‘Contract for Liberty’ Can Be Effectuated with Anti-Commandeering Legislation


It has been a busy couple of months. I have been running myself ragged going all throughout the great state of Michigan promoting the good word of nullification to all that will listen. In addition, I have been reaching out to legislators across the country trying to get them to introduce nullification-style legislation to protect their residents from unlawful and unjust federal policy.

I am happy to report that we are having a great deal of success in many states throughout the country. Only a few weeks into the new legislative year, we are already tracking nearly 150 bills that tackle a wide variety of key issues. However, none of these bills have come out of Michigan. Due in large part to Rick Snyder’s progressive power-lust, the Michigan legislature lags far behind the legislatures of other states in terms of resisting federal power. All hope is not lost though, as it seems there are some incoming state legislators who may have some fight in them.

Newly-elected State Reps. Todd Courser (R-82) and Cindy Gamrat (R-80) recently unveiled their Contract for Liberty Project. It is a very ambitious and interesting proposal that outlines their vision for restoring liberty. In it, they talk about how they want to fight back against excessive regulations and taxation, privacy violations, property rights infringements, gun control, health care mandates, and so on. At the very least, this plan shows that at least two State House Reps have their finger on the pulse of the grassroots and understand the issues that really matter to hard-working Americans.

However, no specific legislation has been produced on any of these fronts as of right now, to my knowledge. It remains to be seen if the legislation will live up to the promise of the Contract for Liberty. But we can be helpful in giving Reps. Courser and Gamrat the support that they need to be effective in defending our rights. They can’t do it by themselves. How we can help them right now is by giving them a ring, and suggesting legislation to them that can help their vision come to fruition.

Our 4 step plan to defeat Obamacare would help fulfill the “Health Care Freedom” portion of the contract. Our 2nd Amendment Preservation Act would protect our necessary ‘Freedom to Defend Ourselves’ listed in the contract. Our model privacy rights legislation would restore the Right to Privacy from Government Intrusions. A proposal similar to Arizona Prop. 122, which enshrined the anti-commandeering doctrine into their state constitution, would ensure a Free and Independent State. Our Hemp Freedom Act would unleash a cash crop onto the state of Michigan that could bring in thousands of jobs thereby nullifying senseless federal regulations restricting industrial development and giving us Freedom from Economic Intrusion.

It’s obvious that Rep. Courser and Gamrat’s hearts are in the right place. They just need our wisdom and support to make sure that they can do what’s right in the Michigan legislature. Give them a ring, and suggest the afformentioned legislative proposals to them. Make sure that they have the tools necessary to successfully fight back against Fedzilla, and let them know that you’ll have their back when they introduce these important pieces of legislation:

Gamrat: 517-373-0836
Courser: 517-373-1800

Let’s hope we see some substantive bills coming out of the state legislature from these two in the upcoming weeks. If/when they are introduced, the corresponding action steps will be posted on this blog as quickly as possible. Feel free to e-mail me or call me anytime if you have any questions or comments on reaching out to legislators.

Shane Trejo
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IMPORTANT Action Steps to Nullify in 2015!

There were many bills in the state of Michigan that were around for 2014 impacting key issues crucial for keeping the peace. Unfortunately, most of them did not pass. But it is important that we phone our state legislators and make sure that they are re-introduced during the 2015 year. Usually it takes many years for these measures to be passed. We must be tenacious so we can have success.

Here are the bills you should lobby your state legislators to re-introduce in 2015:

HB5970 – Cameras on Cops

House Bill (HB5970) would “provide for the use by law enforcement officers of cameras worn on the body” and “require the retention and provide for the production by law enforcement agencies of recordings made using the cameras.” Other provisions in the bill require the destruction of video recordings within two weeks if it is not being used in an investigation and preventing footage from being placed into invasive facial recognition databases.

HB4914: Swat Team Transparency

House Bill 4914 (HB4914) was written to require law enforcement to report on their use of SWAT teams. Right now, the information is made as difficult as possible to access. There is little accountability. We do not know how much property is being captured with the use of civil asset forfeiture. We do not know the specific number of no knock raids are being done. We know very little, and that is by design. HB4914 would force all of this information into the public eye, and would go a long way toward proving the point that there is a massive amount of injustice occurring from the police to the public.

HB5104 – Protecting Medical Marijuana Patients

Rep. Eileen Kowall (R-44) along with 30 bipartisan co-sponsors introduced House Bill 5104 (HB5104) in an attempt to set up clearer regulatory guidelines that prevent overzealous law enforcement officers from squandering resources to persecute medical marijuana users.

HB5104 states in part that “a qualifying patient who has been issued and possesses a registry identification card shall not be subject to arrest, prosecution, or penalty in any manner, or denied any right or privilege, including but not limited to civil penalty or disciplinary action by a business or occupational or professional licensing board or bureau, for the medical use of marihuana in accordance with this act.”

In addition, the bill safeguards medical practitioners from liability for prescribing marijuana to sick patients. Those who provide qualifying medical patients with paraphernalia would also be protected under the law.

HB5081 – Civil Asset Forfeiture Reporting Requirements

House Bill 5081 (HB5081) was introduced by Rep. Tom McMillin (R-45) along with eight bipartisan co-sponsors. It would increase the reporting requirements of agencies that seized private property from Michigan residents. This information would include a description of all property that was forfeited, the value of the property in question, the date the property was disposed of, specific details about firearms if they were seized, and many other pertinant details. This bill would make it harder for law enforcement to conduct these asset forfeiture raids while keeping the details about them hidden from the public.

