Tenther Prevails in Close Primary Election!

In a day and age when our freedoms are under assault like never before, it is important to appreciate the small victories. These are the small victories that will hopefully cascade into larger, more substantial victories in the not-too-distant future. I am happy to report about a victory in the 29th State House District as avowed tenther David Lonier secured the Republican nomination in a nail-biter against his opponent.

Lonier won his primary election by a mere ten votes! After his original primary victory in August, the results of that election were challenged and a recount was taken. Because of his anti-establishment credentials, the corrupt powers-that-be in the MIGOP did not want Lonier representing the party. Now instead of hearing meaningless, empty platitudes, Michigan voters will be hearing about Constitutional principles, the necessity of state sovereignty, and of course NULLIFICATION!

Lonier is looking to represent a largely urban district which means he will probably not win as a Republican. Still, he is doing something far more important than just participating in some silly election. He is working to win over hearts and minds to the message of freedom. Running for office gives Lonier a golden opportunity to grow the freedom movement and to ignite those brush fires of the mind that must be set in order to create the revolution of independent thought needed to restore the Republic.

From my own personal experiences, urban areas can be very advantageous for liberty-minded activists. In wake of the disaster in Ferguson, MO, there is more awareness of the dangers of police brutality and militarization than ever before. While affluent areas are more likely to sweep Ferguson-style events under the rug, urban areas do not have this luxury because its inhabitants are the ones far more likely to be victimized. Because of the epidemic of corruption within our politics, there are not nearly enough individuals and groups organizing against blatantly unconstitutional measures perpetrated by police. This is where we can make huge gains and more importantly break down the wedges that keep different races and ideologies fighting against each other rather than uniting against their common enemy, the state.

That is the important work that David Lonier and his supporters will be conducting over the next several months. They will be out there in Metro Detroit shaking hands, kissing babies and giving the public the important information about the country that it desperately needs to understand. This is how we win: by getting out there, rallying the folks in a grassroots manner, opening their eyes to the madness that is going on around them, and letting them know that freedom is the only way to escape it. This is how we circumvent the mass media and its brainwashing power. This is how we subvert the evil federal bureaucrats and their treacherous schemes. Win or lose, David Lonier is doing an invaluable service to our liberty by sacrificing his time, money and energy to run for office.

Join David Lonier, and join the Tenth Amendment Center as we get into the trenches and do the necessary grunt work that is needed to turn our country around before it is too late. It won’t be easy, but it has to be done. Otherwise, we will be living in a tyranny that makes Nazi Germany look mild by comparison. Think that’s hyperbole? Well, take a look at this video and get back to me. The time to fight is now. The stakes are too high for us to give up or wait for others to do something. Defeat is not an option. We will not surrender in the face of adversity. Please help us to change America back into a free, prosperous society where our rights are respected without exception.

For further information on David Lonier and ways you can help his campaign, visit his website at

Constitutional Patriots Must Get Behind Anti-Police Brutality Protesters in Ferguson

The events that are occurring in Ferguson, MO right now are deplorable and heartbreaking, but they shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The only surprise may be that an event like this hasn’t erupted sooner with the amount of corruption and unaccountability within police forces nationwide. If we do not rally around the brave protesters in that town, the situation will soon be coming to all of our communities regardless of where we happen to reside.

Whether the slain teenager Michael Brown was guilty of a crime or innocent is completely immaterial. His example is the final straw that has broken the camel’s back. There are countless instances of police brutality that have been documented, and the problem is metastasizing. And although not every victim of police brutality is a minority, it is unquestionable that a disproportionate number of them are.

This is a golden opportunity for patriotic Americans to stand up for the Constitution and against police brutality, once and for all. But where are they? With some notable exceptions like the courageous Daniel Johnson of People Against the NDAA who is reporting over there right now, many so-called patriots have been silent about this situation or worse. Disgustingly, many of them are even siding with the jackbooted thugs who have put the town of Ferguson on lock-down. Don’t these fools realize that this is the same militarized goon squad that will be used to kick in their doors and take their guns? I guess not. Logic and common sense must not be their strong suit.

Obama and his legion of sycophants have been propagandizing the public for years now that anyone who doesn’t lick the government’s boots is an insane white supremacist violent terrorist threat. This whole situation flies completely in the face of that bogus narrative. This is a group of predominantly black people who are standing up and turning against the government in the wake of sustained, unbearable oppression. And what are many of these patriots doing? Playing right into the phony baloney media narrative. Being marionettes for the government’s divide and conquer strategy. Making this into a left vs. right or black vs. white situation needlessly. It is beyond repulsive, and is really separating the men from the boys so to speak within the patriot movement. It is now easier than ever to tell the real mccoy from the summer soldiers.

The ‘patriots’ who call the protesters savages, animals and other racially-charged derogatory remarks are most likely unfamiliar with the story of Eric Garner, the man who was choked to death after stopping a fight. They are likely unfamiliar with Danroy Henry Jr. who was a college student shot to death by a policeman later named ‘Officer of the Year’ by the department. They are likely unfamiliar with Oscar Grant, who was killed in front of many witnesses in cold blood after he was safely detained by police. They are likely unfamiliar with Manuel Diaz, who was unarmed and shot dead in the back before police dogs were sicked upon grieving pregnant women and children involved in a protest. These are just four instances out of thousands of police committing acts of terror against minorities. What is happening in Ferguson is a long time coming and transcends whatever malicious attacks are being levied toward the murder victim Michael Brown.

