In the Republic’s Darkest Hour, We Must Scramble to Preserve our Freedom


A question I always receive from folks while traveling this great state, especially considering the woefully pathetic, dismal, puke-inducing, treasonous nature of the Michigan legislature, is: What do I do when my legislators won’t nullify?

It’s a good question. What I tell people first is to keep trying. Legislators will likely brush you off until they know that you mean business and that you’re a threat to them. But sometimes legislators are so arrogant, so bought-off, so deplorable, and so untouchable that nullifying simply isn’t an option. In this case, what you need to do is organize people to deny, disobey, refuse to comply with, and just say NO to unlawful government mandates!

The government criminals want to make you feel like you’re very small, and they are very big. They want to make you think that a small little individual couldn’t possibly take on the huge, hulking, colossal machinations of government. This is nothing more than an elaborate, well-financed illusion. The dirty little secret is: Almost everything the government does relies on your compliance and obedience to pull off. Once you remove your support, their façade crumbles immediately.

We are seeing it happen all across the country. When the Bundy Ranch heroes stood up to federal land barons, they didn’t want for a legislature to approve their actions. They did it anyway. Juries who decided in recent years to acquit ‘criminals’ who had broken asinine laws prohibiting raw milk and medical marijuana because they didn’t agree with the law didn’t wait for permission. They did it anyway. The hundreds of thousands of parents who have withdrawn their children from Common Core’s bizarre testing regime did not ask their government masters if it was fine and dandy to do so. They took bold, decisive action. They decided that their children’s future was more important than mindless obedience to federal/state edicts.

Our country was built upon this style of resistance. Thomas Jefferson invoked nullification as a consequence of the abominable Alien and Sedition Acts, which effectively criminalized free speech. Nullification was used again when states and individuals pulled their support for the Fugitive Slave Laws, and saved a countless number of black folks from being returned to bondage. It has been used more recently as well. Rosa Parks refusing to budge showed how peaceful non-compliance can tear at the heart of government injustice. Martin Luther King Jr. showed the same. These tactics are time-tested to be effective, even in the face of immense and seemingly insurmountable oppression.

We must use these tactics to fuel this revolution that is currently underway to cut at the heart of the federal tyrants’ control over us. We must roll up their sleeves and take matters into our own hands. Just like the Founding Fathers did. In fact, I am giving you their blueprint for resistance right now! The Father of the Constitution, James Madison famously said that we must “present obstructions which the federal government would hardly be willing to encounter” in order to stop federal tyranny in Federalist #46. Now is not the time for complacency. Now is not the time for in-fighting and petty squabbling. Now is the time to put James Madison’s words into action. And I hope and pray that we are able to do so before it’s too late.

Shane Trejo
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An Outstanding Weekend for the Nullification Movement in Michigan!


It was a jubilant weekend. I was fortunate enough to attend a Property Rights and Liberty event in Traverse City, featuring hundreds of the state’s most dedicated and tireless defenders of freedom. KrisAnne Hall and Tom DeWeese were the keynote speakers, and their presentations centered around Nullification and Agenda 21.

I am happy to report that there was widespread enthusiasm over the 10th Amendment at the event. KrisAnne Hall, one of liberty’s premiere speakers, specifically plugged the Tenth Amendment Center and urged everyone in attendance to support our organization! I had a table at the event, and dozens of people shared with me their contact information. The seeds of liberty are being sown and I am proud to be apart of a movement that very well may save this great country.

Thanks to Barb Willing, Matthew Schoech and the rest of the Traverse Bay Area 9.12 group for being so hospitable and receptive to me and my message. An additional thanks goes out to avid Tenther (and the most patriotic fella I know) Chris who helped me table at the event. Thanks to Chris, we were able to tell people not only about nullification and the Tenth Amendment Center, but also about many other organizations doing similar work like the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Organization, American Lands Council, and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

We were able to show Michigan patriots exactly how diverse and active the patriot movement is. We were able to show them that the torch of liberty still burns in the land of the free. You just have to go outside of the federal government and mainstream media’s sphere of influence to see it, and the wonderful difference it is making nationwide.

The situation may seem bleak, folks, but there are many of us out there. Millions upon millions of Americans have awoken to their patriotic duty with millions more on the way. The feds and other enemies of freedom want us to retreat. They want us to cower. They want us to feel isolated and divided amongst each other. We have to band together around crucial ideas like nullification to fight back against federal tyranny.

It won’t be easy, but it can be done. I hope you join us in the fight, and never quit until the bitter end. Freedom is just too important of a cause to give up on. We will never wave the white flag of surrender. Help us restore the Republic, and keep the flame of liberty ablaze in these trying times.

Shane Trejo
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Unforgivable Betrayal: The GOP Rubberstamps Federal Tyranny in State Legislatures Across the Country!

NOTE: This article was written on behalf of the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center by Kenneth Lloyd.

Republicans made massive gains in last year’s midterm elections. After those elections, many patriots were optimistic that the Republicans would provide much-needed resistance to our tyrannical federal government. On the face of it, their optimism was understandable, since many states in the union had elected Republican governors, Republican-led State Houses, and Republican-led State Senates. With this kind of power available at their disposal, it seemed like a no-brainer that the Republicans would use nullification and state resistance considering the malevolent evil coming from Washington D.C. But largely, that is not what happened.

Sadly, many Republican governors and lawmakers have not been willing to pass and/or sign legislation into law that would nullify federal overreach. Either out of cowardice or complicity, these oathbreakers have shamed their nation. They have desecrated the legacy of the Founding Fathers with their dereliction of duty. Republican legislatures could have sent crippling blows to Agenda 21, Obamacare, Common Core, NSA Spying and other tenets of the Obama terror agenda. They did not. As opposed to the phony narrative of hyper-partisanship coming from the mainstream media, Obama is destroying our freedom specifically because the GOP rubber-stamps everything that treasonous devil does.

I have the proof to back up these allegations of criminal wrongdoing on behalf of the GOP. Here are the ways in which many Republicans in several states across this country have been unwilling to protect the liberty of the American people from the evils of federal tyranny:



In Arizona, there have been three pieces of legislation that Arizona Republicans prevented from receiving a committee vote that would have stopped the state government from assisting the enforcement of unconstitutional federal laws in 2015. One of those three pieces of legislation was SB 1330, which was sponsored by Republican State Senator Kelli Ward. SB 1330 would have made it illegal for any of the state’s employees to help the federal government enforce federal gun control laws that violate the Second Amendment of the United States’ Constitution.

A second piece of legislation that did not receive a committee vote that would have prevented the Arizona government from executing an unconstitutional federal law was HB 2392, which was sponsored by Republican State Representative Jay Lawrence. Lawrence’s bill would have made it illegal for any member of the State Board of Education to implement any unconstitutional federal education standards and/or assessments.

Another bill that would have confronted federal government tyranny was SB 1331, which was introduced by State Senator Kelli Ward. This bill would have made it illegal for any of Arizona’s governmental officials to assist the federal government’s efforts to collect an individual’s personal electronic data, unless there is a warrant that specifically states that individual’s name, place, and thing to be searched and/or seized. On this bill, many of the Republicans in the Arizona legislature sided with Obama, and did not allow the bill to receive a committee vote. Despite the fact that the Republicans have control of Arizona’s State House and the State Senate, these three pro-liberty pieces of this legislation, which would have stopped three aspects of the Obama agenda, did not even receive a vote from the various committees. In other words, some of the Arizona Republicans voted, in their committees, to keep both Common Core and gun control alive in the state of Arizona. That is unacceptable!

There were three more pro-liberty bills that were voted down by the Republican-led Arizona State Senate. Republican Arizona State Representatives Mark Finchem, Brenda Barton, Jay Lawrence, and Noel Campbell co-sponsored HB 2190, a piece of legislation that would have banned Common Core educational standards from being used in the state of Arizona. Rather than standing with these three patriotic state representatives, Republicans in the State Senate decided to advance Obama’s unconstitutional education agenda, by voting down the bill.