Civil asset forfeiture has allowed the government to seize billions of dollars worth of property from suspects before they are even convicted of a crime. It has completely inverted the entire idea of our Justice system, and has driven an unneeded wedge between law enforcement and public they are supposed to serve.

HB4623 & SB626 – Marijuana Decriminalization

House Bill 4623 (HB4623) was introduced by Rep. Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor) and has since garnered six bipartisan co-sponsors. This bill would reduce possession of small amounts of marijuana to a civil infraction punishable by a small fine and would serve as an important rebuke of the war on marijuana, one of the federal government’s most evident ongoing policy blunders.

HB4623 does not completely legalize marijuana for possession and cultivation, but it does prevent people found with up to an ounce on them from being prosecuted criminally. Instead of potentially facing jail time and heavy fines, first time offenders would be fined no more than $25 dollars with second time offenders fined a maximum of $50 and offenses from that point on would be fined no more than $100. According to Rep. Irwin, the state of Michigan is spending a minimum of $325 million per year on arresting, trying and jailing marijuana users. This bill would save hundreds of millions potentially that can be used to fund essential services such as roads and schools.

Senate Bill 626 (SB626) was also introduced as a companion bill by Sen. Coleman Young (D-1) with much of the same language as HB4623.

HB4271 – Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center Regulation Act

House Bill 4271 (HB4271) would regulate medical marijuana provisioning centers or dispensaries as they are more commonly referred. The bill would allow for communities to decide whether or not they would have a dispensary. This would clarify any confusion relating to the current law.

Introduced by Rep. Mike Callton (R-Nashville) with 28 bipartisan co-sponsors, this bill ensures that the people’s voice will not be ignored by bitter members of law enforcement reluctant to give up their illicit power afforded to them by the unconstitutional war on drugs. Communities could decide for themselves whether or not they would make sure that ill residents would be able to receive their potentially life-saving medicine.

HB4455 – Drone Restrictions

Rep. McMillin has stepped to the plate again and has another bill that sets rules on state law enforcement for the use of drones. House Bill 4455 (HB4455) was introduced to prevent drones from being weaponized with lethal or non-lethal ammunition. The bill also requires that a search warrant be implored before drones are used on private citizens and their property. Under the bill, all unauthorized information gathered accidentally by drones must be destroyed within 24 hours and is inadmissible in court.


Contact your state legislators: Politely urge them to re-introduce versions of these bills in 2015. Tell them that it is of the utmost importance that they take bold, decisive action on these key issues. Make sure to inform them that you are active in your community, and you will get the word out if they do not take this bold, decisive action. Make sure to let them know that your support of them hinges upon whether they have the courage to take action. You can find their contact information HERE.


Call Back – any NO or UNDECIDED – in 3-4 days. Ask if they’ve had a chance to review the legislation and what their opposition might be. Comment below or contact us at with any information you get.

SHARE this information widely. By facebook, twitter, email, and more.

Write a letter to the editor. Look up your local newspaper and submit a letter to the editor voicing your support for these important bills.

If you make the calls and spread the word, we can help bring these insane federal-driven policies to an end once and for all. But it begins upon you taking action. Lets make 2015 a year in which we turn the tide against statism and bring liberty back to the Wolverine State where it belongs!

Exposing the Evil, Corrupt Judicial System: An Interview with Whistleblower Brian Wright

NOTE: The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center.

As tyranny descends upon America, more and more ordinary Americans are being put through the meat grinder by our illegitimate terrorist federal government. Doreen Hendrickson is one of the people whose rights are getting trampled on as our society falls into chaos and destruction. Her story is told in the book The Motor City Witchcraft Trials by libertarian activist and proud truth-teller Brian Wright. I was fortunate enough to be able to interview him recently.

What is your book about?

Brian Wright: Witchcraft is about the federal trial and conviction of Doreen Hendrickson for criminal contempt refusing to perjure herself on a 1040 by declaring earnings that she does not believe to be income–and are not technically income by law–are income. She was ordered by a judge to fill out the 1040 by inserting the amount of those earnings on the line for income, and she refused. My book is a diary or journal of the trial in late July 2014, in Detroit. Doreen is the wife of Pete Hendrickson, who is the author of Cracking the Code: The fascinating truth about taxation in America.

Briefly, what is Cracking the Code all about?

BW: Cracking the Code makes the case that the federal income tax is and always has been an indirect excise tax, never a direct tax–which would violate Article 1, Section 9 prohibiting direct taxes except for apportionment among the states. The direct tax was always thought of since Adam Smith’s time as an abhorrent revenue source, only to be used in emergency like times of war. Furthermore, if you read the code and regulations, the terms income, employment, employer, taxpayer and so on refer solely to the exercise of a federal privilege, to which an excise may properly apply.

Thus, as written the income tax applies solely to federal workers, officials, recipients of federal property and funds, and so on. And that’s the way the tax was applied until WWII when people not federally privileged voluntarily submitted to being considered subject to the tax. By habit, the practice continued, and nobody in the burgeoning wealth extraction business bothered to enlighten anyone about the truth. Using CtC, tens of thousands of persons have had returned roughly $2 billion since 2003 by filing educated returns. Using the 1040 as a correction form to any information reports to list zero income when their earnings are not federally derived.

So essentially, it’s a way to nullify the IRS in a sense?

BW: Yes, though I see filing CtC more as a form of boycott. Simply refusing to voluntarily send payments to the government for which one is not legally liable. There is no statute preventing you from declaring your nonprivileged earnings as income and voluntarily sending in payment as if you were a taxpayer.

