Rick ‘Road Pimp’ Snyder Wants More of Your Hard-Earned Cash

All around Michigan, the roads are crumbling. They have been a public safety hazard and a major inconvenience to drivers throughout Michigan for many months now. They have made one of the most brutal winters in recent history that much worse, and there is one man who is personally responsible for all of this needless misery we have been suffering: Governor Rick Snyder

He’s the guy who is sitting on a near billion dollar budget surplus. However, he isn’t going to spend a dime of that money on the roads. He and his progressive cohorts in the Republican Party have made the conscious decision to take the roads hostage in a pathetic attempt to get a higher gas tax.

Raising the gas tax has been a personal fetish for Governor Snyder for quite some time now. He feels that the price at the pump is just too low for you and your family. He thinks he and his army of bureaucrats in Lansing can spend your money better than you can. That’s why he’s juicing you out of your hard-earned cash, and he’s willing to let your driving experience be a nightmare until you cry uncle and give him his cut.

Snyder and his minions will throw out buzzwords like ‘revenue-neutral’ to try and dupe his followers into compliance with his schemes, but it’s kind of hard to pull the wool over people’s eyes when it is widely recognized that Michigan has a surplus. Snyder even brags about the surplus when he’s not pleading to take more of your money to fix the roads in a show of doublespeak that would make Dictator Obama proud. However, in spite of the nerd’s bluster, Michigan residents know he is sitting on a bundle of cash and refuses to spend any of it on the roads.

Somehow, Gov. Snyder has the nerve to proclaim his fiscal responsibility as the roads crumble and Detroit receives a big bailout. Apparently he resides in the same alternate universe as Obama. The universe where nothing matters except the P.R. spin concocted by your regime. As long as there is some lame ad of Snyder puffing out his chest and proclaiming Michigan to be the ‘comeback state,’ everything is fine. Lord Snyder doesn’t give a damn if the lowly peons suffer, as long as his own power and prestige are protected.

It has become crystal clear what Rick Snyder is all about. He is the kind of guy who would blow through many millions to expand Medicaid and implement Obamacare while refusing to fix the roads in order to inflict pain upon Michigan taxpayers for refusing his gas tax scheme. This is the same type of behavior Obama showed during last year’s government shutdown, forcing veterans off of national monuments to make the public pay for his own profligacy and incompetence. Snyder and Obama are shown yet again to be peas in a pod.

Snyder loves to parrot Obama’s propaganda on everything from taxes to Obamacare to Common Core to the wage gap. That is because he is the king of the Republicans in Name Only. He ran Republican so he could get the power. Now, he takes Obama’s blood money to destroy your children’s health care. He walks hand in hand with Obama’s education secretary pushing Obama’s 1984-style takeover of the education system. He is selling Michigan’s future down the river for a taste of Obama’s ill-gotten spoils.

If Snyder had any class, he would have joined RINOs Mike Rogers and Dave Camp and ran from the office with his tail between his legs. But he doesn’t have any class. So he will keep going out there, strutting around, shaking hands, kissing babies and telling everyone that he’s a conservative. Why? Because he’s a tyrant. Because he has no respect for his constituents. Because he’s a self-serving scumbag in the same vein as Obama. Remember that the next time you drive over a street that looks like a bomb was just dropped upon it.

The OffNow Campaign to Nullify NSA Comes to Michigan!

The 4th Amendment Protection Act has been officially introduced in the Michigan State House of Representatives!

On Mar. 20, Rep. Tom McMillin (R-Rochester) introduced HB5420 to safeguard the privacy rights of Michigan residents from unwarranted spying. If passed, the bill would stop state material support and compliance with all unconstitutional federal surveillance measures, prevent illegally-gathered information from being used in criminal and civil prosecutions in the state of Michigan, stop Michigan universities from partnering with the NSA, and deny state contracts to the NSA’s corporate collaborators.

The bill has garnered bipartisan support with 6 Republican sponsors and 5 Democratic sponsors right out of the gate. In today’s polarized political climate, it is refreshing to see government officials from both sides of the aisle recognizing the dangerousness of the NSA’s pervasive spying operation. We at the Tenth Amendment Center and are working on a trans-partisan coalition at the state and local levels of government to fight civil liberties abuses, and HB5420 is evidence that our ideas are beginning to take root within Michigan politics.

This is fantastic news because only bills like HB5420 will stop the NSA and other rogue federal agencies from continuously assaulting the Bill of Rights. Petitioning our federal government to address the problem and regulate itself simply will not happen. If the NSA’s web of deceit being exposed to the public by the great whistleblower Edward Snowden didn’t get them to change, nothing well. Exposure only emboldens the NSA to ramp up its unlawful spying campaign. That is why it is important for us to act now away from the Washington D.C. sewer, and support legislation at the state level like HB5420 that can protect us.