This is the type of issue that draws a line in the sand, and patriots must be on the right side of it. Otherwise, patriots will prove what naysayers have been squawking about all along to be true. That they only care about freedom for themselves, and not freedom for people of color. That they will defend government tyranny when it is being deployed against a group of folks they don’t particularly care for. That they have no consistency or principle, and are instead motivated only by hate of Obama rather than love of Constitution. That is what the patriots are proving if they do not firmly stand in support of the protesters in Ferguson.

If you want to turn this turmoil into an opportunity to fight for freedom and justice, we have the plan for you to do just that. Get involved in your community to Take Back the Town. Take our 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, Privacy Protection Act or Liberty Preservation Act to your state legislators. These pieces of legislation are the first steps toward shielding yourself and your community from the ravages of the police state. Furthermore, you can push to stop police agencies from receiving tanks, drones and other goodies paid for in federal blood money. You can demand reforms to abusive policies such as civil asset forfeiture which incentivizes the police to steal property from We the People. In addition, you can call for cameras to be mounted on police officers for added transparency or change law enforcement priorities away from non-violent crimes at the local level.

There are so many good solutions out there, and we must strike while the iron is hot. Patriots, I will not mince words: If you don’t rally around the courageous protesters in Ferguson, you share in the responsibility for the death of the Republic. You deserve just as much blame as any liberal who you deride. With Nazi Germany on your doorstep, you cheered the tyrants on as they destroyed the last semblance of freedom America had to offer. That is an unforgivable offense. That makes you deserving of what the sociopaths in Washington D.C. have in store for you. It is time for patriots to put their money where their mouth is. It is time to live up to all of that big rhetoric about loving the Constitution and standing up to tyranny. If you don’t, you are quite frankly a disgrace to the Founding Fathers and everything they fought to achieve.

Please e-mail me if you want to fight the police state in your community. I will do everything in my power to help you stand up for what is right during these crucial days:

God bless,
Shane Trejo

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In Spite of Election Results, Grassroots Conservatives Still Hold the Power

There is a tremendous amount of disappointment within the Michigan conservative grassroots after Tuesday’s primary election results, and for good reason. The pathetic incumbents, funded with boatloads of money from corporate special interests, defeated their challengers. The criminals were able to get away with fleecing the taxpayer, destroying their rights and jeopardizing their prosperity, and democracy failed yet again. Although a handful of good, principled candidates won state house seats, Michigan voters by and large showed that they are not yet willing to throw the bums out en masse. The status quo marches on, and Michigan residents seem content to tolerate it as long as the checks from big daddy government keep coming.

But grassroots conservatives should not be too dismayed. They are steadily making gains against the establishment. Even in the races they lost, approximately 30 to 40 percent of voters voted for the true conservative against the corrupt establishment candidate. That is a significant block of voters that can be built upon moving forward. If conservatives can keep these people engaged and galvanize them to get involved in the political process behind good ideas such as nullification and state sovereignty, this grueling election cycle won’t be for naught. It will simply be a stepping stone for bigger and better things to come.

Remember what happened in Virginia. They put up a more conservative, liberty-minded, tea party friendly candidate in Ken Cuccinelli up for their gubernatorial race. He narrowly lost to a very corrupt Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe closely related to the Clinton machine. The Virginia GOP was chastised by the biased media, by the Karl Rove’s of the world, and by other bought off establishment mouthpieces. They were called extremists, bumpkins and bozos who couldn’t see the forest for the trees. They were getting lambasted in exactly the same way that Michigan conservatives are now.

But did the conservative grassroots in Virginia take their ball and go home? No, they took their lumps, dusted themselves off, and kept fighting. It was because they put up such a conservative candidate that Virginia state politics was dragged in that direction. Next year, they reaped the benefits of their heroic struggle. When the arrogant, elitist crony capitalist Eric Cantor was primary challenged, he was devastated by his virtually unknown tea party challenger Dave Brat. If grassroots Virginia conservatives had done what the establishment GOP and media propagandists told them to do, Cantor would have been coronated as the House majority speaker. He would have kept voting for things like NDAA, NSA Spying and other abominable, anti-constitutional measures. But thanks to the stubborn dedication of Virginia conservatives, he was sent packing in disgrace. We can duplicate that success in Michigan, but only if we double down and refuse to quit. If we wave the white flag of surrender now, the terrorists at the head of the Republican Party establishment win. We cannot allow that to happen.

Where we go from here ultimately determines whether the conservative grassroots becomes the powerful, driving force behind Republican politics in Michigan or shows that they can be tread upon without any consequences. The establishment blatantly disrespected their constituents by throwing millions behind primary challengers against Congressmen Justin Amash and Kerry Bentivolio. Those are millions of dollars that could have been spent in the fight against Barack Obama’s on-going destruction of America. However, the contemptible establishment instead chose to spend that money trying to oust representatives with solid voting records. After this monumental slap in the face, the arrogant SOBs at Michigan GOP headquarters now expect conservatives to fall in line and get the ringmaster behind this sick treachery Rick Snyder re-elected as governor.

If the conservative grassroots falls for the establishment’s ‘unity’ BS, the greedy, power-crazed tyrants will definitively know that they can get away with ANY corrupt dealing without any repercussions. If Rick Snyder can walk hand-in-hand with one of Obama’s thugs pushing Common Core to dumb down our children and get them accustomed to invasive unconstitutional government in their lives and STILL receive the support of the conservative grassroots, freedom has truly died in Michigan. If Rick Snyder can usher in Obama’s health care takeover by actually having the audacity to claim that it makes Michigan a healthier place without major electoral consequences, freedom has truly died in Michigan. If Rick Snyder can hobnob and take dirty money from the Constitution-hating plutocrat Mike Bloomberg without a sound rebuke from the voters, freedom has truly died in Michigan. Grassroots conservatives have a choice. They can either preserve freedom by refusing to give this Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing betrayer their vote, or develop Stockholm Syndrome, engage in mindless partisanship and betray the Founding Fathers in one fell swoop by supporting Snyder.