What was so heinous about Doreen Hendrickson’s court case?

BW: Complete and arbitrary suspension of any legal or constitutional activity. The court behaved as a literal goon squad, in fact explicitly defying the most rudimentary principles of justice. The court demanded that Doreen commit a felony crime, which is clearly unlawful, then instructed the jury that reference to the unlawfulness of the command was not to be considered. Basically, the court said Doreen is guilty because we say she is guilty.

Isn’t that against the 5th Amendment?

BW: Yes, and the 1st. You have no freedom of speech if you are commanded to assert something you don’t believe under threat of punishment.

This sounds like the show trial of a Communist dictatorship. Has the land of the free really descended to that level?

BW: Yes, we’ve descended that low. Blind obedience to authority reigns from the first day in the government schools to registration for the draft to any number of other rules that people follow without question. Corporate War TV also turns many people into zombies and automatons. The mainstream media is totally bought off at all levels; controlling the media was the first step in creating tyranny in my opinion.

How come juries and judges are so complicit in railroading honest people?

BW: The prosecution usually can filter out the 5 percent who still think for themselves and will stand up to judicial tyranny via jury nullification. Judges don’t get too far by remembering what the law is and who it’s for. The current lot of judges at all levels has deteriorated 99% into yes men to whatever mobster, especially federal with DHS and the national security state apparatus, tells them to dance.

What do you think the impact this will mean on freedom and the Constitutional rule of law if Doreen Hendrickson is punished for this non-crime?

BW: There aren’t any sentencing guidelines for her case, a criminal contempt conviction at a federal tax case. There have been two re-schedulings of her sentence, which to me suggests that the judge Victoria Roberts and her insiders at Justice are worried about the PR one way or the other. I don’t think they know what to do. The fact is that the most fundamental principle of human justice has been violated by her court under her instructions: that a citizen may be subjected to prison for refusing to commit a felony crime under orders of a judge. Even today, I believe the federalistas are concerned that they went too far and some judge on appeal will notice that and perhaps even subject them to trial for heinous crimes against conscience and the Constitution.

What are your alternatives for fighting back against this?

BW: Fully Empowered Grand Juries are key. It has to be done through the existing internal structure with judge cooperation or it won’t happen. We have to hope for a few good judges. Former California Judge Jim Gray 2012 Vice Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party is a hopeful sign. I believe that fully empowered grand juries are possible, even likely, as a consequence of impending overwhelming consensus that certain important events did not occur the way the media told us they did. A New York state grand jury with a special prosecutor is what is pursuing explicitly now.

You can buy The Motor City Witchcraft Trials HERE. To learn more about Cracking the Code and why it has the feds so frightened, go to

The Fight is Not Over: How to Stop Obamacare in Michigan


It can be angering watching the Republicans in the state legislature, as well as the national legislature, sell out our liberty and betray all of their campaign promises. But that doesn’t mean we should quit fighting. After all, it is always darkest before the dawn. Although both political parties as a whole are corrupt and evil beyond belief, there are more independent-minded folks gaining sway in legislatures across the country.

Not everyone is bought off and serving the evil federal agenda. I know from personal experience. I have spent the last several weeks e-mailing and calling state legislatures across the country. I have been pleasantly surprised to see Republicans and Democrats out there who are fed up of the abuses that plague our nation. There is an awakening that is going on, and it threatens the federal power structure like nothing that has came before it.

Independent Democrats on the issues of civil liberties and privacy rights are leading the way while independent Republicans lead on the issues of gun rights and health care. On other issues, such as industrial hemp legalization or nullifying aspects of the war on drugs, both sides are coming together in a bipartisan manner to make necessary reforms. These are rare instances where bipartisanship is actually helping the American people.

We are also seeing trends being set that can really be helpful for liberty and freedom. Arizona’s Prop. 122 put the anti-commandeering doctrine into their state constitution, and re-affirmed the state’s right to deny support and compliance with any unconstitutional or unpopular federal act for whatever reason. Several other states have similar proposals in the works for 2015. It is unknown exactly how these types of measures will be enacted, but the fact that these type of initiatives are being thrown out there and being supported by the public is bad news for the feds, and good news for the nullifiers!

In Michigan, we have lagged behind other states for resisting federal power. This is largely due to Rick Snyder and his influence on the state-level Republican Party. He has stood hand in hand with Obama to help usher in his health care and education policies. He has taken the federal blood money, rather than stand up for the Constitution and freedom. He has shown his true colors, and used his bully pulpit to pressure many Republicans into doing the wrong thing. This is unacceptable.

One thing we can do to subvert Snyder’s agenda and keep his shenanigans at bay during his second term is to re-double our efforts to nullify Obamacare. Although Medicaid has already been expanded and the damage has been done on that front, there are still pieces of legislation that can cripple the implementation of Obamacare in Michigan. We must contact our state legislators and get them to introduce these measures in 2015 immediately.