The Republicans in the State Senate also voted down Republican State Representative Judy Burges’ bill. Her bill was entitled SB 1384.The bill would have re-affirmed that County sheriffs have a constitutional duty to protect the constitutional rights of the citizens of the county in which they serve. You would think that such a piece of legislation would easily pass a Republican-led state legislature, but this was sadly not the case.

The Republican-led State Senate voted down the bill. They also voted against HB 2368, which was co-sponsored by Republican State Representatives Bob Thorpe, Mark Finchem, and Brenda Barton. The legislation would have voided out all of Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders. When they blocked these Liberty-restoring bills, Arizona’s Republican-led Legislature demonstrated the ways in which they are complicit in Obama’s tyranny.

Even the Republican governor of Arizona will not stand unequivocally for liberty. Governor Doug Ducey (R – AZ), who ran as a free-market, constitutional conservative, during Arizona’s 2014 gubernatorial election, has vetoed HB 2173. HB 2173 is a bill that was sponsored by Republican State Representatives Mark Finchem, Brenda Barton, David Livingston, Bob Thorpe, Regina Cobb, Vince Leach and State Senator Steve Smith. The legislation would have restored Arizona’s respect for the following constitutional provision: “No State shall… make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts…”. Even some of the Arizona Democrats showed respect for the U.S. Constitution by supporting this bill. Unlike the aforementioned pieces of legislation, HB 2173 was able to pass through the Arizona House and Senate. It is absolutely outrageous that a bill that was so clearly supported by the U.S. Constitution, like HB 2173, that was passed through both House of the Arizona Legislature on a bipartisan basis, was vetoed by a Republican governor, who campaigned as a constitutional conservative. What a disgrace! The people of Arizona should be outraged!


Let’s turn to the state of Arkansas. Like Arizona, Arkansas also has a Republican governor and a Republican-led Legislature. There were five pieces of legislation that would have blocked gun control, ObamaCare, Common Core, that did not even receive committee votes. One of the bills was HB 1492, which was sponsored by 39 Arkansas House Republicans. The bill would have repealed The Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace Act, which would have been a big strike against ObamaCare. Despite the fact that, 39 Republicans supported the measure, it still did not receive a committee vote. HB 1262 was a bill that was cosponsored by 12 Republican State Representatives and Republican State Senator Bryan King. The bill would have terminated the Medicaid Expansion portion of ObamaCare. Unfortunately, too many Republicans didn’t support it. As a result, it did not make it out of the House Committee.

Seven State Senators cosponsored SB 144. The piece of legislation would have terminated the so-called “Private Option” portion of ObamaCare. Like HB 1492 and HB 1262, there was not enough Republican support for SB 144 to make it out of committee. If the refusal to stand up against ObamaCare, on the part of many Arkansas Republicans, is not enough to make you angry, perhaps you will be more outraged to learn that many of them have decided not to defend your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, as well. Republican State Representative David Meeks sponsored HB 1601. The legislation would have protected Arkansas’ public employees from being forced to violate the Second Amendment, in the event that they be asked to do so by the federal government. Many of the Republicans didn’t even have enough integrity to support this commonsense legislation, as a result, it failed to advance out of committee.

Republican State Representative Mary Bentley put forward HB 1967. State Representative Bentley’s bill would have required Arkansas’s State Board of Education to discontinue the use of Common Core standards. This bill did not make it out of the education committee because not enough of Representative Bentley’s fellow Republicans supported her patriotic efforts. This is evidence that the campaign promises that Republicans made the fight an overreaching federal government was nothing more than campaign rhetoric intended to get the votes of the patriotic people who live in Arkansas. If Arkansas Republicans were serious about pushing back against federal tyranny, they would have supported these liberty-protecting pieces of legislation.


Some Indiana Republicans have also decided not to defend liberty from unconstitutional federal policies. The Republicans control both the executive and legislative branches of the Indiana government. There were two bills that would have stood up to the tyranny of the federal Environmental Protection Agency, had they became law. One of those statutes was HB 1290. The piece of the legislation was co-sponsored by GOP State Representatives Christopher Judy, Robert Heaton, Matthew Ubelhor, and Doug Miller. If the bill became law, it would have nullified unconstitutional EPA regulations, while at the same time, allowing the Indiana State government to regulate the environment with its own agency. Many of Republicans in the Indiana legislature made the decision to allow the people of Indiana to continue to suffer under the tyrannical federal EPA regulations, by not permitting this bill to receive a committee hearing.

The same thing happened to SB 569. Sponsored by GOP State Senator Scott Schneider, the bill would have done the following, had it became law: “in response to the federal Environmental Protection Agency Clean Power Plan regulatory activity: (1) the governor and attorney general shall take appropriate steps to protect the state’s sovereignty and police power authority in light of the designed federalism under the federal Clean Air Act; (2) the department of environmental management may examine the implications of preparing and implementing proposed regulations, but may not prepare or implement a state implementation plan until completion of judicial review concerning the legality of regulations under the federal Clean Air Act for existing power plants.” Despite the fact that, both the damaged liberty as well as, the negative economic effects that such unconstitutional regulations have on the prosperity of the people of Indiana would been improved by the enactment of SB 569, many Indiana GOP lawmakers chose to kill this pro-liberty, pro-constitutional bill in committee. They allowed federal tyranny to continue to harm the people of Indiana, even though they could have done about it.

In addition, there was also a bill that would have addressed the unconstitutional spying that is being conducted by the federal government. Republican State Senator Michael Delph’s SB 458, if it became law, would have provided “that the definition of “electronic communication” includes metadata that relates to an electronic communication. Requires that the search or seizure of an electronic communication be specifically authorized by state law or a court order based on probable cause, even if the electronic communication is in the custody of a third party, and makes it a Level 5 felony to violate these requirements. Prohibits the state, state agencies, political subdivisions, and local units of government from: (1) assisting a federal agency that collects an electronic communication unless authorized by state law or a court order based on probable [cause]”. This would have restored some of the privacy of the people of Indiana, but many of the republican lawmakers decided to not even give it a committee hearing.

Liberty-minded Indiana lawmakers sponsored four bills that would have addressed the need for the protection of the privacy rights, educational freedom, healthcare freedom, and the Second Amendment rights of the people of Indiana. SB 236 was co-sponsored by Republican State Senator James Smith and Democratic State Senator Mark Stoops. The piece of legislation would have defended the privacy rights of the people of Indiana by prohibiting “  a law enforcement agency from retaining license plate data captured by an automated license plate reader unless: (1) a comparison of the captured plate data with a data base shows that the data is relevant to an ongoing criminal investigation, the location of a missing person or a fugitive from justice, or the commission of a crime; (2) the person in whose name the license plate was issued requests retention of the data; or (3) the data was obtained under a warrant”. It is an absolutely outrageous and sickening situation, to have a Democrat, like State Senator Mark Stoops standing up for the right to privacy, only to see a Republican majority refuse to move this pro-liberty bill through the committee process.

The GOP majority behaved in the same disgraceful way when it came to HB 1099. Indiana Republican State Representative Curt Nisly’s bill would do away with “the requirement that Indiana’s educational standards must comply with federal standards necessary to receive a flexibility waiver under the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001”. The Republican majority would not allow a committee hearing on HB 1479 as well. With HB 1479, liberty-minded State Representatives Timothy Harman, Curt Nisly, and Ben Smaltz were attempting to prohibit “certain state actions related to enforcement or implementation of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Requires the attorney general to file a civil action for injunctive relief in certain circumstances. Requires a tax deduction for taxpayers paying a penalty in relation to PPACA. Repeals a provision concerning application for a state innovation waiver under PPACA.” By refusing to pass this bill, Indiana’s GOP lawmakers were effectively saying “To hell with the people of Indiana who are suffering because of ObamaCare.”