The power is in the hands of the conservative grassroots. Although they cannot unseat incumbents and replace them with their own folks quite yet, they do have the numbers to cost Snyder his re-election. If they send a message that they will not be duped into the false dichotomy of voting for the lesser of the two evils any longer, they demonstrate that they cannot be tread upon. RINOs will no longer be emboldened to forsake their constituents to line their campaign coffers. The establishment will be forced to understand the reality that their behavior will be met with harsh reprisals. It is the first step toward creating a Michigan Republican Party that consistently respects the rights and the prosperity of its constituents.

Snyder’s second term will certainly be filled with far more progressive compromises and Obama appeasement than his first. Expect gun control regulations to make his paymaster Mike Bloomberg happy. Expect the huge tax hikes that he pushed for in his first term to be rammed through. Expect another even larger bailout of Detroit. Expect more small farmers to be persecuted ala Mark Baker to protect special interests from market competition. Expect more outrageous police state measures robbing us of our natural rights. That is a small taste of what is on Snyder’s docket, and if you vote for him, you are culpable. But if you show the courage to break away from partisan allegiances for this one vote, you make a statement that will reverberate through the entire state party. The statement will be clear: No backstabbers allowed! RINOs will pay! No more tolerance of the status quo! The grassroots has the power to make this happen in November, now all they need is the backbone.

Tenther David Lonier Aims to Defend State Sovereignty in Michigan’s 29th House District!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since I became actively involved in Michigan politics over two years ago, I have not witnessed a more dedicated and tireless activist than David Lonier. When it came to my attention that he was running for political office, I desperately wanted to draw attention to his candidacy on the Michigan Tenther blog. I recently had the honor of interviewing him. He is one of the most involved and well-informed patriots out there and is exactly the type of person who America desperately needs in the legislature.

David Lonier is a candidate for the Michigan State House of Representatives in the 29th State House District. He is an Air Force veteran who worked as a small business owner, advertising illustrator, and an architectural graphics and restoration contractor. He is a three term precinct delegate who is on the Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee. He had previously run for County Commissioner in 2008.

Why did you decide to run?
David Lonier: I decided to run because our political system needs well-informed people who know what must be done to restore our freedom. Ron Paul was an inspiration for me to get involved in politics.

What makes you think you would be a good candidate in the state house?
DL: I would be a good State Rep. because I am aware of the many of the problems that we have gotten ourselves into and will work with other legislators to repeal all laws that strip us of our rights and, when necessary, introduce legislation to return the people to a self-governing society with the elected officials held to their oath and fully accountable to the people.

What does the Tenth Amendment mean to you?
DL: The Tenth Amendment is the limitation on the power of the Federal government. It only allows the Federal government to engage in those powers delegated to it in the Constitution, and no others. It is also the basis for the States’ right to exercise dominance over the Federal government and nullify any Federal Law which violates the Constitution.

What federal laws do you think are the most unconstitutional?
DL: The federal laws that I think are the most unconstitutional are the Federal Reserve Act, the Social Security Act, the Buck Act, the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, the Military Commissions Act, The National Defense Authorization Act (especially Sections 1021 and 1022), The Affordable Healthcare Act, laws that created the CIA, NSA, and the 500 other unconstitutional federal departments and agencies that are draining the life out of our once free and prosperous society.

If you are elected, what would your legislative agenda be?
DL: If I were to be elected as a State Rep, I would first attempt to undo all the harmful legislation that serves no other purpose than to rob the people of their freedom and wealth. As an example, I would do everything possible to pass legislation that prohibits government actors from treating people as criminals without probable cause, such as penalizing them or subjecting them to searches or detention when there is no injured third party complaint. I would also attempt to pass legislation prohibiting government from claiming to be an injured party.

Are there any issues that you are concerned about that the mainstream politicians won’t talk about?
DL: Issues that I am deeply concerned about that receive little mainstream notoriety are chemical aerosol spraying of our atmosphere, dangerous radiation emitting surveillance devices known as smart meters, genetically modified organisms (GMO crops and food), forfeiture laws that take people’s property without due process.

You’re running as a Republican. What is your opinion on the present day Republican Party?
DL: The principles of the Republican Party basically state that the Party upholds such values as individual liberty and responsibility, equal opportunity, free markets, the right to keep the fruits of one’s labor and a small limited government that allows people to control their own lives. My opinion of the Republican Party is that it does not come close to acting on the principles it claims to embrace.

Would you stand against Republican Party leaders when they support things like Common Core and Obamacare?
DL: I would not be influenced by party pressure to do anything that would violate the constitution and the principles of freedom such as Common Core and Obamacare.

Do you think it is necessary for citizens to get involved in politics at the local and state levels?
DL: I believe the closer citizens work with one another and with local, county and state elected officials, the better chance they will have for a self-governing society.

What is the single most important political issue facing Michiganders moving forward?
DL: The most important political issue facing Michiganians is their unimaginable, yet somehow litttle-noticed loss of individual liberty which is being legislated away from them by a tyrannical Federal government. The State legislature must intervene on their behalf and say to the Federal government…”Not in our State, our people must remain forever free”.

As a policy, we do not endorse political candidates at the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center. However, this candidate’s impeccable track record and rhetoric made us come very close to making an exception to that rule. David Lonier possesses a knowledge of history and politics that few among us have. If we can have him representing us in Lansing, the enemies of freedom in both political parties will have a massive thorn in their side making it more difficult for them to perpetrate their misdeeds upon us!