Nullifying Obamacare in Michigan

There are two linchpins needed to implement Obamacare in your state: Medicaid Expansion and State-Run Health Care Exchanges. As I stated before, Gov. Snyder did expand Medicaid, making the Wolverine State a junior partner in the implementation of Obamacare. This is bad news, but hope is not lost. There is still no state-run health care exchange in Michigan, but the legislature is rumored to be considering it in the upcoming year. The following legislation can stop that from being established. Make sure to urge your state legislators to introduce this:

Legislation to stop State-Run Health Care Changes:

There are two other measures that can be implemented at the state level to fight Obamacare alongside this. Make sure to urge your state legislators to introduce these important measures as well:

This legislation would suspend the licenses of insurers who accept illegal Obamacare subsidies in the state of Michigan:

This legislation would prohibit state insurance commissioners from investigating or enforcing violations of federally mandated health insurance requirements:

For more in-depth information on our plan to defeat Obamacare and further action steps, please visit

To find your state legislator’s contact information, you can go to the following link:

Afterwards, you could attempt to schedule a meeting with your legislators, or their staff members, if necessary. Send us an e-mail with the notes of exactly what happened, and we can then take further action to stop Obamacare.

This is how it is done, folks. Do not accept the spin that Obamacare is the ‘law of the land’ and we just have to deal with it. That is their trick. They want you to stop fighting because that is the only way that they win. We can arm ourselves with knowledge, and be the leaders ourselves to combat this federal health care takeover. Start by contacting your legislators and politely urging them to introduce these three pieces of legislation. Alert others to do the same. Our freedom is at stake. Do the work necessary to keep our country from falling to tyranny.

Shane Trejo

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Gas Tax Mayhem and the Failure of our Leadership in Lansing

By: Regina Brim

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a guest column written by a local patriotic activist about Gov. Snyder’s attempted gas tax hike, and the views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center.

The proposed gas tax increase will give Michigan the highest gas tax in the country.

Instead of oppressing Michigan poor and seniors by more than doubling the gas tax, our representatives in Lansing should find the one billion dollars needed to fix our roads, within their already existing budget. They need to quit spending money on things that don’t address fixing our highways and dedicate our current gas taxes for road repairs.

Currently, out of the 6% sales tax charged at the gas pump, not a penny goes to fix the roads. Instead, most of it goes to schools, with some money going to subsidize city buses and general government spending.

Here are a few alternative suggestions for starters:

Due to the Prevailing Wage Law, the state uses our tax dollars to pay for artificially inflated wages for road projects. Repealing this law could easily save taxpayers over $200 Million a year in “premium” wages.

There should be competitive contracting for road work and maintenance, and the state should look at alternative, longer lasting methods and materials used for building and repairing roads. This summer, recent road repaving in a Southfield subdivision, had significant cracking in the surface of the concrete within one week of completion.

Michigan lawmakers should eliminate the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. $300 million dollars in corporate welfare could be saved in 2015, and funneled into repairing our roads.

Include canceling the Michigan Business Development Program, (taxpayer subsidized crony capitalism.) Paying 52 of its employees a salary of $100,000 a year, this program has provided subsidies and tax breaks to several questionable enterprises, many of which have either gone bankrupt or failed to provide jobs they promised. This boondoggle has cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars that should have gone into fixing our roads.

Instead of building roundabouts, bike paths, boulevards, pedestrian trails, “road diets” and other Agenda 21 pet projects to create “placemaking,” amend the state constitution so that fuel taxes can’t be used for anything other than road repairs.

Privatize some state prisons, saving over $150 million each year.

Michigan government employee pay scale and benefits should be in line with earnings of those that work in the private sector. According to Mackinac Center, states of Michigan employees receive over five billion dollars more in benefits than those paid in the private sector.

The money is already there. But the obfuscation of where our gas tax dollars goes is mind boggling. Let’s remember that our state legislators wasted $480,000 in tax money to hire Jonathan Gruber for advice on how to sell a state run health care exchange to “stupid voters.” There is no end of ways that our Michigan government can raise and waste our tax money.

Contact your Michigan legislators and tell them NOT to raise our taxes, but instead, prioritize spending. Doing otherwise is a dereliction of duty to their constituents. Don’t stand for anything less. That is, of course, unless you LOVE the lash.

You can find the contact information for your state house representatives and state senators HERE.

Constitutional Expert KrisAnne Hall is Coming to Town!

A great hero for liberty is coming to town! KrisAnne Hall, Liberty’s Lobbyist, will be heading to Oakland County, MI for a series of events. Catch them all if you can because she will be giving different presentations on each night. Her wealth of Constitutional knowledge will be on full display for patriots throughout the Metro Detroit area.

For her first appearance, she will be appearing at the Troy Area Tea Party on Tuesday, December 2. During her speech at this event, Hall will go back in time and trace the origins of our government. She will talk about the documents that paved the way for the Constitution, and the philosophical origins of our national charter. The meeting takes place at 7:00 PM at the American Polish Cultural Center, 2975 E. Maple Rd., Troy, Michigan 48083. There are no tickets. Simply show up and enjoy the speech!

During her second appearance, Hall will be appearing at the Oakland County Campaign for Liberty on Wednesday, December 3. She will be speaking about the 4th Amendment and how it is under assault by our federal government. She will inform her audience about how resistance against the NSA’s illegal spying operation should take place. I have a sneaking suspicion that NULLIFICATION will be covered! Seating is limited, so you will want to pick up tickets at the following link: The event will start at 7:00PM at Shield’s Pizza, 1476 W. Maple Road, Troy, Michigan 48084.

For Hall’s third and final night in Oakland County, she will be speaking at the Birmingham/Bloomfield Republican Club on Thursday, December 4. She will be speaking about the importance of State Sovereignty, and how we must reclaim it to restore the Republic of the Founding Fathers. Seating is limited, so you will want to pick up tickets at the following link: The event will start at 7:00 PM at the Bloomfield Township Hall, 4200 Telegraph Rd., Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302.

