Grand Jury to hold public officials accountable.

A significant check against government abuse is the Grand Jury controlled by the people.

Why do you think this idea has fallen by the wayside over the years?

PK: A lot of it has to do with the public education system which has consciously degraded any emphasis on teaching anything about the Constitution, the very limited nature of government, and the true power of the people.

People have been falsely informed that the state has full control over the judicial system — including the Grand Jury. People believe that lawyers and judges know the law better than them.  They blindly accept the “fact” that the state, government, is right, and that they must accept whatever government imposes.

If they fight government they are destroyed — as was Mark Baker.  People have learned to submit to state control.

How do Common Law Grand Juries compliment the nullification and state sovereignty movement?

PK: Nullification is the proper response to unauthorized dictates.  The problem is that the people have no authority to nullify – so if an unconstitutional dictate is passed by the federal or state government, the people must comply or they will be punished — again as with Mark Baker. Without this initiative, the people, as in “We the People” are helpless to nullify.  Take, for example, the Medicaid Expansion Program recently implemented within the state.  The great majority of the people were against it.  I know of many individuals and groups lobbying their representatives to refuse it’s implementation, yet it passed.

This initiative allows the people the ability to nullify unconstitutional actions.  Again, dealing with Medicaid expansion.  Rather than pleading with our legislators to do the right thing — as was done and failed, imagine if this initiative were in place and a a full page ad was purchased in the State Journal explaining why federal health care was unconstitutional, and informing any legislator voting to impose it upon the people that they would be brought up on charges of betraying their oath and need to defend their actions in court.  Additionally, if they were found guilty by a jury of their peers they would lose their jobs and all public pensions.

I believe the legislators would think twice about voting to impose a non-constitutional dictate upon the people, and if so, they would need to defend the indefensible.  It would shift motivation for seeking office from personal gain to securing our rights. This initiative truly gives the people the power to nullify.

Are there any lawyers, law enforcement, judges, etc. who are on board with this idea?

The idea is in its infancy, and naturally the majority of lawyers, judges, and other public officials will be against it because it transfers power from them back to the people.  I have talked to Sheriff Richard Mack, of the CSPOA, about it and am planning to talk face to face with him later this month.  I have also talked with a man I greatly respect Michael Peroutka, who is a retired lawyer, past presidential candidate for the Constitution Party, and founder of the organization called The American View.

They are both supportive of the idea, and are researching it more.

What will it take to actually get this on the ballot?

PK: We need to collect a minimum of 320,000 by the end of June,  Seems insurmountable, but if we can develop the necessary language to get it on the ballot, and  recruit 1000 active volunteers throughout the state it can be done.  One volunteer can easily collect 500 signatures in a week.

Consider, when I was running for Senate we could collect over 500 signatures per day at gun shows.  Walking neighborhoods I could collect 100 signatures per day.  If we can recruit a sufficient number of volunteers liberty groups throughout the state – tea parties, C4L, church groups, young republicans, etc. we can do it.

How do we sign up and help out this initiative?

PK: The biggest thing we need now is concrete support for the idea.  Thereafter we need to convert the initiative into legal language so that we can get it on the ballot.  Thereafter we need to organize introductions to as many liberty minded individuals as possible.

Interviewer’s Note: Although this idea is just getting off the ground, it is invigorating and refreshing that there are patriots out there still fighting the good fight. They have not thrown in the towel in spite of great adversity. They are hunkering down, and pursuing avenues outside of the Republicrat two party dictatorship to bring justice to government terrorists. If that doesn’t bring a smile to your face, I don’t know what will 🙂

For more information on Defend the Oath, please visit their website at

Shane Trejo
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Restoring the 4th: Michigan Legislators Fight for Severe Drone Restrictions!


The good news is rarer than ever these days. With Washington D.C. scumbags selling out our rights and the losers in Lansing following suit, it can be very depressing to follow politics. However, not every one of our Michigan state legislators have sold us out, and one is working on solid legislation to protect the 4th Amendment from technological marvels that could destroy our privacy rights forever: Drones.