For information on how to support David Lonier’s campaign for the State House, visit his website at

Rick Snyder is Michigan’s Thad Cochran

Thad Cochran’s despicable behavior last month demonstrated everything that’s wrong with the Republican Party, Washington D.C. and politics in general. To keep his cherished Senate seat, he threw all supporters of freedom in Mississippi under the bus, slandering them as racists and promising everyone under the sun that he would preserve the status quo to keep paying out huge entitlements to them indefinitely. Cochran reminded Americans just how low a Washington D.C. politician will stoop to remain in office.

As disgusting as Cochran’s behavior was, it shouldn’t have taken anyone by surprise. The national political system is beyond redemption at this point. This situation demonstrates exactly why it is so necessary for the Tenth Amendment Center to function. Just think of all the resources that were lost at the federal level that could been have better used at the local and state levels instead. National Congress is a hopeless, futile enterprise that cannot be saved and all of the time, money and energy that are dumped into there are usually squandered.

However, we cannot throw stones at Mississippi because our politics is equally as creepy and corrupt. As a matter of fact, things may be even worse for us in Michigan because our worst problems occur at the state level. Instead of fighting Obama and protecting Michiganders from his destruction of America, the politicians in Lansing work at every turn to help usher it in. We have our own Thad Cochran, and unfortunately he is in charge of the entire state. The similarities between Gov. Snyder and Cochran are chilling.

Cochran and Snyder are both politicians willing to do anything to keep their grips upon the levers of control. That is the only thing that these people care about. There is no behavior, no matter how heinous it may be, that they would not gleefully perpetrate to keep their boots around the necks of the American people. They may pay lip service to Christ, but their real God is the state and the evil, illicit power that it wields. No true Christian would ever behave in the manner that Snyder and Cochran have during their taxpayer-financed crime spree (a.k.a. public service).

Another similarity is that both Cochran and Snyder met with the infamous bigoted billionaire gun-grabbing control freak Michael ‘Stop and Frisk’ Bloomberg to beg him for cash. Both men repeatedly have disgraced their constituents in the name of political expediency. Both men represent everything that is wrong with the political system and the world in general. Both men would sell their own mother down the river for an extra vote or an extra buck. They both dread accountability for their wicked dealings, and they hate our founding documents with the ferocity of an Obama sycophant.

The sad fact of the matter is that Snyder is even worse than Cochran. If you disagree, ask yourself these important questions: Did Cochran hold hands with the Obama administration to usher in his education takeover? Was he personally responsible for implementing Obamacare in his state? Was he terrorizing the bank accounts of Mississippians by pushing massive tax hikes upon them? Did he waste taxpayer money on a huge bailout to keep America’s worst city afloat? No, but Rick Snyder is guilty of all of these offenses, and these ghastly actions must NEVER be swept under the rug.

If Michigan keeps Snyder in office, he will owe Bloomberg and other unscrupulous donors big favors. That means he will bolster totalitarian government. That means he will enact gun grabs. That means he will shove even more huge tax hikes down our throats. That means more craven, yellow-bellied Obama appeasement from the nerd. Snyder ushered in Obamacare, Common Core, a minimum wage hike and pushed for new taxes during his first term while worrying about re-election. When he doesn’t have to worry about the opinion of the voters, it will truly be open season upon our liberty and economic security.

Snyder has demonstrated his contempt for Michigan residents repeatedly. Now it is time to return the favor. Don’t vote for him. Don’t give him a dime. Tell everyone you can about his true record and how he has devastated our state. Don’t listen to his propaganda and pathetic excuses. We cannot set the precedent of allowing a big government loving, Obama appeasing, federal bribe money taking, power-obsessed, progressive charlatan taking advantage of us and getting away scot free. So what if Schauer gets elected? Worst case scenario, he’s Snyder 2.0. Don’t let Snyder tread upon you and your freedom. Only by taking out the trash can we begin the process of mending our broken Republic. That begins with showing Snyder the door.

Lets not mince words. America is completely bankrupt. The economy is permanently in the tank. The Constitution is hanging by a thread. And Snyder is lining up at the trough for federal cash to help usher in all of this insanity! Snyder deserves far worse than to just be voted out. He belongs in a jail cell for betraying the Constitution and stabbing Michigan residents in the back. But if we can’t even give him the boot after all that he has done, we have truly failed the Founding Fathers, and we are not worthy of the freedom they bestowed upon us. Don’t allow this wretched excuse for a man to get away unscathed. Show Snyder that his behavior will not be tolerated in November.

Liberty Shines at the Cracking the Code Symposium


I am happy to report that there is a plethora of enthusiastic folks eager to hear about the supremacy of state sovereignty and the necessity of decentralized government all throughout the state, and country! I was fortunate enough to meet some of them in Novi, MI last week at the first annual Cracking the Code Symposium which featured attendees from across the nation.

The event was fantastic. Many different perspectives were heard from a slew of experts in the freedom movement. It was refreshing to see all of the talent that the freedom movement has to offer and to see all of these fantastic ideas on display. Although the country is undeniably in poor shape, it won’t be hard to put us back on the right course with all of this wisdom spreading like wildfire!

At the Tenth Amendment Center, we encourage all forms of nullification. The folks at the CtC Symposium are working on nullifying the excesses of the IRS and the income tax (more info HERE). Although their methodology is different than ours, their work is excellent all the same. We need to hit the federal machine from every possible angle. Whether you’re Cracking the Code or applying nullification through the state legislature, you can put pressure upon the bloated, inefficient federal bureaucracy and work to make it go belly up before the worst case scenario can happen.