As someone who has seen Kris Anne Hall live and listens to her podcast regularly, I strongly recommend that you attend all of these fantastic events. If not, make sure you attend one. If you live in a different area of the state, you should consider making the trip out. You will not be disappointed. Hall is one of the foremost Constitutional educators that America has to offer. She will tell it to you straight, and she won’t obfuscate the plain truth. She wants people to be armed with their rights and use them to reclaim their freedom!

Hall is also one of the leaders of the nullification movement. She is no federal supremacist or nullification denier, that’s for sure. Her work is right in line with what we are doing at the Tenth Amendment Center. That is why I am so happy to promote these events. I do everything that I can to get the message out, but I lack the expertise and knowhow of the great KrisAnne Hall. She can light fires of liberty that can resonate throughout the local conservative movement, and give them the right ideas to take back America!

This is a very exciting time to be an American. I invite you to come out and see the revolution happen for yourself. Once again, here are the following dates for the events:

1) Troy Area Tea Party on Dec. 2 at 7PM. Location is American Polish Cultural Center, 2975 E. Maple Rd., Troy, Michigan 48083

2) Oakland County Campaign for Liberty on Dec. 3 at 7PM. Location is Shield’s Pizza, 1476 W. Maple Road, Troy, Michigan 48084. Tickets available HERE.

3) Birmingham/Bloomfield Republican Club on Dec. 4 at 7PM. Location is Bloomfield Township Hall, 4200 Telegraph Rd., Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302. Tickets available HERE.

Here are a few short clips if you are unfamiliar with KrisAnne Hall, and want to see what she is all about:

I hope to see you at all of these events!

Shane Trejo

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Cameras on Cops: Orwellian Red Herring or Necessary Accountability Measure?

A new and interesting police transparency bill has been introduced in the Michigan State House that aims to affix cameras upon law enforcement.

In what may be the final bill he introduces, departing Rep. Tom McMillin (R-Rochester) has introduced House Bill 5970 (HB5970), his latest attempt to bring about more transparency and accountability for law enforcement. Previously, he had introduced HB4455 for restrictions on the use of drones and HB4914 for SWAT Team accountability. He also introduced the HB5420, the 4th Amendment Protection Act, drafted by our sister organization the OffNow Project. None of these bills have been passed (thanks to those ‘freedom loving Republicans’ running the show in Lansing), but nevertheless Rep. McMillin continues to push the envelope for liberty and he deserves to be commended for his great work.

HB5970 would “provide for the use by law enforcement officers of cameras worn on the body” and “require the retention and provide for the production by law enforcement agencies of recordings made using the cameras.” Other provisions in the bill require the destruction of video recordings within two weeks if it is not being used in an investigation and preventing footage from being placed into invasive facial recognition databases.

It is unclear whether this bill will be enough to stop the epidemic of police brutality that is sweeping America. A legitimate concern with these types of measures is that they will create an even more Orwellian society for us all to live in. More cameras around could mean more surveillance. There is a concern that these cameras will be used to gather more data from citizens, and give Big Brother even more of a reach into our lives.

That certainly could be the case. However, police have shown the willingness to lie time and again to avoid being brought to justice for their heinous abuses. Foolhardy juries are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. With a video record of events that take place, it will be more difficult for the uniformed thugs to avoid being held accountable for their behavior. It is my inkling that cameras on cops will be a good thing, but there are definitely some kinks that will need to be ironed out before this program is as effective as it needs to be.

A good way for us to improve upon this legislation would be to add a provision that punishes police officers whose cameras conveniently go blank before the use of force is deployed. These officers could either lose their job instantly or be charged with misdemeanors or felonies. That way, it would be less likely for one of these well-timed malfunctions to take place. There is language in HB5970 that states “if a law enforcement agency is unable to produce a recording… there is a presumption that the recording would corroborate the version of the facts advanced by the defendant” which is good. However, without criminal penalties, offending officers would be faced with a jury likely consisting of cop-worshiping yokels chomping at the bit to venerate their badged gods. The deck would still be stacked against the victims.

Another possible way to improve upon this legislation would be to aggressively sanction police departments that refuse to produce video footage when it’s requested. An internet database with all of the video garnered from cops uploaded onto it that would be easily accessible at any time would be nice as well. That is how we could REALLY ensure transparency. It might cost a bit of money, but it would save us a lot of money too in the form of taxpayer-funded payoffs to victims of abuse. With the eyes on them at all times, the police would certainly be more courteous and hesitant toward the general public than they are right now.

The road to full police transparency and accountability is a long one, and there will inevitably be bumps along the way. Although HB5970 is not perfect, it is a good starting point. The bill has the potential to make it more difficult for police to victimize the masses and get away with it. That is a positive step in the right direction. Be sure to contact your state legislators and urge them to co-sponsor and vote for this bill. We need peace on our streets. We don’t want any more Fergusons. This is the beginning of making our country less of a war zone and more of a free, prosperous Republic. Help push forward HB5970. We must push back before the militarized police come for us.

In Spite of Obstacles, The Ball Continues to Move Forward for Liberty!


As the election approaches this upcoming week, politics is on everyone’s mind. We are expected to have many fantastic new legislators going to Lansing who will fight Washington DC’s agenda and support nullification-related endeavors. Although we have had some defeats in the past several years due to the wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing Snyder administration, we remain on the march. We will never retreat and never surrender. We are in this for the long haul, and remain optimistic that we will vanquish the evil machinations of these bureaucrats sooner rather than later!