They also seem not to care about the Second Amendment either. Patriotic State Representative Curt Nisly sponsored HB 1633. Nisly’s bill “Provides that a firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition that: (1) is manufactured commercially or privately in Indiana from basic materials; (2) can be manufactured without the inclusion of any significant parts imported from another state; and (3) remains within the borders of Indiana; is not subject to federal law or federal regulation, including registration, under the authority of the United States Congress to regulate interstate commerce.” This piece of legislation would have gone a long way towards an effort to protect the right to bear arms of the people of Indiana, but the State House Republicans decided that it did not deserve to get past the committee process.


Similar things of this kind are going on in Mississippi. Republican State Senator Videt Carmichael of Mississippi sponsored SB 2161. In a scandalous turn of events, this bill which was designed to nullify unconstitutional federal common core educational standards, was passed by the Republican-controlled Mississippi State House and Senate, only to be vetoed by a disgraceful so-called “conservative Republican” Governor, by the name of Phil Bryant. He should be removed from office for violating his oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

GOP State Senator Michael Watson sponsored SB 2429. This bill would have stopped the ability of law enforcement to engage in tracking people without a warrant. This pro-liberty legislation was killed in committee by the feckless Republican majority in the Mississippi State Senate. This Republican majority would not even stand up for the due process rights of the people of Mississippi. State Senator Watson Hill introduced SB 2698. Hill’s bill would have made it illegal for any Mississippi employee to carry out any federal decree that would allow individuals to be detained indefinitely without any due process of law. It did not even get a committee hearing.

In the state of Mississippi, some of the GOP members of the Mississippi Senate sponsored three bills that would have dealt huge blows to ObamaCare, and in turn, would have helped to preserve the healthcare freedom of the people of Mississippi. The bills that I’m referring to are SB 2768, SB 2534, and SB 2535, and they were sponsored by Republican her State Senators Chris McDaniel, Angela Burks Hill, and Michael Watson, respectively. The GOP State Senate majority wouldn’t even give these much-needed bills a committee hearing.

The Mississippi Republican legislature also made the decision to not support bills that would have done the following: allowed people who are terminally ill to try investigational drugs, fought Agenda 21, defended the Second Amendment, legalized industrial hemp, and nullified unconstitutional federal spying. HB 722 was co-sponsored by Republicans State Representatives Chris Brown, Carolyn Crawford, Dennis DeBar, Randy Boyd, and Democratic State Representatives Deborah Butler Dixon, Alyce Clarke, and Omeria Scott. If it had became law, it would have authorized “ licensed physicians to prescribe or recommend certain investigational drugs, biological products or devices to certain eligible terminally ill” patients.”

The bill, HB 1042 was introduced by State Representative Chris Brown. It would have accomplished essentially the same thing that HB 722 would have had it became law. Despite the fact that enacting these two pieces of legislation probably would have helped Mississippians, who are deathly ill, the majority of the GOP killed them in committee. GOP State Senator Melanie Sojourner sponsored SB 2809. Her bill would have prohibited “state and local government from adopting or implementing” any part of the United Nations’ evil, tyrannical ideas known as “Agenda 21.”

Republican State Representative Becky Currie sponsored HB 490. Her statute would have done the same thing that State Senator Sojourner’s bill would have done, if they became law. The feckless, good-for-nothing Republican majority would not give these bills a chance to come out of the committee. GOP State Senators Chris McDaniel and Michael Watson co-sponsored SB 2699. SB 2699 would have prohibited “State Or Local Enabling Of Federal Gun Ban Enforcement”. Republican State Representative Melanie Sojourner sponsored HB 2715. The statute would have prevented the state of Mississippi from cooperating with any federal effort to ban Mississippians from having firearms, as well as any federal effort to seize property. But, many of the Republicans decided to side with Obama’s unconstitutional, gun control agenda, by killing both of these pro-2nd amendment bills in committee.

Democratic Mississippi State Representative David Baria sponsored HB 562. His bill was about legalizing industrial hemp. Industrial hemp could be used for several different purposes. It could be used for making paper, textiles, and plastics that are biodegradable. It is very environmentally-friendly. Since the Democrats like to talk about making sure that we are good stewards of our environment, and the Republicans like to talk about protecting liberty, you would think that two parties would have been able to come together to make HB 562 the law in the state of Mississippi. If the rhetoric that these two parties use is sincere, the enactment of HB 562 should have made the Democrats happy because it would have legalized the use of the biodegradable industrial hemp (which is good for the environment), and the GOP should have been happy because the piece of legislation would have expanded the freedom of the people of Mississippi by allowing them to use the product. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Despite all of their talk about restoring and preserving liberty and freedom, the Republican majority passed up this chance to work with Democrats on an issue that would have been beneficial to the freedom of Mississippians by killing this bill in committee. This is so disgraceful that I don’t know how to find the word to best describe the behavior of this GOP majority.

Patriotic State Senators Chris McDaniel and Melanie Sojourner co-sponsored SB 2753. Their bill was designed to “prohibit any state action which implements the federal NSA program. The NSA program allows the federal government to collect stuff like, the phone records of Americans. If SB 2753 had been allowed to become law, it would be very hard for the federal government to continue to spy on Mississippians. But, as they have done with the aforementioned pro-liberty bills, the Republican majority sold out the liberty of the people of Mississippi (ensuring that their 4th Amendment rights are destroyed by the federal government), yet again, by making sure that they stopped SB 2753 from passing out of the committee.


Like Mississippi, the state of Nevada has a Republican-controlled legislature and a Republican governor. In Nevada, there were seven bills introduced in 2015 that would have addressed the following issues: nullifying ObamaCare, nullifying Common Core, stopping indefinite detention, returning land to the state of Nevada from the federal government, and confining military transfers from the federal government to Nevada’s State and local law enforcement.

Co-sponsored by Republican State Assemblywoman Jill Dickman and Republican State Senator Don Gustavson, SJR 14 would have amended the Nevada state constitution to prohibit any agency that is under its authority from creating any type of health insurance exchange program. But, most of the Republicans in the Nevada Legislature decided to not fight ObamaCare, by killing SJR 14 in committee.

Republican Assemblymen/women Brent Jones, Michele Fiore, Ira Hansen, Jim Wheeler, John Ellison, Jill Dickman, John Moore, Victoria Seaman, Shelley Shelton, and GOP State Senator Don Gustavson co-sponsored AB 368. This Piece of legislation would have ended Nevada’s State Health Insurance Exchange. So much for the Republicans’ claim that they believe in the free market. They would not even allow this pro-free market bill to have a committee hearing. To make matters worse, this GOP majority would not even take advantage of a bipartisan chance to wage an assault on the unconstitutional Common Core education program.

AB 303 was co-sponsored by Republican Assemblymen/women Brent Jones, Jill Dickman, Michele Fiore, John Moore, Shelly Shelton, Derek Armstrong, John Ellison, David Gardner, Glenn Trowbridge, Democratic Assemblymen Harvey Munford, James Ohrenschall, and GOP State Senator Don Gustavson. The bill was designed to resist the adoption of unconstitutional common core educational standards. Despite the support of some of the Democratic lawmakers, the Republican-dominated Nevada legislature rejected AB 303, by denying it a committee hearing. Their behavior is disgusting.

Republican State Senator Don Gustavson sponsored SB 352. Gustavson’s bill was intended to admonish “indefinite detention.” But, the GOP majority sold out the civil liberties of the people of Nevada, by refusing to support this no brainer legislation. They gave it no committee hearing.