That anti-federal sentiment was the crux of the speech I gave at the event. I stressed the importance of working from the outside to force Washington D.C’s hand and lessen their power. The feds want you to think that they are all-powerful and that their power cannot be broken. They want you to feel weak, scared, frustrated and alone. They want you to submit. If we retreat, we play into their hand. However, if we become local leaders for freedom, we can have success.

Don’t believe me? Well, then I advise you to ask the people of Washington and Colorado. Right now, thousands of people in those states are sparking up marijuana that they bought legally, laughing in the face of federal thugs and hysterical prohibitionists while doing so. There is no reason why federal law cannot be successfully flouted on any other issue. This is the blueprint for taking back our country and restoring freedom. We must shift our focus away from the feds and back to our communities where worthwhile reforms are achievable and can be enacted outside of the jurisdiction of the feds.

I was happy to bring the message of empowerment to the CtC Symposium. I urged everyone to fight the federal tyranny developing in Washington D.C. tooth and nail to the bitter end. Defeat is not an option. The stakes are too high for us to give up. The feds are not all-powerful and untouchable yet, but they will be in the not too distant future unless they are stopped NOW. We are the last line of defense against full-blown 1984 tyranny enveloping America and the planet forever.

There has never been a better time to be in the fight for freedom. More people are disenfranchised with the regime than ever before by a mile. Leaders must emerge immediately to guide these righteously angry folks and give them the proper ideas to fight back effectively. The founding fathers were willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING for the prospect of liberty. Now, we must do what it takes to keep those liberties around. Nothing is more important.

- Shane Trejo

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Stop the NDAA in Michigan! –

ACTION ALERT: Important Bills in Lansing to Nullify the Drug War!

More and more, we are seeing the public awaken to the corruption and malevolence of the federal government. While we are certainly living in a frightening time, doors are opening for potential reforms. State legislators are now willing to take on their abuses unlike ever before. A whole slew of active bills have been introduced in Lansing that would curb the abuses of one of Washington D.C’s most glaring, obvious failures: the drug war.

A bipartisan group of state legislators have emerged to take on federal prohibition, the senseless policy that has resulted in billions of dollars being squandered, systematic property rights abuses, the destruction of state sovereignty, the corruption of our police forces, and the largest prison population in the history of mankind.


Because law enforcement officials don’t want to give up the immense gravy train that is prohibition, many of them have just ignored the mandate for legalized medical marijuana that was passed by the voters back in 2008. This has caused many innocent people who were abiding by the law to have their lives destroyed. Law enforcement exploited vagueness in the ballot initiative to give themselves an open-ended mandate to harass medical patients and squash their health freedom.

Thankfully, Lansing has taken action against this abusive process. Rep. Eileen Kowall (R-44) along with 30 bipartisan co-sponsors introduced House Bill 5104 (HB5104) in an attempt to set up clearer regulatory guidelines that prevent overzealous law enforcement officers from squandering resources to persecute medical marijuana users.

The bill states in part that “a qualifying patient who has been issued and possesses a registry identification card shall not be subject to arrest, prosecution, or penalty in any manner, or denied any right or privilege, including but not limited to civil penalty or disciplinary action by a business or occupational or professional licensing board or bureau, for the medical use of marihuana in accordance with this act.”

In addition, HB5104 safeguards medical practitioners from liability for prescribing marijuana to sick patients. Those who provide qualifying medical patients with paraphernalia would also be protected under the law.


Another abuse related to the war on drugs is called civil asset forfeiture or ‘Policing for Profit’ (more info available HERE). This has allowed the government to seize billions of dollars worth of property from suspects before they are even convicted of a crime. It has completely inverted the entire idea of our Justice system, and has driven an unneeded wedge between law enforcement and public they are supposed to serve.

The Michigan legislature has an active bill dealing with that as well. House Bill 5081 (HB5081) was introduced by a Michigan Tenth Amendment Center favorite, Rep. Tom McMillin (R-45) along with eight bipartisan co-sponsors. It would increase the reporting requirements of agencies that seized private property from Michigan residents. This information would include a description of all property that was forfeited, the value of the property in question, the date the property was disposed of, specific details about firearms if they were seized, and many other pertinant details. This bill would make it harder for law enforcement to conduct these asset forfeiture raids while keeping the details about them hidden from the public.


There are also two other important bills which we covered on the MITAC blog last year. They remain active during this legislative season. The first is House Bill 4623 (HB4623) which was introduced in April 2013 by Rep. Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor) and garnered six bipartisan co-sponsors. This bill would reduce possession of small amounts of marijuana to a civil infraction punishable by a small fine and would serve as an important rebuke of the war on drugs, one of the federal government’s most evident ongoing policy blunders.

HB4623 does not completely legalize marijuana for possession and cultivation, but it does prevent people found with up to an ounce on them from being prosecuted criminally. Instead of potentially facing jail time and heavy fines, first time offenders would be fined no more than $25 dollars with second time offenders fined a maximum of $50 and offenses from that point on would be fined no more than $100. According to Rep. Irwin, the state of Michigan is spending a minimum of $325 million per year on arresting, trying and jailing marijuana users. This bill would save hundreds of millions potentially that can be used to fund essential services such as roads and schools. Senate Bill 626 (SB626) was also introduced as a companion bill by Sen. Coleman Young (D-1) with much of the same language as HB4623.


The final bill to chip away at the drug war is House Bill 4271 (HB4271), the Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center Regulation Act. This bill would regulate medical marijuana provisioning centers or dispensaries as they are more commonly referred. HB4271 would allow for communities to decide whether or not they would have a dispensary. This would clarify any confusion relating to the current law.