For over two years now, I have been going around from meeting to meeting, shaking hands and getting to know activists from all sides of the political spectrum. I have been encouraged to see the widespread recognition of the problems at hand and the acknowledgement of their true culprit – the federal government. At the Tenth Amendment Center, we stand in an interesting position. We have ideas such as our 4 Step Plan to Kill Obamacare and our ShallNot Campaign to Nullify 2nd Amendment Infringements that appeal to conservatives. We have other ideas like our P.E.A.C.E. Act (formerly the Cannabis Freedom Act) and Turn the NSA’s Water Off Now Campaign that appeal to liberals. This allows us to hit the Washington D.C. scumbags from every angle. We can reach out to folks from both sides and get them working toward a more decentralized government and a freer society.

But recently, I have been spending more time alongside Michigan conservatives. They are the angriest of anyone with the political status quo. Governor Snyder has sold them out on Medicaid expansion, Common Core, the Detroit bailout, minimum wage hikes and other key issues. They were used and abused, and now the MIGOP has the nerve to pat themselves on the back for Michigan’s so-called ‘Economic Recovery.’ Like Obama, the Snyder regime thinks that it can proclaim that a recovery has happened via diktat and that makes it so. This record-level corruption and arrogance from the Republican Party establishment has opened the eyes of many conservatives to the evils of political power. Suddenly, nullification is sounding more and more intriguing as a way to push back against this continued malicious assault on our freedoms.

In Metro Detroit, it is easy to see how the message of liberty is spreading through these conservative circles. Let me highlight some recent events that demonstrate this fact:

11th District Committee Resolution – Founder of the Michigan chapter of People Against the N.D.A.A. and avid Tenther Dennis Marburger successfully pushed through a resolution in the 11th District Republican Party Executive Committee. This resolution re-affirmed the right to a fair trial that was enshrined in the Constitution. It reads as follows:

October 28, 2014
Michigan Eleventh Congressional District Republican Committee Resolution Affirming the Right of Due Process

Whereas, the Constitutions of the United States and Michigan are the basis of our representative republic and reflect protections that no person will be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process; and Whereas, these founding documents reflect the essential nature of presumed innocence, the right to a speedy trial before an impartial jury, and other elements of effective due process, and a commitment that no person will be exposed to cruel and unusual punishment; and Whereas, on December 31, 2011, President Obama signed the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which included two controversial sections, 1021 and 1022, which many civil liberty organizations, including the ACLU, and representative bodies, including numerous state legislatures, feel are dangerously worded; and Whereas under The 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, the basis for the NDAA provisions 1021 and 1022, has already facilitated the capture of a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil and many in Congress now assert that the NDAA could again be used in the same way; and whereas Judge Katherine Forrest of the United State District Court for the Southern District of New York found these provisions to be unconstitutional; and Whereas, the Michigan Eleventh Congressional District Republican Committee is committed to avoiding the repeating of the tragedies and mistakes of history, including the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II, as demonstrated by the enormous strength of Republican (as well as Democratic) co-sponsorship of legislation which took a first step in dealing with this problem, including PA228 which the Governor signed into law during this session; and Whereas, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners, the Allegan County Board of Commissioners, and various other municipalities across the country, have already passed resolutions opposing the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA.

Resolved, that the Michigan Eleventh District Republican Committee strongly affirms our commitment to the rights and liberties enshrined within the Constitution of the United States, including the Fifth Amendment protection of the right to due process, the Sixth Amendment protection of the right to a trial, and the Eighth Amendment prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment. Resolved, we request our U.S. Congressional members and Senators actively work for the repeal of the NDAA’s detention provisions in order to restore and protect fundamental rights and liberties embodied in the Michigan Constitution and the Constitution of the United States.

Resolved, We request the Michigan Legislature pass, and the Governor sign, Restoring Constitutional Governance legislation declaring that Michigan is not a battlefield, that the “law of war” does not apply here, that the indefinite detention without proper trial and due process of the accused is unequivocally unconstitutional, prohibiting the Governor from employing the Michigan Guard Forces or any other agencies of the state of Michigan or for any other governmental units to aid in indefinitely detaining any person or in denying the right of due process to any person in Michigan where they are denied their rights to due process under the Michigan and U.S. Constitutions, respectively.

Resolved, that the Michigan Eleventh Congressional District Republican Committee directs the Secretary ensure a copy of this resolution is indexed and that a copy is provided via email to the following recipients: Governor Snyder, Attorney General Schuette, Senators Levin and Stabenow, Congressman Bentivolio and the Republican members of both houses of the Michigan Legislature.

While this resolution isn’t nearly enough to stop the NDAA, it does represent a step in the right direction. It keeps this important issue in the public eye. Putting the NDAA issue on the Republican Party radar is key, and we need to duplicate those efforts in the Democratic Party as well. Only through education can we get people galvanized and ready to Take Back Their Town from the insidious indefinite detention provisions of the 2012 NDAA!

Art Thompson’s Free Trade Speech – While that resolution was being passed, I was several towns over watching an excellent speech by CEO of the John Birch Society, Art Thompson. He was filling in a fervent group of patriots about the trade agreements that we are entering unbeknownst to the vast majority of American people. The one that effects us the most is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Basically, it’s NAFTA on steroids and applies primarily to the United States and Asia.

If enacted, the TPP will erode what’s left of American sovereignty and economic prosperity. Our wealth will be outsourced even more quickly to nefarious globalist interests. Our courts will be replaced with corporate-run tribunals. These tribunals would allow multinational corporations to sue countries that put into place laws that are unfavorable to their profit margins. It contains provisions that are even more harmful to internet freedom than the reviled ACTA that failed to make it through Congress years ago after a huge grassroots pushback. These abuses are just a few of potentially thousands that will be unleashed upon us if the powers-that-be are able to muscle the TPP through Congress.