Rep. Jim Runestad introduced House Bill 5026 (HB5026) last month along with nine co-sponsors. The bill would prohibit police from gathering information with a drone without a warrant with only a few exceptions.

The language of the proposed bill stipulates that “a law enforcement agency of this state or a political subdivision of this state shall not disclose or receive information acquired through the operation of an unmanned aerial vehicle,” without either a warrant, written consent of the person under surveillance or under a court order issued by a judge on the basis of reasonable suspicion of criminal activity under certain specific parameters.

The proposed law would also allow collection of information by a drone if it “is used in circumstances in which it is reasonable to believe that there is an imminent threat to the life or safety of a person, for the purpose of assisting the person,” under several conditions.

HB 5026 includes a complete ban on the use of drones armed with lethal or non-lethal weapons. Any information collected in violation of the law would be inadmissible in court. The legislation also includes specific criteria judges must follow when issuing a warrant, and criminal penalties for violations of the law.

This legislation is important because drones can be used by government officials to monitor and even murder their political opposition. A recent expose from The Intercept has detailed the extent of the depravity and wickedness that fuels the drone program overseas. It is very possible that the feds want to export that type of death and destruction to the homeland by instituting this technology here. The feds estimate that there will be up to 30,000 drones in the sky by 2020, if they can get their way. But states refusing to participate in federal programs can really throw a wrench into their sinister schemes.

The federal government encourages and funds a network of drones at the state and local level across the U.S., thereby gaining access to a massive data pool on Americans without having to expend the resources to collect the information itself. By placing restrictions on drone use, state and local governments limit the data available that the feds can access.

In a nutshell, without state and local cooperation, the feds have a much more difficult time gathering information. This represents a major blow to the surveillance state and a win for privacy. That’s exactly what Rep. Runestad’s bill would accomplish.

This isn’t the only measure that Rep. Runestad has introduced to protect privacy rights during his first term as a State House Representative. He also introduced House Joint Resolution N (HJRN), a measure that would allow voters to add protections for their electronic data and communications into the state constitution. It passed an important House Committee hearing earlier this year.

You can find out more about the actions you can take to push HJRN forward at this link. It is incumbent upon us to support Rep. Runestad and his bills. He has almost single-handedly kept the important issue of privacy alive, and has the rare courage to resist the pressure and do the right thing in Lansing. Few have it in them to fend off the special interest power-brokers who dominate Lansing politics, but Rep. Runestad clearly does. We must stand with him and support his legislation. Here are the steps you can take to support HB 5026:


HB5026 is in the House Governmental Operations Committee. It will need to be heard and pass through that committee before it can receive a full vote in the state House. Take the following action steps to support this important bill:

1) Call the following members of the House Governmental Operations Committee. Please call them as a call is far more effective than an e-mail.

Bradford Jacobsen (R) Committee Chair 517-373-1798
Michael Webber (R) Majority Vice-Chair 517-373-1773
Andrea LaFontaine (R) 517-373-8931
Tim Greimel (D) 517-373-0475
Sam Singh (D) 517-373-1786

2. Call Back – any NO or UNDECIDED – in 3-4 days. Make sure to follow-up. If they say YES, be sure to thank them and, if possible, announce their committed YES vote to email and social media contacts. If they say no, politely ask them why. Let them know you will be alerting your community about their dereliction of their duty if they refuse to support this important bill!

3. Spread the Word. Share this information widely by facebook, twitter, email and other social networks.

4. Report Back. Tell us how your actions went. Click the button below

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State Nullification and the Libertarian Party: A Winning Combo!


The Michigan Tenth Amendment Center was happy to have a presence at Liberty Fest in Ann Arbor this weekend. We had a table, and we were able to engage with Libertarian Party members from throughout the country.

It is always great to hang around fellow freedom-minded activists who understand the road we must take to restore our country to prominence. Here are some pictures from the fun event:

Shane and Sabrina, Tenther Tablers

I am happy to report that the message was largely well-received. People in the Libertarian Party are acutely aware of the evils of government power, and understand how we can use the states to push-back against the centralized control of the feds.