The OffNow campaign to stop the NSA from commandeering our resources and manpower has been a smashing success thus far, as we have had bills introduced in over a dozen states and we have received glowing national press coverage. I am proud of Rep. McMillin for once again demonstrating the courage to lead the way in the fight to reclaim our freedom. His introduction of the 4th Amendment Protection Act will hopefully alert many Michiganders to their duty of resistance against federal tyranny.

Supporting HB5420 is easier than you think. We have prepared simple action steps at our state-of-the-art Tracking and Action Center to make it as easy for you as possible to aid in the passage of this bill. Sometimes a mere 10-15 calls are all that is needed to move a bill forward. Your voice can make a difference and can help put a stop to the NSA’s illegal spying operation. Please visit the Michigan Action Page for HB5420 and spread the word to family and friends about this important development for liberty.

Tenth Amendment Center’s Mike Maharrey to Address Hundreds of Grassroots Conservatives Saturday


I have some great news for you! A large number of conservative activists will soon be invigorated with the Spirit of 1798 as the Tenth Amendment Center’s communications director Mike Maharrey will be giving a speech Saturday at the latest Grassroots Powwow event at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mount Pleasant.

Mike Maharrey, author of Our Last Hope, is one of the most eloquent defenders of freedom around today. He’s written countless articles that have provided clarity to the political landscape and put the nullification deniers in their place. He gives a fantastic speech and is always working to reclaim the moral high ground on behalf of decentralized government advocates. Check him out:

It will be hard for conservatives not to be fired up after hearing something like that! In addition to giving a speech, he will also be apart of a panel discussion with the Founder of People Against the N.D.A.A, Daniel Johnson and Dennis Marburger of PANDA Michigan. These two patriots were instrumental in getting the Take Back The Town campaign going in Michigan. They helped Oakland County to pass an anti-NDAA resolution in 2012, and are tirelessly working to get as many grassroots activists involved in the fight against indefinite detention as possible. After hearing from these three constitutional heavyweights, the conservative activists will certainly learn a great deal of knowledge to help them ward off propaganda from the Mark Levin’s of the world.

The Grassroots Powwow represents the changing of the guard within the conservative movement. No longer will federal bootlickers be able to claim the banner of conservatism. Constitutionalists that believe in a consistent application of the rule of law are taking the throne within the GOP, and there’s nothing that the old crony capitalist Republican guard can do about it. I attended the last Grassroots Powwow and had an excellent time. The importance of rebelling against the corrupt Republican Party establishment was fundamentally stressed. This one looks to be even bigger and better with more high-profile speakers and organizations attending. It is truly an exciting time to be a constitutional conservative in Michigan!

The conservatives at this event will not be let down. They will be hearing the unfettered truth about what their criminal government is doing to them, and will be given the blueprint for how they can step up and save freedom in the Republic once and for all. Hopefully, we can look back at this weekend as the turning point for liberty in Michigan. Nullification can not only save us from indefinite detention but from intolerable programs like Common Core and Obamacare that are shoved down our throats by both political parties as well. Let us hope that this is the beginning of a powerful political coalition of folks finally ready to listen to the Founding Fathers and do what is necessary to keep America free.

Mark Manier: Tenther Running for State House in Michigan’s 27th District

Recently, I had the honor of interviewing Mark Manier, a Republican candidate for the State House of Representatives in Michigan’s 27th District serving Metropolitan Detroit. He is not your typical candidate for office. Instead of being your usual power-crazed sociopath, he is a liberty-minded fellow who cares deeply about the future of freedom in America. Here is what Mark had to say about his foray into the political sewer:

Thank you for your time, Mark! How did you get interested in politics?

Mark Manier: I graduated from Oakland University with a political science degree and a minor in history back in 2012. While I was at OU, I interned with Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. Later, I became a regional coordinator and met a lot of people from Campaign for Liberty. Growing up, my parents were quite libertarian. They didn’t support traditional politics but still passively supported the major parties. I had libertarian attitudes but didn’t quite figure it out until 2009 when I found Judge Napolitano and later Ron Paul. Then I got into Friedman, Hayek and Rothbard for economics. It was just so obvious after I discovered it.

Why run for public office now?

MM: I think the time is right. It seems like everything is moving in our direction. People are waking up and shaking off their party’s doctrine. I feel there is more enthusiasm about looking at individual candidates and new ideas, rather than just mindlessly following the party line. I want to be out there as an activist and a candidate spreading important ideas about liberty. The more people hear the message, the more they’ll wake up, the more they’ll come our way. I feel like I can accelerate this process with my political campaign.