Co-sponsored by Republican Assemblymen/women Michele Fiore, Shelley Shelton, Victoria Dooling, Robin Titus, Victoria Seaman, Jill Dickman, John Ellison, David Gardner, Ira Hansen, Brent Jones, John Moore, John Wheeler, James Oscarson, and GOP State Senator Don Gustavson, AB 408 had the intention of allowing the State of Nevada to have the legal ability to have some authority over and the use of certain land that has been illegitimately under the control of the federal government. The Cliven Bundy incident proved that Nevada is in need of this type of law, but the RINOs refused to touch AB 408 in a committee hearing. AB 283 was introduced by Republican Assemblyman Ira Hansen. Hansen’s bill was intended to give the Nevada state government more authority over lands that are claimed by the federal government. Unfortunately, the traitors in Hansen’s own party wouldn’t even give AB 283 the time of day.

AB 397 was supported by GOP Assemblymen/women John Moore, Brent Jones, and Jill Dickman. Their bill was attempting to restrict the authority of law enforcement agencies when they are executing things like, search warrants. It also would have limited federal government’s ability to enforce the laws, by giving Nevada’s state and local governments the authority to enforce things like warrants. Disgracefully, AB 397 suffered the same fate as all of the other pro-liberty bills that have been discussed. It is painfully obvious that most of the Republicans who are members of the Nevada legislature do not take their oaths of office very seriously. Through their refusal to support these good, liberty-restoring pieces of legislation, they have shown that they are very comfortable with seeing to people of Nevada suffering under the domination of our out-of-control, tyrannical federal government.


Like Nevada, the state of Oklahoma has a Republican governor and a Republican-led legislature. In Oklahoma, patriotic legislators have introduced eleven pro-liberty pieces of legislation. GOP State Representative Fred Jordan, State Senators Nathan Dahm and Michael Mazzei have co-sponsored SB 618. SB 618 was designed to prohibit the “access to certain information without search warrant”, thereby protecting the privacy rights of the people of Oklahoma. The GOP majority decided to allow the Fourth Amendment to continue to be destroyed by denying a vote on SB 618.

SB 616 was introduced by Republican State Senator Mike Schulz. This bill would have allowed terminally ill patients to use certain drugs that might help them, but have not been approved by the federal drug regulators. Most of the Republicans in the legislature didn’t even care enough about trying to help these poor people who are sick and dying. It didn’t make it out of committee.

Republican State Representative Lewis Moore and State Senator Nathan Dahm co-sponsored SB 276. SB 276 would’ve nullified unconstitutional federal gun control and establish penalties for those who tries to enact gun control policies. Despite all of the pro-gun rhetoric that is employed by many Republican during election cycles, when it really counts, they intentionally block good pro-liberty legislation like SB 276.

Co-sponsored by State representative Sean Roberts and State Senator Patrick Anderson, SB 10 would’ve exempted “certain items [firearms] from federal regulation”. The bill suffered the same fate as SB 276. Patriotic GOP State Representative Fred Jordan, State Senators Michael Mazzei and Nathan Dahm tried to protect the Fourth Amendment for a second time by introducing SB 444. The piece of the legislation would have essentially accomplished the same objective as SB 618. Unfortunately, it suffered the same fate as SB 618, because of the good-for-nothing Republican majority in the Oklahoma Legislature.

Republican State Senator Ralph Shorty introduced SB 503. GOP State Representative Paul Wesselhoft sponsored HB 1295. SB 503 and HB 1295 would’ve limited the ability of law enforcement and other state agencies to use ariel drones. The two bills also would have established penalties for those who violate the terms of the statutes. This would have been a good opportunity for the Oklahoma Republican Party to demonstrate that they are committed to restoring and defending civil liberties. Instead, GOP majority arrogantly refused to give SB 503 and HB 1295 the time of day.

HB 1738 was introduced by Republicans, State Representative Lewis Moore and State Senator Nathan Dahm. This pro-liberty piece of legislation would have made it illegal for any governmental agency to aid unconstitutional spying. But, most of the Republicans betrayed the Fourth Amendment of the United States’ Constitution by deciding not to support the passage of HB 1738.

State Representative Mark McBride introduced House Bill 2126. HB 2126 would have gotten rid of some burdensome federal Environmental Protection Agency’s unconstitutional regulations, regarding the waters of the state of Oklahoma. Given the fact that the Republican Party touts itself as the party of limited government, one would think that Oklahoma’s Republican-led legislature would have passionately supported such a bill. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Instead, they put their supposed “principles” aside and didn’t lift a finger to pass House Bill 2126.

Freedom-fighting State Senator Nathan Dahm proposed SJR 23. The treacherous Republican majority wouldn’t even support this pro-Tenth Amendment bill. SJR 23 would have permitted the people of Oklahoma to either accept or reject an amendment to that state’s Constitution that would have created an apparatus that would be used to deny any support to any unconstitutional federal action. It is a complete disgrace that most of the Republicans would not support the bill. State Representative Lewis Moore and State Senator Nathan Dahm proposed yet another good, pro-liberty piece of legislation. The piece of legislation that I’m referring to is HB 1737. HB 1737 was an attempt to codify the authority of the state of Oklahoma to interpose and resist federal tyranny. As they did with all of the other aforementioned Pro-Constitution bills, the RINO traitors in the Oklahoma legislature prevented HB 1737 from advancing through the legislative process.


When it seems like it can’t get any worse, it does. Not only have Republicans betrayed their oaths of offices in the supposedly solid “conservative” state of Oklahoma, they are also doing the same thing in the state of Wyoming. Like Oklahoma, Wyoming Republicans control the legislature and the governorship. Despite the fact that they controlled state government, Wyoming Republicans have failed to pass and enact five pro-liberty pieces of legislation.

HB 133 was co-sponsored by the following eight Patriotic GOP State Representatives: David Miller, Theodore Blackburn, Scott Clem, Allen Jaggi, Norine Kasperik, Kendell Kroeker, Garry Piiparinen, and Nathan Winters. This important piece of legislation would have made it illegal in Wyoming to implement any part of the tyrannical, evil, New World Order agenda, known Agenda 21. Despite these patriots’ best efforts, this badly-needed bill was voted down in committee.

The Wyoming Joint Judiciary Interim Committee sponsored HB 18. This piece of legislation would have resulted in added protection of the privacy rights of the people of Wyoming by limiting governmental use of drone technology. The Republicans failed to pass HB 18 in the Wyoming Senate. That is very sad, indeed. HB 91 was introduced by the following Republican lawmakers: Representatives Kendell Kroeker, Mark Baker, Marti Halverson, Hans Hunt, Mark Jennings, Tyler Lindholm, Carl Loucks, Robert McKim, David Miller, and State Senator Cale Case. This bill would have nullified indefinite detention, thereby protecting the due process rights of the people of Wyoming. As unbelievable as this may be, there was not enough Republican support to pass this commonsense bill in accordance with their own House rule.

GOP State Representatives Kendell Kroeker, Mark Baker, Marti Halverson, Tyler Lindholm, Carl Loucks, David Miller, Nathan Winters, and State Senator Larry Hicks co-sponsored HB 89. This piece of the legislation would have restored gold and silver as lawful legal tender. This is important because it is critical to determining the value of the money that is in the pockets of the people of Wyoming. Unfortunately, many Republicans did not take the issue serious, and therefore, it failed to pass through the legislative process.

Republican State Representatives David Miller, Kermit Brown, Scott Clem, Mike Greear, Marti Halverson, Kendell Kroeker, Carl Loucks, and State Senators Eli Bebout, Stan Cooper, Ogden Driskill, Larry Hicks, and Curt Meier co-sponsored HB 209. HB 209 would have allowed the state of Wyoming take back control of public lands that have been under the domination of the federal government. This would have made it more difficult the federal government to harass the people in Wyoming who use those public lands. Sadly, many of the Republican lawmakers chose not to help their constituents by passing this bill, instead, they killed it in committee.