In true John Birch fashion, it didn’t just stop with the trade agreements. All of the necessary context was given, and the right dots were connected. Tyranny doesn’t happen in a vacuum, after all. The TPP and similar trade agreements happening in other countries were connected to the potential North American Union, the European Union and the ultimate goal of a one world government dominated by elitists. It was refreshing to see no punches pulled by Art Thompson. He named names. He implicated powerful people as being apart of a global conspiracy to destroy America. That type of talk may be laughed off in some circles, but the evidence grows to bolster its case with each passing day.

I am always happy to show my support to the John Birch Society, an organization that was a forerunner to Constitutional groups like the Tenth Amendment Center that are now just beginning achieving success. They were around during the dark days, toiling in obscurity to keep the flame of liberty alive. They were railroaded, defamed, demonized and driven from the political mainstream by bought-off hacks on the left and the right, but they’re still standing. And they’re still getting the message out, to more people than ever in fact, and that grinds the gears of the internationalists like nothing else. God Bless the John Birchers, and may they enjoy another 5+ decades of speaking truth to power!

Senator Rand Paul Comes to Town – I was also able to see Rand Paul as he came around and toured the Metro Detroit area on Oct. 29. After continuing his minority outreach tour in Detroit, he attended the GOP field office in Livonia. Then he was the keynote speaker for the Oakland County Republican Party Lincoln Day dinner in Rochester that night. Thanks to the kindness of liberty-minded 9th Congressional District Republican Candidate George Brikho, I was able to attend and see Paul speak in person.

His speech overall was a mixed bag. He said all of the right things to woo over the mainstream conservatives in the audience, even if it meant occasionally stretching the truth to do so. However, he talked a great deal of common sense on important economic and foreign policy issues. Compared to Snyder, Schuette, Trott and the other MIGOP stooges, he was a breath of fresh air. Rand is slowly but surely moving the needle in the direction of liberty with his operation even if he occasionally misses the mark in certain respects.

Although what the Senator is doing is very encouraging, that does not mean we should rely on him to reclaim our lost liberty. We should not think that his likely 2016 Presidential run is the silver bullet solution to our nation’s ongoing Constitutional crisis. The President is only one person, and much of the power that position holds is ceremonial anyway. The same agenda always seems to move forward regardless of who’s elected. There is no reason to expect that to change no matter how well-intended Paul’s political ambitions are.

While Paul should certainly be commended for driving people toward the message of liberty on a mainstream level like never before, we must be realistic about what he can achieve. Liberty will only be reclaimed through action in your community. It will never come from the top-down. Paul can do an excellent job of giving us more open-minded folks to reach out with the good ideas that can save the country. But he himself cannot do all the work on his own, and we must not lose sight of the local grassroots activism that is constantly needed to restore our Republic.

That is why we offer the Take Back the Town Campaign. That is why we offer local ordinances to people to take into their city council and county commission to affect change. That is why we work through state legislatures to cut off the feds from the resources that they need to destroy our rights. These are the solutions that will save our country, not getting behind another national politician. We must become the leaders ourselves, rather than relying on the good conscience of a bureaucrat. Power corrupts. That is why we must work at the local and state levels to decentralize power so that no matter who’s elected, our rights cannot be violated.

Shane Trejo

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Sowing the Seeds of Liberty During Election Season


I have recently been making the rounds throughout the Metro Detroit area, spreading the word about the necessity of state sovereignty. I have been greeted with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm about the message, and have been pleased with what I have seen. Patriotic activists are fully waking up to the corruption in BOTH political parties, and are starting to refuse to lick the boots of the blue team or the red team. This is a thrilling development. The two party duopoly is slipping, and I am happy to give people the ideas and blueprint they need to become the leaders for freedom themselves and steer the ship of state back on course before it’s too late.

At the same time, I have had the pleasure of meeting many different candidates attempting to go to or stay in Lansing. It was not a pleasure because I got to shake hands and mingle with these bureaucrats and bureaucrat-wannabes, oh no. It was a pleasure because I got to grill them on topics related to state sovereignty and nullification in front of large audiences. Putting these politicians on the spot is always a good time, and sometimes you can get the desired result out of them as well. That happened to me twice in the past week alone.

At a meeting of the SouthEast Michigan 9.12 Tea Party, not only was I able to hand out nullification flyers to most of the folks there, but I was also able to ask State Senate candidate Marty Knollenberg about his intentions on repealing Obamacare. I explicitly asked him, “If you are elected into the State Senate in November, would you introduce a bill to repeal Gov. Snyder’s Medicaid Expansion provision of Obamacare?” to which he replied “Absolutely!” As Tenthers understand, Obamacare cannot exist without state help. That begins with repealing Medicaid expansion and continuing to deny state-run exchanges in Michigan.

There was more good news on the trail this week as well. At a meeting of the Bloomfield/Birmingham Republicans, Rep. Martin Howrylak committed to re-introducing term-limited Rep. Tom McMillin’s bills in the upcoming legislative session. This includes HB5420, the 4th Amendment Protection Act, which would cut off all state-level material support and compliance to the NSA and other unconstitutional federal bureaucracies that are warrantlessly spying on us. It also includes HB4455, which would set strict limits on drone use for law enforcement. Rep. Howrylak has a good reputation among liberty activists in the area so it is expected for him to live up to his word if he can win re-election in November.