What do you hope to ultimately accomplish with your political run?

MM: To bring some folks along with us. It’s 70+ percent democrat in my district. Going door to door and having events can wake people up. Even though we may not win the election, we can wake up many people along the way. Getting the ideas out there and getting the public more comfortable with them is how we can ensure victory in the future. Our concepts are becoming more attractive to people as the government continues to falter.

How have people responded to your ideas and beliefs thus far?

MM: Positively. I don’t get wound up or lose my temper very easily. I try to get the feel of the group I’m in and what would be most attractive about the liberty message to them. Once you break the ice, I find that the public is usually open to thinking differently about complicated and difficult issues. I try to stay away from issues that are more controversial. I feel like people will tune you out when you say something that really upsets them. So I try to be very careful about broaching topics. If you are careful, they’re pretty willing to listen. You just have to make an effort.

How did you get involved in the Republican Party?

MM: Both parties are always working to undermine the parts of the Constitution that they don’t like, and I feel like that needs to stop. After the 2012 election, I took Ron Paul’s advice and joined the Republican Party because they’re more tolerant to the liberty message. They say a lot of what we say, we just mean it. Once we get in there, the voters will like us. They will like the fact that we can actually live up to the popular rhetoric. It seems like we’re definitely making strides in that regard.

Do you hope to change anything about the Republican Party?

MM: I think the Republican Party is not competitive or viable in the future unless they change big time. What we need to do to bring back life into it is promote libertarianism. We don’t really want to change the message as much as we want to change the integrity of the politicians. We want people who actually live up to their word and don’t stab their constituents in the back. Many Republicans also demonize certain groups, and that needs to be changed. We need Republicans to stop talking at people and start talking to people. We need to have a rational discussion about the issues, instead of just demonizing the left. We have to make our party attractive, not paint the other party as unattractive.

What is your opinion on state sovereignty?

MM: Unless it is specifically laid out in the Constitution, the federal government is not legally allowed to do it. Most issues should be left up to the states, but decisions should be made as locally as possible. Ideally, the feds could intervene to protect states rights or individual liberty from blatant abuses. That would be something I would support. For example, California and Connecticut have unconstitutional gun registration schemes in the works. It would be nice for the feds to step in to remedy that situation to protect firearm rights. However, that’s not likely to happen because the feds are usually the main violators of our rights. Voters are starting to understand that there are tremendous constitutional violations coming from the federal government. The only real way to protect ourselves from them is through nullification.

Which federal laws do you think most need to be nullified?

MM: First and foremost, indefinite detention as apart of the 2012 NDAA. It’s so unbelievably unconstitutional. Justice cannot exist in a country where the leader claims the ability to kidnap and torture people for whatever reason they come up with. The drug war also should be nullified. The DEA shouldn’t be allowed in Michigan to disrespect the constitution and states rights on an issue like medical marijuana. Basically, we need to do everything we can to protect individual liberty at the state level. I’d like to see the IRS nullified too, frankly.

What does the 10th Amendment mean to you?

MM: The 10th Amendment means that government works best when it is as local as possible, and the federal government does not have the ability to govern outside of what the Constitution explicitly permits. More things should be done on the state level rather than the federal level. Controversial issues should generally be left to the states, and the federal government’s power should be far more limited than it is right now.

What do you think of Rick Snyder’s decision to expand Medicaid?

MM: I don’t really support anything Snyder has done, to be honest. He’s a typical establishment politician trying to buy votes. He has no allegiance to anything but himself. He acts like he’s doing you a favor by expanding Medicaid, but it’s just a shell game. He’s really robbing you and trying to play it off like he’s doing you a favor. Social welfare programs are the least offensive government programs to me, but they are still wasting people’s money.

Thanks to Mark Manier for letting us interview him and for spreading the message of liberty throughout the 27th District. If he gets into the State House, we’ll have another voice that stands against Obamacare, Common Core, capricious tax hikes and the rest of Gov. Snyder’s liberal agenda. Regardless of whether he wins or not, more people will hear the unvarnished truth about the important political issues of our day (including Nullification) and the groundwork will be laid for a freer Republic.

‘Snydernomics’ Explained

As this year’s election comes closer, we are seeing campaigns beginning to ramp up. Many elections are tremendously important this year. More defenders of liberty are running for office than ever before. Nick Sundquist, Jim Runestad, Mark Manier, Tom McMillin and others are running for seats in the state legislature and deserve our wholehearted support. However, the gubernatorial race isn’t one of them. The choice is virtually non-existent.