Introduced by Rep. Mike Callton (R-Nashville) with 28 bipartisan co-sponsors, this bill ensures that the people’s voice will not be ignored by bitter members of law enforcement reluctant to give up their illicit power afforded to them by the unconstitutional war on drugs. Communities could decide for themselves whether or not they would make sure that ill residents would be able to receive their potentially life-saving medicine.


All of these important bills are currently dormant, awaiting committee hearings. Legislators in Lansing are happy to drag their feet and let them expire without taking any further action. Only by letting our voices be heard can we force them to move these bills forward to a full vote. Here are some simple steps that you can take to effectively fight the drug war in Michigan:

FOR HB4271:

1. Contact the Senate Government Operations Committee Chair, Randy Richardville. Strongly, but respectfully urge him to move this important bill forward to a vote in his committee.
(517) 373-3543

2. Call all the other members of the Committee.   Again, be strong but respectful. Ask them each for a YES vote on HB4271. If they say they’re opposed, ask them why. If they’re undecided or will not commit to a YES vote, let them know you will be following up in a few days after they have a chance to consider it. A phone call has 10x the impact of an email.

Dave Hildenbrand (R) Majority Vice Chair (517) 373-1801
Arlan B Meekhof (R) (517) 373-6920
Gretchen Whitmer (D) 517-373-1734
Tupac A Hunter (D) 517-373-0994

FOR HB4623:

1. Contact the House Judiciary Committee Chair, Kevin Cotter. Strongly, but respectfully urge him to move this important bill forward to a vote in his committee.
(517) 373-1789

2. Call all the other members of the House Judiciary Committee.   Again, be strong but respectful. Ask them each for a YES vote on HB4623. If they say they’re opposed, ask them why. If they’re undecided or will not commit to a YES vote, let them know you will be following up in a few days after they have a chance to consider it. A phone call has 10x the impact of an email.

Klint Kesto (R) Majority Vice-Chair – (517) 373-1799
Kurt Heise (R) – (517) 373-3816
Joel Johnson (R) – (517) 373-8962
Andrea LaFontaine (R) – (517) 373-8931
Tom Leonard (R) – (517) 373-1778
Martin Howrylak (R) – (517) 373-1783
Phil Cavanagh (D) Minority Vice-Chair – (517) 373-0857
Ellen Lipton (D) – (517) 373-0478
Jeff Irwin (D) – (517) 373-2577
Paul Clemente (D) – (517) 373-0140

FOR SB626:

1. Contact the Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Rick Jones. Strongly, but respectfully urge him to move this important bill forward to a vote in his committee.
(517) 373-3447

2. Call all the other members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.   Again, be strong but respectful. Ask them each for a YES vote on SB626. If they say they’re opposed, ask them why. If they’re undecided or will not commit to a YES vote, let them know you will be following up in a few days after they have a chance to consider it. A phone call has 10x the impact of an email.

Tonya Schuitmaker (R) Majority Vice Chair (517) 373-0793
Tory Rocca (R) (517) 373-7315
Steven M Bieda (D) 517-373-8360

FOR HB5081:

1. Contact the House Oversight Committee Chair, Tom McMillin . Strongly, but respectfully urge him to move this important bill forward to a vote in his committee.
(517) 373-1773

2. Call all the other members of the House Oversight Committee.   Again, be strong but respectful. Ask them each for a YES vote on HB5081. If they say they’re opposed, ask them why. If they’re undecided or will not commit to a YES vote, let them know you will be following up in a few days after they have a chance to consider it. A phone call has 10x the impact of an email.

Tim Kelly (R) Majority Vice-Chair (517) 373-0837
Margaret O’Brien (R) (517) 373-1774
Tom Leonard (R) (517) 373-1778
Martin Howrylak (R) (517) 373-1783
Jim Townsend (D) Minority Vice-Chair (517) 373-3818
Rose Mary Robinson (D) (517) 373-1008
Phil Phelps (D) (517) 373-7515

FOR HB5104:

1. Contact the Senate Government Operations Committee Chair, Randy Richardville. Strongly, but respectfully urge him to move this important bill forward to a vote in his committee.
(517) 373-3543

2. Call all the other members of the Senate Government Operations Committee.   Again, be strong but respectful. Ask them each for a YES vote on HB5104. If they say they’re opposed, ask them why. If they’re undecided or will not commit to a YES vote, let them know you will be following up in a few days after they have a chance to consider it. A phone call has 10x the impact of an email.

Dave Hildenbrand (R) (517) 373-1801
Arlan B Meekhof (R) (517) 373-6920
Gretchen Whitmer (D) 517-373-1734
Tupac A Hunter (D) 517-373-0994


Call Back – any NO or UNDECIDED – in 3-4 days. Ask if they’ve had a chance to review the legislation and what their opposition might be. Comment below or contact us at with any information you get.

SHARE this information widely. By facebook, twitter, email, and more.

Write a letter to the editor. Look up your local newspaper and submit a letter to the editor voicing your support for these important bills.

Report Back. Tell us how your actions went. Click the button below

Now that many of our legislators have stepped up to the plate and shown their willingness to push back against the unconstitutional war on drugs, we have to rally around their efforts and give them our full support. These bills won’t be successful unless we take the steps to push them to victory! Make the calls, spread the word, and we can help bring federal prohibition to its long overdue end.

- Shane Trejo

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Michigan House Reps Vote Against the Repeal of Federal Kidnapping!

The national congress just can’t stop proving the Tenth Amendment Center correct. We have been sounding the horns about the futility of working with Washington D.C. for many years now, and our ‘public servants’ have given yet another sterling example of why their power deserves to be limited as much as possible. This time: they voted yet again to re-affirm federal kidnapping powers.