There are even turncoat Republican members of state legislature of the conservative state of Texas. In Texas, there have been several liberty-restoring pieces of legislation that Republican lawmakers failed to pass. Republican State Representative Dwayne Bohac introduced HB 3165. This bill would have ensured that the use of cell site simulator device would be limited, in order to protect the privacy rights of the people of the state of Texas. The Republican majority has failed to push the bill through the legislature and onto the governor’s desk.

Republican State Representative Jonathan Strickland pushed for the passage of HB 3916. HB 3916 is a piece of legislation that would deny electric and water services to federal agencies, like the. NSA. The point of the bill is that, if Texas doesn’t support the NSA facilities, they will be unable to conduct unconstitutional spying on the people of Texas. This bill was referred to the State Affairs Committee, and it has stalled there since March 23, 2015.

In 2015, there have been five bills addressing gun control that supposedly “conservative”, “liberty-minded”, “constitutionalist” members of the Texas State Legislature have not pushed through the legislative process. Those five bills are SB 438, HB 422, HB 2359, HB 176, and HB 413. All five of these bills represent attempts to shield Texans from the tyrannical effects of the federal government’s assault on the Second Amendment. They all have gone nowhere.

Republican State Senators Bob Hall, Lois Kolkhorst, Charles Perry, and Craig Estes co-sponsored SB 438. HB 422 was Republican State Representatives Matt Krause, Dustin Burrows, James White, and Molly White. GOP State Representative Dwayne Bohac proposed HB 2359. HB 176 was sponsored by Republican State Representative Tim Kleinschmidt. GOP State Representatives Craig Goldman, Matt Rinaldi, and Scott Sanford cosponsored 413. SB 438 is still sitting in the State Affairs Committee. HB 422 was sent to the Calendars’ Committee on May 11, 2015. HB 2359 was sent to the Calendar’s Committee on May 5, 2015. HB 176 was referred to the State & Federal Power & Responsibility, and Select committees on February 2, 2015. Finally, HB 413 has been pending in committee since March 19, 2015. If members of the Republican Party are truly the friends of the Second Amendment that they say they are, why is it that they have not passed these gun rights-protecting pieces of legislation?

There are two statutes that have not been passed through the GOP-controlled Texas State Legislature, addressing the urgent need to do something about Agenda 21. GOP State Senator Bob Hall introduced SB 445. HB 1654 was proposed by Republican State Representatives Molly White, Phil King, Jeff Leach, Gilbert Pena, and Scott Turner. Both SB 445 and HB 1654 would have limited the ability of Texas’ governmental agencies to make contracts and agreements with the United Nations’ Agenda 21. The Republican majority has dragged their feet on these two bills. SB 445 was referred to the State Affairs Committee on February 9, 2015. HB 1654 was referred to the International Trade &Intergovernmental Affairs Committee on March 9, 2015. Republicans have not made any progress on these two bills since these two referrals.

Texas’ Republican led State legislature has also chose not to pass pro-liberty statutes dealing with the gathering of people’s data, civil asset forfeiture, the legalization of industrial hemp, restricting the use of automatic license plate readers, and nullifying common core. HB 2263 was co-sponsored by a huge numbers of Democratic and Republican Texas lawmakers. HB 2263 dealt with limiting the ability of law enforcement to obtain Texans’ data from wireless communication devices. In other words, it helps to protect their privacy rights. The bill was sent to the Calendar’s Committee on April 29, 2015, and the Republicans have not moved the bill any further. There is a bipartisan bill that contains provisions that would restrict the usage of civil asset forfeiture, thereby adding protection for the due process rights of the people of Texas. This bill, HB 3171 was left pending in committee by the GOP majority.

A bill, HB 1322 that would have expanded liberty by making a use of industrial hemp legal was co-sponsored by Democratic State Representatives Joe Farias and Celia Israel. Here, we have a situation where Democrats are willing to stand up for liberty, only to have many of the Republican lawmakers sit on the sidelines, and allowed this pro-liberty bill to lie pending in committee since March 18, 2015.

Republican State Representative Matt Rinaldi introduced HB 2867. The bill would have restricted law enforcement’s ability to use automatic license plates readers. The intention of the statute is to protect the privacy rights of the people of Texas. On March 19, 2015, the Republicans referred the bill to the Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee, and it has not moved forward since that time. GOP State Senator Bob Hall introduced a Senate version of HB 2867, known as SB 1286. Like they are doing with SB 1286, the Republican majority is doing the same thing with HB 2867 – that is, allowing it to languish. The last time that the Republicans touched SB 1286 was on March 15, 2015, which was when they referred it to the Criminal Justice Committee.

GOP State Representative Dan Huberty sponsored HB 741. Huberty’s bill would stop any federally-imposed, Common Core-type of educational curriculum from being used in the state of Texas. This bill was referred to the Public Education Committee on February 23, 2015, which was the last time the Republicans have tried to advance this pro-liberty piece of legislation.

Tragically, the Republican members of the Texas legislature have, in addition to all of the other aforementioned instances where they have not actively pushed legislation that would, if signed into law, help to protect their constituents from the negative effects of federal tyranny, not moved HB 1751, HB 98, or HB 3606 through the legislature. State Representative David Simpson (R – Longview) sponsored HB 1751. Simpson’s bill what makes it illegal for the state of Texas to execute any unconstitutional federal laws or rules. The Republicans have left HB 1751 pending in committee since April 30, 2015.

GOP State Representatives Dan Flynn, Phil King, Ron Simmons, Cecil Bell, Jodie Laubenberg, Trent Ashby, Giovanni Capriglione, William Metcalf, Scott Sanford, Gary Vandeaver, James White, and Molly White co-sponsored HB 98. The statute would allow the state of Texas to only help the federal government enforce federal laws and rules that comply with the United States’ Constitution, and nothing more. No progress has been made on this bill, since the Republicans sent it as a committee report to the Calendars Committee, which happened on April 21, 2015.

Republican State Representative Matt Krause proposed HB 3606. Krause’s bill compels political subdivisions that are within State of Texas to report receipt and expenditures of federal money to the Legislative Budget Board, the Comptroller, and the governor of Texas. This would help Texas’ elected officials identify whether or not federal money is being spent on constitutional activities. Apparently, most of the Republican members of the Texas Legislature don’t care much about identifying whether or not federal funds are being spent on constitutional behavior. I said that, they don’t seem to care, because they sent HB 3606 as a committee report to the Calendars Committee on May 11, 2015, and have not touched the bill since that time.


It is important to remember that although the GOP as a whole is an embarrassing joke, most of these bills were in fact written and introduced by Republicans. These rogue Republicans who have gone against their party establishment deserve to be supported wholeheartedly. Getting involved in your local GOP for the purposes of voting the bums out and putting brave independent constitutional patriots into office can save our precious freedoms.

Indeed, it is already happening. Bills were signed into law across the country to rebuke Common Core, Obamacare, drone surveillance, industrial hemp prohibition, federal money printing, police militarization, civil asset forfeiture and many other Washington D.C. atrocities. It’s not enough but it’s a start that we can build upon. Think of state nullification as a snowball is rolling down the hill slowly building momentum. We must behave in ways that turn this snowball into a full-blown avalanche that buries federal tyranny forever.

The message to get out of this article is not one of sorrow or hopelessness. The fact that all of these bills were introduced is a great step in the right direction. More work just needs to be done. We are not where we need to be quite yet. It’s time to take out the trash. The cretins in the GOP must be taken down, and the constitutional patriots must reign. Then, we can nullify all Washington D.C. tyranny and the Republican-dominated state legislatures won’t be such a pathetic joke.

Michigan Should Make SCOTUS Irrelevant and Restore Marriage Freedom!