The Michigan Democratic challenger to Rick Snyder is practically indistinguishable to his opponent. They may advertise their small differences and lie about how they are bitter rivals to create the illusion that there is an actual choice, but that is all political theater. When you examine Snyder’s record rather than his rhetoric, you can see that he doesn’t come close to being a conservative. As a matter of fact, conservatives should be deeply offended that this imposter is parading around as if he is one.

Snyder and his underlings do their best to make it difficult for voters to separate fact from fiction. They want to obfuscate Snyder’s abysmal record as governor so he can get another term of ravaging the Michigan taxpayer. That is why I have taken the time to write this article and expose the truth about what Snyder has accomplished over the past four years. I will help you understand what ‘Snydernomics’ is all about, and why it must be vehemently resisted for Michigan conservatism to maintain its credibility and honor.


A hallmark of the Snyder regime is flagrant disrespect of the Michigan taxpayer. The most egregious example of this was the announcement of his Detroit bailout. In this plan, Snyder went out of his way to protect Detroit’s extremely expensive art collection and wasn’t shy about milking the taxpayer to do so. The city’s art, modestly appraised as being worth hundreds of millions of dollars, could easily be sold so pension commitments could be honored. Instead, the delinquent government that issues million dollar payouts for ‘beard discrimination’ now gets few hundred million dollars more in taxpayer cash to play with. All this while Snyder tries to impose an internet sales tax, increase licensure fees and hike gas taxes as well. For Snyder, these actions are par for the course. He’s always ecstatic to buy votes with your money. If saving the art makes a demographic of incredibly idiotic voters show up at the polls and vote for him, Snyder is more than happy to loot your bank account in order to make that happen.

Snyder also infamously expanded Medicaid last year. As a matter of fact, he was the primary force behind getting it passed. He even went as far to rush home from his Israel trip, cutting it short in a show of disrespect to our nation’s closest ally, just to make a frantic last-minute attempt to twist people’s arms and expend political capital so Obamacare could be implemented. Unfortunately for us, he was successful. Thanks directly to him, Obamacare is being inflicted upon you and your family with the help of the Michigan state government. While states such as South Carolina and Georgia take decisive action to stop Obama’s health care takeover, Snyder and his cronies in the Michigan GOP usher it in. This is completely inexcusable.

Now he plays it all off like it is little more than water under the bridge. No biggie, he says. Well, maybe it isn’t a big deal for you sitting in your giant mansion counting your heaps of dirty money from special interests. But it is a big deal for the people who have lost their insurance such as Julie Boonstra. She may lose her life because of Obamacare. Snyder never gave a damn about that woman or anyone else. He just saw the federal cash and took the payoff like the typical money-grubbing, soulless, bureaucratic turd that he is. He also claimed that expanding Medicaid would make us more healthy. Snyder was able to spew this dubious claim that is unsubstantiated by any evidence ad infinitum with a straight face, demonstrating sociopathic tendencies that will be further addressed later in this column.

Has Michigan gotten any healthier since then? Probably not, but more people have been thrown into the Medicaid program that is already tens of trillions in the red as a result of Snyder’s actions. However, the people getting those new benefits are more likely to vote for Snyder in November. The terrible, budget-crippling burden will be borne long after Snyder leaves office. By then, he’ll have already used Michigan as a stepping stone for a more prestigious office and ditched this place like it was a bad habit. We’ll be the ones that have to suffer while big bucks are funneled into his coffers. In the mean time, Snyder keeps strutting around like he’s a conservative champion and will continue to do so as long as the sorry Michigan Republican Party tolerates it.

Let us not forget his education policy. The governor is an avid supporter of Common Core. As a matter of fact, he went on a tour with Education Secretary Arne Duncan across Michigan last year to promote the standards. This is open collusion with the enemy that we are supposed to applaud as ‘bipartisanship.’ But once again, Snyder doesn’t have to deal with the ill-effects of Common Core. His children will never have to deal with the decaying public school system in any way, shape or form. His children will never be subjected to the hellish Common Core testing regime. They’ll never be poked and prodded for information that goes to the Orwellian federal database. Snyder cares only about appeasing the establishment so he can grease the wheels for his own political ambitions. It is why he never challenges the regime on anything substantial. He doesn’t care about the long-term impact Common Core will have on your children. By the time they are dumbed down and fully conditioned to live in 1984, he’ll have hightailed it out of here.


Snyder has also shown himself to be a dear friend of the progressives. To him, words are far more important than actions. When Michigan Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema made some controversial statements on his social media account, Snyder echoed the sentiments of the LGBTQ community and publicly released a strict condemnation. Snyder’s Republican Party is one where selling out your constituents out, destroying their health care, taking Obama’s blood money and pissing on the Constitution is just fine while making politically incorrect comments is not to be tolerated. I suppose that is one area where Snyder does deserve praise. He is great at never speaking genuinely or doing anything that isn’t totally politically calculated. That way, it is easier for Snyder to avoid criticism as he throws your children’s future down the drain to enrich and empower himself and his masters.