An amendment to the 2015 NDAA that would have stopped the indefinite detention of American citizens without a trial was recently rejected in the Congress by a 191-230 vote. Here is the roll call from Michigan:

NO R Benishek, Dan MI 1st
NO R Huizenga, Bill MI 2nd
AYE R Amash, Justin MI 3rd
NO R Camp, Dave MI 4th
AYE D Kildee, Daniel MI 5th
NO R Upton, Fred MI 6th
NO R Walberg, Tim MI 7th
NO R Rogers, Mike MI 8th
NO D Levin, Sander MI 9th
NO R Miller, Candice MI 10th
NO R Bentivolio, Kerry MI 11th
AYE D Dingell, John MI 12th
AYE D Conyers, John MI 13th
AYE D Peters, Gary MI 14th

Congratulations to the representatives who made the right decision. However, the majority of them chose to break their oath to the Constitution and prove themselves to be little more than enemies of the Republic. There is one especially disgusting ‘NO’ vote and that comes from Republican Rep. Kerry Bentivolio in the 11th District.

Before he was elected to Congress, Kerry participated in a heroic effort to rebuke the NDAA at the county level. He showed up before the Oakland County board of commissioners and gave an impassioned plea against indefinite detention, ultimately helping to get the resolution passed. It was refreshing to hear this from a congressional candidate, and gave the liberty movement some hope. That hope was dashed to bits as soon as Kerry went to Washington D.C. He was quickly usurped by the cesspool.

Although his voting record was spotty, he had not emerged as especially hypocritical or disgraceful (at least in comparison to the other stooges on the hill) until this vote. This vote proves without a shadow of a doubt that he is a coward and a hypocrite of the lowest caliber. It is plausible that a lot of the dopes voting ‘NO’ to stop indefinite detention did it out of complete ignorance. However, Kerry doesn’t have that excuse. He knew exactly what the NDAA was all about, and he voted to reaffirm it anyway.

Kerry’s betrayal demonstrates why state and local level activism is the answer. I know plenty of folks who worked diligently to help get him elected, only to be stabbed in the back. They have learned a hard lesson in the futility of supporting national political candidates. The time they wasted on this charlatan could have been better spent building coalitions locally and at the state level to achieve reform. That is how we deal with the problem of Washington D.C. corruption, not by supporting hapless bozos like Kerry.

Washington and Colorado have shown this to work. Individuals smoke legal marijuana there, thumbing their nose and laughing at the supposedly supreme federal government while doing so. If the people of Washington and Colorado had instead spent their time begging the federal government to get its own act in order, there would have been no reforms. If they would have spent their time getting losers elected in Washington D.C. to fix things, there would have been no reforms. However, because they took matters into their own hands, they have had success.

This success can be duplicated anywhere and on any issue. Federal enforcement power is limited, and the feds often rely on the state and local governments to do their bidding. Without the state and local governments backing them up, the federal government is exposed as little more than a paper tiger. This is the dirty little secret that Washington D.C. doesn’t want you to know. The power is in your hands, and you can shake off federal influence like a bad case of fleas just by having the right approach.

At the Tenth Amendment Center, we have the correct approach. In addition, we give you the tools that you need to become a leader for freedom on your own. Thanks to the internet, it is now possible for one individual to take on the machine and be victorious. You can look at our Tracking and Action Center for plenty of proof of that. Federal supremacy isn’t just being subverted on the marijuana issue, it is also being subverted on guns, education, drones, NSA, hemp and much more. We are truly on the cusp of a revolutionary movement to end federal injustice once and for all. It only happens though if you can shake off the apathy, get the right ideas and become involved.

It begins with forming a local resistance team. That is why we have created the Take Back Michigan website. From there, the sky is the limit. Galvanizing your community in favor of civil liberties may seem like hard work, but it is easier than you think. The public is sick of government corruption, and ready for new ideas. You can be the harbinger of those new ideas, and give people a worthwhile cause to work toward rather than being used by some crummy politician.

Don’t be a sucker. Be a hero instead. Join Take Back the Town and fight the NDAA – because losers like Kerry Bentivolio sure as hell aren’t going to put their necks out on the line to help you.

- Shane Trejo

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Rick Snyder, Economic Dunce

Rick Snyder has shown once again why he is the wrong person to lead the state of Michigan. He has once again caved on another Obama-led initiative. Snyder has led the charge to raise the minimum wage, and recently signed a law doing so. Snyder claims that this will ‘protect Michigan’s growing economy.”

Snyder is living in lala-land if he actually believes the tripe he is peddling. If the implementation of Obamacare (which Snyder was also responsible for) wasn’t going to hurt Michigan small businesses enough, now they have to deal with a minimum wage hike for their troubles. It will drive up prices for Michigan consumers as well, and that isn’t even the worst of it. This regressive policy will make it even more difficult for the most needy and disadvantaged among us to find employment.

Black youth unemployment is close to 40 percent, more than doubling the unemployment rate of white youths. This is a national tragedy, and one that has been ushered in because of the minimum wage laws that have been in place for many years. What is Snyder’s solution to this? Double-down on the failure. All the while, he sends nearly $200 million to bankrupt Detroit just so they can keep their art collection then declares it a ‘Grand Bargain.’ The economic insanity never ends with this governor.

It is Snyder’s woeful leadership that has made Michigan the 45th best state for doing business. That will only be plummeting after the results of the minimum wage increase and Medicaid expansion are felt by Michigan residents. No matter what spin is put out by the Snyder regime, it is obvious to see what direction this economy is going. Snyder and his crooked buddies in the legislature have furthered Michigan down the road to socialism and the catastrophic consequences it entails.