It has been a rough month for freedom lovers across the country. Sacred historical symbols are being purged as nine unelected, unaccountable, politically-connected lawyers in funny costumes run roughshod over the American ideals of decentralization and states rights. Institutional power is quite literally gunning for us, and we have been on the receiving end of that. It has not been pretty.

However, there is a glimmer of light within the darkness. More people believe in the legitimacy and necessity of nullification than ever before. A clear majority of Americans are on the side of states thumbing their noses at the federal government. People realize that Washington D.C. is hopelessly broken like never before. They know that big government won’t regulate itself, and that states need to step up to the plate and push back against the out-of-control rogue terrorist government operating on the banks of the Potomac.

There is no better issue for this to happen on than marriage. The Supreme Court recently opined that states must sanction gay marriages. This has made many people very angry. However, this controversial decision can be subverted through the doctrine of anti-commandeering. Because the federal government cannot lawfully force the states to act against their will, states can simply get out of the business of licensing marriages altogether. That way, it would go back to being a custom observed and sanctioned by the churches and the people rather than the heavy hands of the state.

By getting the government out of the picture, churches are given more autonomy and control. Any particular church would have the religious freedom to turn away couples that engage in behaviors against their beliefs. Some would call this discrimination and inequality. But there is nothing moral or decent about putting a gun to someone’s head and forcing them to violate their most cherished beliefs. That is something you would expect to see in Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany, not in the land of the free.

A common objection I have seen from patriotic individuals regarding marriage freedom is that this is somehow waving the white flag of surrender. They want the government to regulate marriage in their favor. It is very alluring to think that we can gain the levers of power, and impart our noble will on others. However, government regulation of marriage in actuality has been used as a weapon to destroy religious freedom. Big government is clearly doing no favors to people who hold traditional values, and it is doubtful that will ever change.

In lieu of these facts, isn’t it time to shift course? Instead of dancing with the devil, why don’t we just remove the devil from the equation altogether? Under the stewardship of big daddy government, marriage has gone from the bedrock foundation upon which our civilization was built into an fledgling, decaying institution. We must reject the notion that government needs to be involved in our sacred religious institutions. Government screws up everything it touches. We have fallen into the government’s trap and now we must remove ourselves from it.

The good news is that the movement toward marriage freedom has already begun at the state level. For once, I am proud to say that Michigan is among the states leading on this important issue. Introduced by Rep. Todd Courser (R-Lapeer) and Rep. Cindy Gamrat (R-Plainwell), House Bill 4733 (HB4733) would effectively return the institution of marriage to the church with ‘common law marriage’ being an alternative option for couples married in a non-religious setting. You can get more detailed info about this bill at THIS LINK. You can get specific action steps to support this bill HERE.

These are the types of reforms we need to enact. We need Christians to get on board with the removal of government power to protect religious freedom. Increasing government power hasn’t worked. It’s time to try something new. HB4733 is the first step toward getting government out of the way of marriage. Follow these simple action steps, and tell friends and family to do so as well. Together, we can show those robed tyrants in Washington D.C. that their nonsensical opinions are ineffectual.

Shane Trejo
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ACTION ALERT: Support Marriage Freedom in Michigan!


I have exciting news for you on the nullification front! A new bill in Lansing has been introduced that would end the mandatory licensing of marriages in the state, and return the institution of marriage where it belongs: the church.

Introduced by Rep. Todd Courser (R-Lapeer) and Rep. Cindy Gamrat (R-Plainwell), House Bill 4733 (HB4733) would effectively return the institution of marriage to the church with ‘common law marriage’ being an alternative option for couples married in a non-religious setting. You can get more detailed info about this bill at THIS LINK

“The Federal government is a government of limited power. Its role is supposed to be limited to those powers enumerated in the Federal Constitution, “Rep. Courser said in a public statement about his marriage legislation. “The states however are governments of general power and could properly regulate marriage and have done so in many instances over many years. If there is a role of government to play in marriage, it is at the State level not at the Federal level.”


HB4733 is in the House Governmental Operations Committee. It will need to be heard and pass through that committee before it can receive a full vote in the state House. Take the following action steps to support this important bill:

1) Call the following members of the House Governmental Operations Committee. Please call them as a call is far more effective than an e-mail.

Bradford Jacobsen (R) Committee Chair 517-373-1798
Michael Webber (R) Majority Vice-Chair 517-373-1773
Andrea LaFontaine (R) 517-373-8931
Tim Greimel (D) 517-373-0475
Sam Singh (D) 517-373-1786

2. Call Back – any NO or UNDECIDED – in 3-4 days. Make sure to follow-up. If they say YES, be sure to thank them and, if possible, announce their committed YES vote to email and social media contacts. If they say no, politely ask them why. Let them know you will be alerting your community about their dereliction of their duty if they refuse to support this important bill!

3. Spread the Word. Share this information widely by facebook, twitter, email and other social networks.

4. Report Back. Tell us how your actions went. Click the button below

A big thanks to Rep. Courser and Rep. Gamrat for leading on this important issue. Big government has destroyed the family and the institution of marriage. This bill is an excellent first step toward getting government out of marriage, and out of our sacred religious institutions for good!

Shane Trejo
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Rep. Runestad SPEAKS After Privacy Amendment Victory

Last week, we had a victory in the battle to protect our privacy rights from Big Brother. House Joint Resolution N, a measure that would allow voters to add protections for their electronic data and communications into the state constitution, passed unanimously in the House Criminal Justice Committee, 6-0.

Rep. Jim Runestad (R-White Lake) spoke out about the successful vote for his resolution afterward:

Although we won this round, the battle is not even close to being over. This measure, because it is a proposed constitutional amendment rather than a regular bill, must pass with a super-majority of TWO THIRDS to move through the state House and the state Senate successfully.

That means we must spring into action yet again, and make sure our House Reps understand that they MUST make the right decision and approve House Joint Resolution N.


1. Call your State House Representative.

Urge them to honor the oath that they took to support and defend the Constitution by co-sponsoring and supporting House Joint Resolution N! You can find their contact information HERE.

2. Call your State Senator

Urge them to honor the oath that they took to support and defend the Constitution by supporting House Joint Resolution N! The state Senate will need to approve it after the state House does. Make sure your senator is aware of this measure, and its importance. You can find their contact information HERE.

3. Urge others to do the same.

Forward this blog post to all your friends and family. Post it all over social media. Urge people to take these simple action steps. Let them know that their privacy rights are at stake, and they must act fast or the 4th Amendment may be lost forever!

For more information on House Joint Resolution N, check out a more in-depth blog post on the legislation. We actually have a measure gaining traction that would protect our rights in Lansing. Now the onus is upon us. We have to get behind HJRN and do the work to make sure it achieves success. Otherwise, Big Brother’s tentacles will continue to expand further into our day-to-day lives.

Shane Trejo
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Could Legalizing Weed be the Most Fiscally Conservative Policy Reform in History?

NOTE: This article was written on behalf of the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center by Kenneth Lloyd.

Patriotic Texas state representative, David Simpson (R – Longview) is once again fighting for liberty and fiscally responsible government. He introduced House Bill 2165, which would eliminate current provisions under the Health and Safety Code, the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, and the Tax Code to bring an end to Texas’s prohibition on marijuana. According to an official report about Texas’s fiscal situation, the state would save an estimate of a quarter of a billion dollars, if Rep. Simpson’s bill is signed into law.

According to FBI records, the overwhelming majority of people who are arrested for marijuana-related “crimes”, are jailed under state law. This means that Simpson’s bill would effectively nullify unconstitutional federal anti-marijuana “laws” in the state of Texas. On April 8, the state of Texas released a five-year fiscal analysis that explained the impact that this piece of legislation would have on the budget of the state. The analysis shows that, if the bill were to be enacted, Texas would save $22,913,736 during fiscal year 2016. It is estimated that for the fifth year of implementation of State Representative David Simpson’s legislation, Texas would save $53,525,942 in taxpayer money. If this bill was passed and signed into law, our precious liberty would be restored in Texas, and more revenue would be created to fund functions of state government.