A Republican Party dominated by the likes of Snyder would have all of the dissenters thrown out. Those pesky tea partiers who care about the Constitution? Gone. Libertarians who care about the economic well-being of the country? Gone. Anyone who is intelligent enough to question the Republican Party establishment’s dogma would be thrown to the wolves. No diversity of opinion would be allowed. Only automatons so brainless as to think that the expansion of Medicaid will make Michigan healthier would be allowed to stay. Sycophantic vapidness is what Snyder demands out of his constituents. That is why he is so enthusiastic about rolling out the red carpet for progressives to enter the party.

Snyder is very similar to President Obama in his narcissistic, ego-driven nature. He brags about Michigan’s success like he is the one personally responsible for it. He paints the picture that Michigan was single-handedly pulled out of the dumps because of his dictates, rather than the creativity and the ingenuity of Michiganders. He also takes credit for the passage of Right to Work laws when he was originally against it and only supported it when he absolutely had to. The Hubristic nature of Snyder is endemic of all corrupt RINOs and progressives who attribute America’s greatness to their wielding of political power.


Now that we have considered Snyder’s official record, many questions remain for his supporters. They include: Are you a sucker? Are you a fool? Are you going to let yourself be conned by a sniveling, pencil-necked nerd? Are you going to let Snyder laugh all the way to the bank after he has repeatedly put the knife in your back? Are you going to reward Obama collaborators within the Republican Party or are you going to punish them? Make no mistake about it – If you reward Snyder’s repeated appeasement of the Obama regime, you are no better than the scum in Washington D.C. that is destroying the country.

If you want this type of inexcusable behavior to come to a screeching halt, there is a simple plan of action that would be immediately effective: Don’t give a dime to him. Don’t give a moment of your time to him. Let the teachers unions, health insurance industry and the other special interest groups that he serves pay for his re-election because there is no difference between he and the other progressive running for governor this year. There are good politicians out there who deserve your time, effort and money. Snyder is not one of them. Don’t reward a man who killed your children’s future. If your lack of support costs him his power and prestige, the precedent will be set that a politician cannot betray you without receiving dire repercussions in the next election. It will be a much needed long-term victory that will keep politicians from treating you like a doormat ever again.

The power is in your hands. By voting for Snyder, you prove that you are a sap. By working to get him re-elected, you prove that you are too craven to hold politicians accountable for their actions. By sending him money, you prove your worthlessness as a constitutional conservative. The tired mantra of ‘but at least he’s not a Democrat’ simply does not cut it anymore. Our country is hanging by a thread, and that won’t change unless we get our political house in order. Re-electing a candidate who has proven himself to be a politically-calculated, dishonest schemer proves that we deserve to lose our country to tyranny. Because if we can’t stand up to a wimpy little geek like Snyder, there is zero chance that we would be able to stand up to tyranny. Please find your backbone and show this bum the door before he does even more damage to us and our posterity.

Introducing the Nullify NDAA Action Center to Take Back Our Towns!


The fight against indefinite detention has just begun. When President Obama signed the 2012 NDAA on December 31, 2011 (which is still in effect today), it was a declaration of war on free Americans. The federal government expected their codification of tyranny into law to go unnoticed while people celebrated the new year. They expected the people to be distracted from the secret coup that was taking place against the Constitution and for them to pay no attention to their treasonous behavior. What the feds found instead was a nation galvanized in loathing and contempt for them and their attempted dictatorship.

Over the past two years, we have seen many activists demonstrate their rights in various ways. Through letter-writing campaigns, knocking on doors, protests, phone calls, grassroots organizing, citizen lobbying efforts, and impassioned pleas before town councils, county commissions and state legislatures, we have made our presence known in Michigan and across the country. We have seen several successes that should make us proud. In 2012, we saw Oakland and Allegan counties pass resolutions rebuking indefinite detention. Last year, SB94 was passed to stop state compliance with military officials should they indefinitely detain Michigan citizens under the onerous provisions of the 2012 NDAA. This is a good start, but not nearly enough to protect us from the upcoming onslaught of federal tyranny.

That means we have to redouble our efforts in 2014. The federal government does not unlawfully usurp these powers not to use them. We have already seen them stockpile jawdropping amounts of guns and ammo for domestic government agencies, release scurrilous propaganda depicting their political opposition as potential terrorists without evidence and conduct military drills in cities across America. The writing on the wall is becoming more difficult to deny with every passing day. We cannot settle for a mere non-compliance bill being passed in Lansing. We need to have state officials interpose themselves against federal kidnappers who try to enforce this intolerable act. Accepting anything less would be akin to desecrating the Founding Fathers who risked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor so we could have these basic freedoms.