Although I am no longer a member of the Libertarian Party, I was happy to bring an important weapon to them that can cut through the partisan nonsense that is out there: Nullification. Through nullification, we bring people from the left and the right together behind a time-tested proven method that stops government power. Nullification is a practical and constitutional means to decentralize government power, and it can bridge the immense partisan divide as well.

I hope to attend many more Libertarian Party events in the future so we can work together to nullify in the state of Michigan. We need to build a groundswell of support because Michigan unfortunately lags behind the other states in that regard. Third party groups like the Libertarian Party can play a crucial role in bringing this subversive idea to the state of Michigan, and I really hope they are beside us as we do just that!

Shane Trejo
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The Spirit of Liberty Lives: Our Halloween Conference Rocked Metro Detroit!


We pulled it off! The Spirit of Liberty Conference occurred yesterday, and it was a smashing success. Our roster of speakers entertained, moved and educated the audience of around 100 patriots. If you missed it, don’t worry because video will be forthcoming in the days to come. Here are some pictures from the event:

Dennis Marburger, Birmingham and Bloomfield Republicans

Mike Maharrey, Tenth Amendment Center communications director

Mark Baker, Baker’s Green Acres

Kris Anne Hall, host of ‘Liberty First’ radio show

Tami Carlone, Stop Common Core in Michigan

Karen De Coster, Anarcho-Capitalist Blogger

Rick Ector, Legally Armed in Detroit

Hopefully, this was the first in an annual tradition of liberty conferences that can keep Michigan patriots on the straight and narrow as they battle to reclaim their lost freedom! A big thanks goes to Scott Tillman of U.S. Term Limits, Kim McCurry of the Libertarian Party of Michigan, Matthew Semrau of Nullify Abortion, George Brikho, Tom McMillin, Rob Steele, and, of course, Campaign for Liberty and the Tenth Amendment Center for their roles in setting this magnificent gathering up!

One thought ran continuously through my mind yesterday: Rumors of the liberty movement’s demise have been greatly exaggerated! Onward and upward toward nullification, state sovereignty, individual rights and FREEDOM!

Shane Trejo
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Mark Baker is Coming to Metro Detroit for a Halloween Extravaganza!


Let me tell you the obvious: Mark Baker is NOT a summer soldier. Times are tough, but he is ready for the next phase in his battle against the corrupt Republican bureaucrats who are trying to rob him of his livelihood.

He has fought the power structure and won – up to this point. But the battle is not over. Oathbreaking Governor Rick Snyder, Oathbreaking Attorney General Bill Schuette and their henchmen will not stop until Baker’s family farm is put out of commission for good.

Mark Baker is a living, breathing symbol that resistance from ordinary people can stop government tyrants dead in their tracks. That cannot stand in the eyes of the ruling class. That means Baker is a marked man who needs our help. We must stand by his side and defend him, as he has defended freedom for our country throughout his heroic life.

That’s why I was extremely proud to help book him for the Spirit of Liberty Conference, taking place on Halloween Day. Tickets are $35 and available HERE.

Taking place in Southfield at Lawrence Technical Institute (Metro Detroit), it would be worth the drive to see not only Mark Baker but an array of some the country’s most fierce liberty warriors as well. Baker will be joined by Liberty’s Lobbyist Kris Anne Hall, Mike Maharrey of the Tenth Amendment Center, and many others. You don’t want to miss it!

Unlike previous conferences, Mark Baker will have the main floor to himself and he will get to express an uncensored message of resistance to tyrants that should not be missed!

It is also worth noting he theme of the conference is ‘Putting Political Theory into Practice.’ So it isn’t just going to be a mere speaker series. No, we are going to give you the BLUEPRINT that you can use to not just be informed, but also to fully restore liberty in the state of Michigan as well.

The Spirit of Liberty Conference is all about galvanizing patriots to go back into the community and actually sow the seeds of freedom. Mark Baker is in, are you?

Shane Trejo
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Nullification Expert Mike Maharrey to Speak at Spirit of Liberty Conference on Halloween!