Now obviously, politicians are known to bluster. They are known to say one thing and do another. That is why we must not forget the words of Marty and Martin if/when they are voted into office in November. We must hold them accountable to what they said on the campaign trail. That means e-mails, phone calls, hounding them at public meetings, and even staging protests if all else fails. We must keep the heat on all of our elected officials to do the right thing. It will only be through eternal vigilance that we can keep our politicians true to their word and defending liberty.

We must remember that the politicians will fold under enough public pressure, and people are more pissed off than ever nowadays. This is a good combination for promoting the ideas of liberty and decentralization. We must continue to build an organization to effectively KO bad bills in Lansing, and push forward the few good ones that deny the feds the tools they need to oppress us. That is what we are working toward at the Tenth Amendment Center, and we are not alone. There are many great tea party organizations and Campaign for Liberty organizations in Michigan that want to focus on the issues rather than the distractions. We are steadily growing our ranks, as the institution of government continues to spiral downward. We live in crazy times, but there has never been a better time to promote liberty. Join us, and help us spark the path to a better world with more freedom and less bureaucracy!

Shane Trejo

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Support HB4914 for Police Transparency!


There was an important bill that received consideration by the House Criminal Justice Committee today. The bill is HB4914 to require law enforcement to report on their use of SWAT teams. I gave the following testimony in favor of this legislation:

Hello, I am Shane Trejo, the state coordinator for the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center, a group that promotes civil liberties and decentralized government. I am speaking today to urge you to vote yes on HB4914 to begin to address the urgent problem that we are facing with police militarization in our country.

According to Eastern Kentucky University criminologist Peter Kraska, the amount of SWAT team raids have increased from a few hundred per year in the 1970s to an excess of 50,000 per year in the mid-2000s. And now things have gotten even worse as military equipment is being shipped from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan into American communities. This continues to ramp up even though the crime rate is at a 20 year low and still plunging. Something does not add up here.

With the increase of SWAT team raids have come abuses. America now houses more prisoners than any other country in the world by a wide margin. Civil asset forfeiture, often called policing for profit, turns the criminal justice system on its head by deeming suspects guilty until proven innocent and forcing them to pay for lawyer and court costs to get their property back before they are even convicted of a crime. No-knock warrants have put police and the public into danger, as an individual cannot properly distinguish law enforcement from a home invader when they are deployed. The police also regularly deploy SWAT teams based on testimony from confidential informants. When these informants give unreliable information to law enforcement, innocent families are terrorized because of the widespread use of these heavy-handed tactics.

Make no mistake about it, this is escalating as we speak. In the madness of Ferguson, MO just a little over a month ago, we saw the potential future of our country if we keep heading down this path and it wasn’t pretty. Peaceful protesters were being tear gassed, journalists were being detained and the police were behaving like an occupying army rather than an entity designed to keep the peace and protect the rights of the public.

To make matters even worse, police are being trained that the public is the enemy. Earlier this year, a DHS-funded program called National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism or (START) implicated sovereign Americans as being the nation’s top security threat. In addition, the FBI’s Communities against Terrorism initiative distributed a series of flyers implicating people who use cash instead of credit cards, avoid eye contact in social situations, take pictures in public, own private facilities unavailable to the greater public, and others engaged in seemingly innocuous behavior as potential terrorist threats who should be monitored and profiled by law enforcement. This goes along with the DHS’s Orwellian ‘See Something, Say Something’ program that is meant to have a chilling effect on free speech and free expression.

This is a scary direction we are headed in as a country. But thankfully, we have a Constitution that allows for checks and balances against this type of behavior. That is what you have the power to do today. Only through measures like HB4914 can we begin to address the problems resulting from the rampant police militarization that is taking place in our country. We must know what the police are doing. Allowing the police to operate in secrecy as they receive military hardware and technology used in war zones is a recipe for disaster. If Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks proved anything, it is that government acting in a cloak and dagger fashion will necessarily result in terrible human rights violations. We must act now to prevent these types of abuses from happening in the state of Michigan.

HB4914 is the first step toward curbing the militarization of our police, and restoring the public trust between the people and law enforcement. I urge you all to move this bill through your committee so it can get a full vote in the state house. Thank you.

The first step toward nullification is transparency. If we can get an accurate record of what abuses the police are committing, we can raise awareness of the problem and then push for the necessary reforms. That is why you should support HB4914, and here is how you can help make it through committee:

1. Contact the House Criminal Justice Committee Chair, Kurt Heise. – Strongly, but respectfully urge him to move this important bill forward to a vote in his committee.

(517) 373-3816

2. Call all the other members of the House Criminal Justice Committee.
Again, be strong but respectful. Ask them each for a YES vote on HB4914. If they say they’re opposed, ask them why. If they’re undecided or will not commit to a YES vote, let them know you will be following up in a few days after they have a chance to consider it. A phone call has 10x the impact of an email.

Joseph Graves (R) Majority Vice-Chair (517) 373-1780
Stacy Oakes (D) Minority Vice-Chair (517) 373-0152
Klint Kesto (R) (517) 373-1799
Rose Mary Robinson (D) (517) 373-1008
Margaret O’Brien (R) (517) 373-1774
Kenneth Kurtz (R) (517) 373-1794
Mike Callton (R) (517) 373-0842
Ed McBroom (R) (517) 373-0156
John Kivela (D) (517) 373-0498
Brian Banks (D) (517) 373-0154

Shane Trejo

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