It is not an easy task that lies in front of us. We are dealing with a state legislature that was too craven to stand up against Medicaid expansion and the implementation of the horribly unpopular Obamacare law. That is why we must work from the ground up to take the NDAA on. Only by alerting their constituents about the horrors of indefinite detention will we be able to force the bums in Lansing to act. That is why we are getting organized and working at the local level to Take Back Our Towns. In conjunction with the Michigan Chapter of People Against the NDAA, we are taking resolutions and ordinances to local municipalities to wake up as many public officials and Michigan residents as possible to what the government is doing to our rights.

If we can wake enough people up and get enough cities to pass measures, we force the hands of the Lansing bureaucrats. That is our blueprint for getting nullification bills passed, and it begins with you. We do everything we can to provide resources that make things as easy as possible for you to battle Leviathan. Our new Nullify NSA Action Page is packed full of them. We have the ready-made Liberty Preservation Ordinance that can be easily modified to your town. We also tell you what you need to do to get the resolution on your municipality’s agenda and provide tips for success in building a local team. We will also update the page with the latest happenings from cities, counties and the state legislature when it comes to resistance against the NDAA.

I hate to sound redundant, but the future of the Republic really hinges upon the success of this. That isn’t alarmism, it is the truth. The cesspool in Washington D.C. grows more toxic everyday. We will only be insulated from the treacherous behavior of the federal government if we take the necessary precautions while there is still time. The democratic process has been subverted a great deal, but we still have the ability to get involved at the local and state levels to combat tyranny. We must take full advantage of this. Please join us and become a pioneer in this truly revolutionary movement to stand up for what is right against the entrenched power structure, once and for all.

God bless,

Shane Trejo

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Rick Snyder: Detroit’s Sugar Daddy

Rick Snyder can’t stop proving me right. I have tarred him as an anti-conservative, big-government-loving, scummy, two-faced charlatan practically from the get-go. And whenever I look at what he is doing in Lansing, he keeps getting worse and worse. What nefarious dealings is Snyder up to now? He’s bailing out Detroit.

“This is not a bailout of paying the debts directly of the city of Detroit. This is not a bailout of banks and other creditors,” Governor Snyder said after unveiling his plan to bailout Detroit, as reported by CNN Money. “This is focused on helping reduce and mitigate the impact on retirees.”

Snyder will also protect the city’s art collection through the bailout, which according to the aforementioned article is worth between $452 million to $866 million. Instead of selling some of the city’s works to pay some of the bills of a desperate, bankrupt Detroit, Snyder has decided to blow $350 million of state funds instead. This is Snydernomics at work. Protect the art, screw over the poor taxpayer.

Furthermore, what message does this bailout send to cities across Michigan? It incentivizes them to be greedy and wasteful and profligate. Politicians are already known for making lofty, expensive promises to voters with taxpayer money. They are always happy to throw as much of it around as possible to buy votes. Snyder’s bailout blunder sends all of the wrong messages to state government officials.

This could have been a wake up call for cities to get their fiscal houses in order. Detroit, after all, isn’t the only city in the state or in the country with a spending problem. Far from it! This could have been the big chance for a more conservative approach to governance that could have cleaned up the city’s waste and corruption. But Snyder’s bailout plan stops that dead in its tracks. Now with Daddy Snyder setting the precedent of bailing out broke city governments, there will be nothing stopping other cities from following in Detroit’s footsteps. Spendthrift bureaucrats now have the OK to rack up unpayable, astronomical debts to win over voters knowing that Snyder will pick up their tab.

No doubt Snyder ran this bailout scheme through focus groups and made his decision based upon political calculations, rather than principle. That is the M.O. of a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing governor who is about as Republican as Hillary Clinton. He’s clearly proven that conservative principles aren’t exactly his cup of tea. They are only something that should be brought up as lip service at big Republican functions. They are then tossed aside when he constructs his public policy.

Conservatives, remember this when Snyder is going around masquerading as a successful leader while he grovels for your support during his re-election bid this year. Remember how he was PERSONALLY responsible for implementing Obamacare and expanding Medicaid. Remember how he supported the implementation of Obama’s Common Core education program that is straight out of 1984. Remember that he wanted to jack up your gas taxes and implement an internet sales tax as well. And most importantly, remember not to give this louse a damn cent and not to spend one minute working for his re-election campaign – unless you like to reward people who have personally stabbed you in the back time and again.

Lathrup Village Leads the Charge Against Indefinite Detention!

Greetings, Patriots!