I have some great news for you! A large number of patriotic, liberty-minded activists will soon be invigorated and galvanized as the Tenth Amendment Center’s communications director Mike Maharrey will be giving a speech Halloween Day at the Spirit of Liberty Conference at Lawrence Tech University in Southfield.

Mike Maharrey, author of Our Last Hope, is one of the most eloquent defenders of freedom around today. He’s written countless articles that have provided clarity to the political landscape and put the nullification deniers in their place. He gives a fantastic speech and is always working to reclaim the moral high ground on behalf of decentralized government advocates. Check him out:

The first annual Spirit of Liberty Conference also features a tremendous array of patriotic speakers from around the country. Check out this all-star roster:

– Kris Anne Hall, host of ‘Liberty First’ radio program
– Mike Maharrey, Tenth Amendment Center communications director
– Mark Baker, owner of Baker’s Green Acres
– Rick Ector, NRA-certified Firearms Instructor
– Karen DeCoster, blogger and food freedom advocate
– Coleen Rowley, national security whistleblower
– Tamara Carlone, Stop Common Core in Michigan
– Tony DeMott, State Coordinator for Michigan Campaign for Liberty

Is there any place you would rather be on Halloween day than this terrific event? I didn’t think so. You can register for tickets here. You can find out more detailed information here. I hope to see you there!

Shane Trejo
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In the Republic’s Darkest Hour, We Must Scramble to Preserve our Freedom


A question I always receive from folks while traveling this great state, especially considering the woefully pathetic, dismal, puke-inducing, treasonous nature of the Michigan legislature, is: What do I do when my legislators won’t nullify?

It’s a good question. What I tell people first is to keep trying. Legislators will likely brush you off until they know that you mean business and that you’re a threat to them. But sometimes legislators are so arrogant, so bought-off, so deplorable, and so untouchable that nullifying simply isn’t an option. In this case, what you need to do is organize people to deny, disobey, refuse to comply with, and just say NO to unlawful government mandates!

The government criminals want to make you feel like you’re very small, and they are very big. They want to make you think that a small little individual couldn’t possibly take on the huge, hulking, colossal machinations of government. This is nothing more than an elaborate, well-financed illusion. The dirty little secret is: Almost everything the government does relies on your compliance and obedience to pull off. Once you remove your support, their façade crumbles immediately.

We are seeing it happen all across the country. When the Bundy Ranch heroes stood up to federal land barons, they didn’t want for a legislature to approve their actions. They did it anyway. Juries who decided in recent years to acquit ‘criminals’ who had broken asinine laws prohibiting raw milk and medical marijuana because they didn’t agree with the law didn’t wait for permission. They did it anyway. The hundreds of thousands of parents who have withdrawn their children from Common Core’s bizarre testing regime did not ask their government masters if it was fine and dandy to do so. They took bold, decisive action. They decided that their children’s future was more important than mindless obedience to federal/state edicts.

Our country was built upon this style of resistance. Thomas Jefferson invoked nullification as a consequence of the abominable Alien and Sedition Acts, which effectively criminalized free speech. Nullification was used again when states and individuals pulled their support for the Fugitive Slave Laws, and saved a countless number of black folks from being returned to bondage. It has been used more recently as well. Rosa Parks refusing to budge showed how peaceful non-compliance can tear at the heart of government injustice. Martin Luther King Jr. showed the same. These tactics are time-tested to be effective, even in the face of immense and seemingly insurmountable oppression.

We must use these tactics to fuel this revolution that is currently underway to cut at the heart of the federal tyrants’ control over us. We must roll up their sleeves and take matters into our own hands. Just like the Founding Fathers did. In fact, I am giving you their blueprint for resistance right now! The Father of the Constitution, James Madison famously said that we must “present obstructions which the federal government would hardly be willing to encounter” in order to stop federal tyranny in Federalist #46. Now is not the time for complacency. Now is not the time for in-fighting and petty squabbling. Now is the time to put James Madison’s words into action. And I hope and pray that we are able to do so before it’s too late.

Shane Trejo
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