If Rick Snyder really cared about alleviating poverty and making life easier for Michigan families, would he be fundraising with the infamous, gun-grabbing plutocrat Michael Bloomberg? Of course not. Once again, he repeats Obama’s talking points verbatim on the minimum wage just as he did with Common Core, Medicaid expansion and tax hikes. It is what he loves to do. He routinely walks hand-in-hand with the regime when he should be fighting them tooth-and-nail.

The Michigan Tenth Amendment Center demands politicians that will fight illicit federal power, rather than serving it. That is why we reach out to the general public, and convince them to become the leaders themselves. Rather than waiting for a bureaucrat to do the right thing, we make it easy for citizen activists to roll up their sleeves and promote freedom on their own. Obviously, the corrupted Republican and Democratic parties will never do it. That means the onus is upon us to restore the Republic.

Snyder will never stop demagoguing. He did not get into politics for anything else other than self-aggrandizement. He won’t protect your liberty, he won’t protect your country from its domestic enemies in Washington D.C. and he certainly won’t protect your pocketbook. This means that you have to take the initiative to do what the nerd doesn’t have the spine to do: Take our country back! All the tools you need are available to you free of charge HERE.

- Shane Trejo

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The Resistance Has Spread to Michigan’s 9th District!

Patriots, we have some good news to report in the fight against tyranny. One of Michigan’s greatest Tenthers and Leader of the Michigan chapter of People Against the N.D.A.A, Dennis Marburger was able to introduce an anti-NDAA resolution at the Michigan 9th Congressional District Republican Committee last week, and successfully get it passed. This measure actually gives us something from our government that is worthy of reverence, a rare occurrence these days indeed!

Will one resolution stop the problem of federal kidnapping? No, but it is a great step in the right direction. In addition to raising awareness, it works toward changing our government from a menacing behemoth to an entity that protects our rights. The resolution signifies the beginning of a political movement that influences the system from the bottom up, rather than from the top down. It is work that activists like Dennis Marburger are doing that will truly give the power back to the people from the government/corporate power structure currently strangling the world like an octopus.

That is not all. We have already started our drive to wake up the public. We’ve been door-knocking, petitioning, writing letters to the editor, building coalitions across the political aisle, and recruiting activists to take our resolution into their towns and cities. The revolution is bubbling in Michigan, and our work can bring it to a full boil. Without men and women of good character and conscience rolling up their sleeves and becoming liberty leaders themselves, the Republic will fall irreversibly into chaos and despair. If you think it’s bad now, just wait and see what happens if you do nothing.

We are on the cutting edge of a state-wide initiative to flood every level of government with these types of resolutions. Instead of ‘business as usual,’ we want our public servants to actually address the horrible unconstitutional injustices being perpetrated upon the masses by the federal government. We need to push the truth into the mainstream and demonstrate to our elected officials that it is unacceptable for them to sit idly by while our country heads down the same disastrous course of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia and other totalitarian regimes.

With an educated population, there is simply no excuse for us to fall into despotism like so many countries have in the past. There are enough people out there with a rudimentary understanding of history for us to turn this around, but only if we are out there informing them. They are being kept in the dark purposefully. We have the tools at our disposal to shine the truth into their lives, and give them the resources they need to promote peace, freedom and a stable America. It all begins with resolution efforts like the one successfully passed in the 9th District thanks to Dennis Marburger. Without further adieu, here is the press release released about our success there:

People Against the NDAA (PANDA) Michigan Team Fights Federal Kidnapping

Americans today are threatened with the prospect of military arrest, indefinite detention, torture, assassination and continual warrantless spying by the Federal Government, as a result of the passage of the 2012 NDAA, as well as similar legislation (and unlegislated power grabs by government agencies).

In response to this dangerous situation, the PANDA Michigan Team is expanding the Take Back Campaign to residents, media, and political groups across the state. On Thursday, May 8, 2014 the Michigan Ninth Congressional District Republican Committee approved a resolution based on the one passed in Nevada (thanks to the hard work of PANDA Nevada, led by Daphne Lee), calling for repeal of the indefinite detention provisions of the 2012 NDAA as well as additional state action to declare such provisions and any activities to enforce them to be unequivocally unconstitutional.

Dennis Marburger, Michigan Tenth Amendment Center activist and PANDA Michigan Team Leader said ”It is important that the people take precautions to protect persons in Michigan from these Federal attempts to declare Michigan a battlefield in order to impose the law of war and Federal kidnapping on us. This must be done without any loopholes that may be utilized by Federal officials violating their oaths of office. Local and state political officials are beginning to do just that, as we saw in Michigan’s Ninth Congressional District last week.”

The method to protect Michiganians from the imposition of the “law of war “ in lieu of the Michigan and US Constitutions is PANDA’s multi-faceted Take Back Campaign. This campaign includes these steps:

1. Legislation at the city, county and state levels. The legislative component of this effort is The Restoring Constitutional Governance Act.
2. Sheriffs’ resolutions for local law enforcement protection of the people in the case of attempts to apply the “law of war” domestically.
3. Neighborhood watchdog committees to provide vigilance and sound the alarm when needed.

The local, grassroots emphasis of the Take Back campaign has been successful in communities across America such as Albany NY, Oxford MA and Gem County Idaho. With the increasing tendency of politicians to label political dissenters as “terrorists” and the Supreme Court’s recent refusal to hear the Hedges, et. al. lawsuit challenging the 2012 NDAA, the matter has even greater urgency. Folks in Michigan can help fight back in our beautiful state by joining the Take Back Campaign here:

In addition, you can go to the official Michigan Take Back webpage at as well for more tips about how to get involved and protect your community before it’s too late. Please act now because time is running out.


Shane Trejo

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