I have some good news to share with you today. A Lathrup Village Patriot by the name of Robert Brim has decided to step up to the plate and become a leader for freedom in his community by taking our Liberty Preservation Ordinance to his local representatives. Here is the video of his rousing speech at last month’s city council meeting:

We must all follow in the footsteps of Robert Brim. Not only is he running for political office with the intent of promoting liberty, he is also taking the initiative and spearheading an effort to Take Back His Town. If we had a Robert Brim in every community, we would have our freedom back in no time.

The thing working in our favor is that there probably is someone in every community who would be willing to lead the way. They just do not understand their rights and do not understand the tools at their disposal. We at the Tenth Amendment Center and our friends at People Against the NDAA work to snap people out of that ridiculous mindset that you can only make a difference at the ballot box. That is absurd.

The only way we can make a difference is by rolling up our sleeves and being willing to do the grunt work to get a national movement rolling. Right now, Take Back The Town is only in its infancy. It has only been utilized in a handful cities thus far. That means we are on the ground floor of this. We are the pioneers. We are the ones who have to lead the way and make it easier for others to gain the strength and courage needed to join us.

It may not be easy, but was it easy for the Founding Fathers to risk everything for freedom? They risked their lives, their prosperity and their good name. Because of their heroic sacrifice, they have given us a system that allows for many checks and balances. We don’t have to make the sacrifices that our Founding Fathers did. All we have to do is get up off of the coach, devote a little free time, shake off public speaking fears and take TAC’s ready-made legislation to your town council. The effort you expend on this could very well save the country.

Are you up to the challenge or are you just going to sit idly by while our country goes down the toilet? There are voices out there in the establishment who will assure you that everything will just be fine if you sit on your hands and vote Republican or Democrat. These are the people who must be ignored. Their lousy advice is what has gotten us into this mess. It is through a definitive rejection of these failed ideas of the past and an acceptance of decentralized, grassroots resistance from the bottom up that will put our country back on the road to freedom and prosperity. It starts in your town. Follow the examples of Bob Brim and thousands of other patriots across the country. Be apart of something huge. Reclaim your lost liberty. We’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

Shane Trejo

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Guest Post: Immigration Reform and American Sovereignty

By: Kenneth Lloyd

In the wake of the threat that has been made by the moderate/liberal Republican leadership in the United States’ House of Representatives to pass “immigration reform”, I think that it’s important for libertarians and conservatives to understand the effect that such a law would have on the sovereignty of the people of the United States. In this article, I will discuss the importance of a nation’s sovereignty, the history of the idea of the sovereignty of the American people, and my thoughts about the ways in which the proposed “immigration reform” legislation will undermine our way of life, if it becomes “the law of the land”.

First, it is important that we understand the meaning of the word “sovereignty”. According to, “sovereignty” refers to “the status, dominion, power, or authority of a sovereign; royalty”. In other words, when someone refers to a country’s sovereignty, they are discussing the source of power that controls the affairs of a given territory. Prior to the founding of the United States, most, if not all nations of the world had established governments in which their sovereignty was vested in a King, Emperor, or some other title for an individual or a group of individuals, who ruled over their subjects. In these societies, either an individual or a group of individuals held the power to make laws and to impose them on the people who lived in their countries. This means that the people of these societies did not possess sovereignty, and therefore, they were forced to live their lives as their sovereigns demanded. When one begins to examine the impact that “sovereignty” has on the character of a country, from that point of view, they are able to understand how important it is to a people’s way of life.

After winning the Revolutionary War, America’s Founding Fathers presented their answer to the following question: Where does the sovereignty lie in this new nation? This question was answered in the Declaration of Independence. In that document, Thomas Jefferson wrote: “they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”. First, let’s look at the following part of that passage: “they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”. This phrase means that Jefferson and other like-minded Framers declared that the “Creator” possesses sovereignty, because of the fact that He is responsible for granting each and every human being with “unalienable rights”. The following quote indicates that Jefferson, along with the other Founders of his mindset, believed that a second source of sovereignty also existed in America: “to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”. Although, they understood that the sovereign God grants rights to each and every human being, they also reasoned that governments are only legitimate and can only be justified, if it has the consent of the governed. This means that, the American people have sovereign authority over their government. Each American receives his or her rights from God, and while standing on that foundation of natural law, they grant powers to the government to protect those rights. Now that I have discussed the nature of American sovereignty, I want to express my concerns about the ways in which it relates to the current “immigration reform” proposal.