It’s amazing to see how liberty can help to solve problems in a society. For example, just by nullifying unconstitutional federal involvement in marijuana issues, every state in the country will be able to free up revenue in order to fund the legitimate duties of state government. This insight holds true for the state of Michigan. And that is without a tax-and-regulate scheme. If we just legalize Mother Nature without any new government controls, we unleash a tidal wave of revenue and jobs instantly. This flies in the face of the liberal mantra that we need big daddy government to create jobs. We just need big daddy government to get out of the way, and this miraculous cash crop will put us back on the road to prosperity.

These developments beg the question: Could marijuana legalization be the most fiscally conservative reform in history? It just might be. It’s becoming harder and harder to see a downside to this reform with each passing day.

The most-recent election that took place in Michigan on May 5 perfectly illustrates the point I have made. The primary item on the ballot was Proposal 1. Proposal 1 included huge tax increases that were said to go toward repairing Michigan’s crumbling roads, among other things. Fortunately, the people of Michigan had the good sense to overwhelmingly vote against Proposal 1, as it represented an attack on Michiganders’ liberty to keep the fruits of their own labor. Now that Proposal 1 has been voted down, our lawmakers in Lansing are going to have to find another way to pay for Michigan’s road repairs. Rather than pursuing legislation that would take more hard-earned money from the hard working people of Michigan to fix our roads, the Republican-controlled state legislature should imitate what Texas is considering doing. Michigan Republicans should legalize marijuana and use the savings that would result from eliminating the costs on the enforcement of anti-marijuana laws in order to repair our crumbling roads!

Call up your state legislators, and urge them to FULLY legalize marijuana. No taxes. No regulations. Just freedom.

‘Runestad Privacy Amendment’ Gets Outstanding Reception in First Committee Hearing


The ball continues to move forward for liberty. We had a committee hearing this week for the Runestad Privacy Amendment a.k.a. HJRN. The hearing went very well with the overwhelming majority of the attending speakers supporting the bill. The only speaker who didn’t support the bill spoke in opposition because he felt the bill didn’t go far enough! However, HJRN can act as the catalyst spurring many more substantive privacy bills to be enacted at a later date – similar to the miracle that has happened in Arizona since they amended their constitution to re-affirm the right to nullify last year.

I was proud to give the following testimony in favor of the bill:


My name is Shane Trejo, and I am the State Director of the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center. We are an activist organization that works to keep government power within its appropriate Constitutional boundaries. I am speaking in support of House Joint Resolution N, and I think it is an excellent first step toward stopping a pervasive system of limitless spying that, if left unchecked, could quite conceivably destroy our 4th Amendment privacy rights forever.

A federal court ruled just last week that the NSA’s bulk spying program was illegal, and they did so for good reason. Whether you support what Edward Snowden did or not when he leaked sensitive information about the NSA in 2013, his revelations have yielded conclusive proof showing that the federal government operates with no regard to the 4th Amendment of the Constitution. Because of Snowden, we now have an accurate glimpse of what is going on in the world of national security, and it is devastating to our rights.

Direct evidence has emerged of the NSA tapping into the servers of Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft and other prominent internet companies to intercept electronic data. Direct evidence has emerged of the NSA intercepting an excess of 200 million text messages per day for their massive database. Direct evidence has emerged of the NSA collecting an astounding 5 Billion Records of Mobile Phone Location data per day. It was also revealed that the NSA Stores the Metadata for Millions of internet Users for up to a Year. I could go on for hours talking about the myriad of ways that the NSA preys upon our rights. In spite of this knowledge being public, there have been no reforms. Congress is unwilling to act. Sadly, the only consequence from Edward Snowden’s leaks has been for the government to more rapidly implement its illicit spying operation.

This information is relevant because much of the spying that the NSA and other federal bureaucracies are engaged in relies largely upon state help. The federal government has partnered with state and local governments to aid in their spying operation. Through the formerly secret Special Operations Division, information illegally gathered by the NSA is filtered to law enforcement and used in criminal investigations. According to a 2013 Reuters report that exposed the Special Operations Division to the world, very little of this information is used to combat terrorism. In addition, many private corporations and institutions of higher learning have entered into agreements with the NSA to assist them with data sharing and information gathering. This incestuous network of unconstitutional behavior will only be brought to an end when the people stand up and say no more.

We must never accept that our rights are merely a remnant of a long begotten past. They are our birthright, and we must fight to keep them. We must never accept this wholly un-American notion that we should relinquish all of our rights because government tells us it is necessary, especially in this particular case when the federal government has been found by the courts to be acting unlawfully.

HJRN gives the public a choice to protect their privacy rights. It would allow the voters of this great state to modernize the Michigan state constitution by including specific protections for electronic data and communications. It would make it abundantly clear to state officials that electronic data and communications cannot be accessed without a warrant. In an age where our Constitutional freedoms are constantly being eroded, we have a golden opportunity to reverse our slide into totalitarianism this morning. As technology advances, our rights will only be further jeopardized. We must act while there is still time to send a powerful message that the human rights of Michigan residents will always be protected, no matter what.

We cannot afford to make the same mistakes that other countries have made – ignoring the warning signs and choosing to do nothing when there was still time to act. Thankfully, we still live in a country that has divided powers, and it is possible for us to take measures at the state level to re-affirm our rights. That is what we can do today. HJRN is a good first step toward restoring our rights, and making sure they are preserved in the digital age. I urge you all to pass HJRN today. Thank you.

Although we at the Tenth Amendment Center typically don’t put much weight into federal court rulings, I mentioned the fact that the federal court ruled against the NSA last week to make the point of the agency’s clear criminality. When notoriously corrupt judges opine that a federal bureaucracy is out of line, it must REALLY be out of control and worthy of state-level attention.

And that is exactly what the NSA is – a menace worthy of every action to be taken to stop it at the state level. The Runestad Privacy Amendment (HJRN) is the first step toward us doing just that. But what we have to do right now is make sure that this measure gets a clean vote in the House Criminal Justice Committee. Our ‘public servants’ in Lansing have been known to sit on good privacy bills to kill them, and we must be vigilant to make sure it doesn’t happen in this case.

We are happy to work alongside Michigan Campaign for Liberty in this grassroots battle. They have produced an action alert urging the following legislators who sit on the House Criminal Justice Committee to be aggressively lobbied with phone calls from concerned citizens. We must call these legislators up, let them know we are watching, and politely urge them to do the right thing!

Tenthers, we must act to make sure these legislators’ phones ring off the hook until they pledge publicly to support HJRN and co-sponsor the important privacy amendment:

Michael Webber (R) – (517) 373-1773
Peter Lucido (R) – (517) 373-0843
Stephanie Chang (D) – (517) 373-0823
Vanessa Guerra (D) – (517) 373-0152

Our privacy rights will be protected, but only if we act now and do what we have to do to push HJRN forward. I will be calling these legislators, and I hope you join me. Tell your friends and family to do the same as well. Together, we can protect our electronic data and poke Big Brother right in its peering eye.

Shane Trejo
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The ‘Runestad Privacy Amendment’ Would Modernize the Bill of Rights, Rebuke Big Brother in Michigan!


Michigan has finally stepped into the fold of the budding nullification movement. A resolution has been introduced that would allow voters to add protections for electronic data and communications into the state constitution. This could have ramifications that goes up the line to the federal level. A similar measure passed in Missouri last year, and was approved by a whopping 75 percent of voters. We must duplicate that success here.

The proposed amendment (HJRN) has already received nearly 30 bipartisan co-sponsors and would alter the Michigan Bill of Rights to read as follows:

The person, houses, papers, and possessions, and electronic data and communications of every person shall be secure from unreasonable searches and seizures. No warrant to search any place or to seize any person or things or to access electronic data or communciations shall issue without describing them, nor without probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation. The provisions of this section shall not be construed to bar from evidence in any criminal proceeding any narcotic drug, firearm, bomb, explosive or any other dangerous weapon, seized by a peace officer outside the curtilage of any dwelling house in this state.

While a state constitutional amendment only binds state agencies and not the federal government, the amendment will protect Michigan residents from a practical effect of federal spying.

By prohibiting state agents from “accessing” warrantless electronic data, it makes such data gathered by federal agencies such as the NSA and shared with state and local law enforcement inadmissible in state criminal proceedings. This protection will remain in place for Michiganders even if federal courts ultimately put the seal of approval on warrantless data collection by the NSA and other federal agencies.

That the NSA and other federal agencies pass illegally gathered information to state and local law enforcement isn’t mere speculation. We know for a fact it happens.

As revealed in a Reuters report in the summer of 2013, the a formerly secret DEA unit known as the Special Operations Division (SOD) passes information collected without warrant by the NSA and other agencies to state and local law enforcement. In most cases, this information has nothing to do with terrorism, but related to everyday criminal cases. Federal agencies also almost certainly give warrantless information to state and local governments via Fusion Centers. These facilitate the exchange of information between state, local and federal agencies and make up part of the Information Sharing Environment (ISE), a consortium that includes the NSA, FBI, Department of Defense and many others. Fusion Centers “contribute to the ISE through their role in receiving threat information from the federal government.” In other words, they serve as one of the primary means of passing warrantless information along from federal to state and local agencies.

Our can’t stop the federal government from violating the Constitution and basic privacy rights, but the Runestad privacy amendment does provide a mechanism to keep illegally gathered data out of state courts.


The bill will be heard at the following date and time:

Date: Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Time: 9:00 a.m.
Place: House Criminal Justice Committee, Room 327, House Office Building, Lansing, MI

Rep. Jim Runestad (R-White Lake) was elected last November, and he is actually living up to his oath. We should show up, dress well, and support his effort. There will be opposition, but it won’t hold up if we are vigilant. Spread the word, and show up to the committee hearing on Tuesday. Your privacy rights may depend upon it.

If you cannot attend the committee hearing, don’t worry. You can still make some calls from home. Call up all these legislators, and politely urge them to push forward HJRN through the House Criminal Justice Committee and give it a full vote in the state House:

Kurt Heise (R) Committee Chairman – 517-373-3816
Michael Webber (R) Majority Vice Chair – 517-373-1773
Vanessa Guerra (D) Minority Vice Chair – (517) 373-0152
Martin Howrylak (R) – 517-373-1783
Todd Courser (R) – 517-373-1800
Peter Lucido (R) – 517-373-0843
Marcia Hovey-Wright (D) – (517) 373-2646
Stephanie Chang (D) – (517) 373-0823

I will be delivering testimony to the House Criminal Justice Committee on behalf of the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center on Tuesday. I hope to see you there fighting alongside me for our sacred freedom.

Shane Trejo
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The Arizona Blueprint: Amending the State Constitution to Fight Federal Overreach

NOTE: This article was written on behalf of the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center by Kenneth Lloyd.

At a time when the American people are having their liberty trampled upon and discarded by perhaps the most rule-breaking president in American history, it is encouraging to see that nullification movement is showing signs of success. Although Michigan may be lagging behind, this phenomenon is gaining momentum in state legislatures across the country. We must follow in their footsteps if we are to preserve freedom, and smack down Obama’s unconstitutional schemes.

Despite the fact that some of the people who oppose the notions of independence and decentralized power like to describe proponents of nullification as being radical, extreme or fringe, America’s Founding Fathers considered it to be a valuable tool for the people to use to protect themselves from federal government tyranny. One of those Founding Fathers was the “Father of the Constitution” James Madison. In Federalist #46, James Madison wrote: “… should an unwarrantable measure of the federal government be unpopular in particular States… refusal to co-operate with the officers of the Union… would present obstructions which the federal government would hardly be willing to encounter.”

Madison was saying that, when the federal government acts in an unconstitutional manner, refusal on the part of the governments of the several states to cooperate with that violation would effectively thwart to evil impact that the violation would have on the liberties of the people. One would only have to observe the way Congressional Republican leaders like U.S. House Speaker John Boehner and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell work alongside Pres. Obama to destroy our rights to come to the conclusion that we cannot continue to count on the idea that voting for either side in federal elections will help to restore and protect our liberty. Instead of voting for the red team or the blue team, we should take Thomas Jefferson’s advice. He called nullification ‘the rightful remedy.’ It is past time to take this remedy and run with it.

The nullification approach to fighting federal tyranny advocated by the Tenth Amendment Center is based on a legal doctrine known as the anti-commandeering doctrine. One of the first U.S. Supreme Court cases that helped to establish the anti-commandeering rule was Prigg v. Pennsylvania. In that case, Justice Joseph Story held that it was illegal for the federal government to force of the states to help implement and execute the Fugitive Slave Act of 1790. He stated the following:

It might well be an unconstitutional exercise of the power of interpretation, to insist that the states are bound to provide means to carry into effect the duties of the national government, nowhere delegated or entrusted to them by the Constitution

In Arizona, voters approved Prop. 122 last year that follows the advice laid out by James Madison and in the Prigg v. Pennsylvania ruling. The proposal gives the Arizona state government the power to “pass referendums, bills or use other legal means to end cooperation with unconstitutional federal acts.” It essentially put the anti-commandeering doctrine into the Arizona state constitution, giving additional credibility and notoriety to the idea. What has resulted has been an avalanche of bills in the state of Arizona that have challenged the antiquated notion of federal supremacy like never before.

During this year’s legislative session, we have seen bills emerge in Arizona that would thwart unlawful federal executive orders, block Obamacare enforcement, nullify Common Core, block all unlawful federal rules and regulations, stop EPA mandates and nullify federal gun control. These bills are moving through committee assignments quickly and receiving affirmative votes in their legislative chambers. Putting the anti-commandeering doctrine into the state constitution has stifled critics, and helped these important bills to gain traction. Other states are following in Arizona’s heroic footsteps as well.

In Oklahoma, there is a proposed amendment to their state constitution that would “establish that the ‘state may exercise its sovereign authority to restrict the actions of its personnel and the use of its financial resources to purposes that are inconsistent with the Constitution’”. In Texas, House Bill 1751 was introduced by Texas State Representative David Simpson (R – Longview) to create a formal process allowing Texans to cut off financial support to the federal government when they act in an unconstitutional manner. It would also empower the Texas legislature with the authority to “interpose itself between the federal government and persons in this state to oppose the federal government in the execution and enforcement of federal law.” A similar measure introduced in North Dakota was even approved by the state House demonstrating the growing momentum behind this idea.

Michigan legislators desperately needs to follow in the footsteps of these trailblazing states. Freedom activists must demand that their legislators introduce a bill or propose a Constitutional amendment to re-affirm the validity of the anti-commandeering doctrine similar to Arizona Prop. 122. This would allow We the People of Michigan to exercise our right under this provision by amending our state’s constitution to include a provision that would “establish that the ‘state may exercise its sovereign authority to restrict the actions of its personnel and the use of its financial resources to purposes that are inconsistent with the [U.S.] Constitution’’. By reclaiming our state sovereignty, we can preserve our liberty for future generations. However, it won’t happen without your help. Get on the horn with your state legislators, and demand that they uphold their oath to the Constitution.

You can find your legislator’s contact information HERE. You can find more information about Arizona Prop. 122, the Arizona Rejection of Unconstitutional Federal Actions Amendment HERE.