Many people on the political Left constantly point out that America is “a nation of immigrants”. They use this observation as an excuse for implementing policies that grant American citizenship to illegal immigrants, who have unlawfully entered the United States. Although, it is true that America has benefited from people who have immigrated to the United States from foreign countries, it is also true that we have almost always maintained some sort of a naturalization process for those immigrants who want to enjoy the privileges of American citizenship. The “immigration reform” legislation that has passed the United States Senate, and that is being considered by the House Republicans, contains no serious enforcement mechanisms, in terms of assimilating the very same illegal immigrants that it confers American citizenship upon. It is very important for immigrants who seek to become American citizens to be properly assimilated into American society. This is important because of the necessity to preserve that aforementioned notion of “American sovereignty”. Most of the people who have illegally entered the United States were born in countries where the sovereignty rests in the hands of a powerful, elitist few. In those countries, people are accustomed to depending on and working for their “superiors”. As a result, non-assimilated, illegal aliens do not understand the principles that must be adhered to, in order to maintain a free America.

If the American people allow the United States House of Representatives to pass a law that grants citizenship to non-assimilated illegal immigrants, it is very easy to imagine that those new “American citizens” will eventually be granted the right to vote. The problem with such a situation is the following: the ability to vote in frequent elections is the mechanism through which the American people exercise their sovereignty. Ignorance and apathy is already epidemic within the voting population. Few care about freedom and most only care about securing themselves more of the largesse extracted forcibly from the taxpayer by big government. That bad situation will only become worse if so-called immigration reform is passed.

Adding more voters to the rolls who don’t understand the Constitution does not bode well for the Tenth Amendment. By participating in frequent elections, the American people, as a whole, are able to decide the future course of their country. However, if we fail to prevent the RINO House leadership from sending this proposed amnesty bill to President Obama for his signature, our sovereign authority will be undermined. It would be undermined, because these newly “American citizens” will not be learned in American principles, and therefore will not understand the importance of voting for candidates for public office who are dedicated to preserving and perpetuating our free way of life. As a result, America will continue its fall from a country that was dedicated to human liberty to a country in which the elitist few will continue to dominate the lives of the body politic.

Mark Levin and the Radical Left: Collaborators in Constitutional Destruction

It turns out that Mark Levin and his flock of misguided useful idiots aren’t the only people at war with America’s founding documents. Radical leftist ideologues also want a Constitutional Convention or an Article V Convention as well, seeing it as a way they can more quickly fundamentally transform the country into a totalitarian socialist hellhole.

One of these leftist groups promoting an Article V Convention is the WOLF-PAC which aims to destroy the Constitution and replace it with something that promotes ‘true democracy.’ It is hard to get a read on exactly what their plan is to change the Constitution on their website. They seem to deliberately obfuscate what they actually plan to do in terms of the amendments. Instead, they go on bromides about the evils of money in politics. These empty talking points assume once money is pulled from the system that Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner will suddenly become angels. Although they do correctly prescribe some of our society’s on-going problems, relying on bureaucrats to amend the Constitution in a responsible way is completely infeasible.

Another group pushing to alter or abolish the Constitution is the Friends of the Article V Convention. Although this progressive group admits that ‘it is impossible to predict every amendment proposal that will be discussed at an Article V Convention,’ they don’t seem to care all that much about the unpredictability of their plan. The founder of the group Byron DeLear said in a Huffington Post article, “The founders designed a bottom-up solution to a runaway federal government. The actual supreme law of the land can be changed outside of Washington.” Apparently the problem that needs to be changed according to liberals and ‘conservatives’ like Mark Levin is the Constitution itself. Shredding or altering the founding document is the key to a functional republic, according to these bozos. This dangerously idiotic notion, if pursued, would likely spell complete doom for liberty.

So once again, we see some bipartisanship between the crooked left and the crooked right. They are both chomping at the bit to change or destroy the Constitution. This is their big opportunity to make their illicit power grabs legally binding. They are attempting to use the problems the government is largely responsible for to destroy the bane of their existence, the Constitution. Through a Con Con or an Article V Con, they can destroy more private wealth in the name of so-called social justice if they’re leftists or they can legitimize concepts like torture and aggressive war crimes that scumbags like Mark Levin have so vociferously defended in the past.

The big questions that the enemies of the Constitution cannot address about their Con Con/Article V Con scheme are: What’s stopping it from instituting something much worse than what we have now? And who is to say that the people will want liberty over tyranny? Who is to say that they will take freedom over the false promises of the socialists? Who is to say that the RINOs won’t collude with the progressives and overthrow the Constitution to satisfy their totalitarian ambitions? After all, this collusion is exactly what happened in Michigan to implement Obamacare and expand Medicaid. Who is to say the government will ever follow the new amendments when they’ve completely disregarded the current ones? The deceivers cannot come close to answering these questions because their ideas are nothing more than a hollow, empty sham meant to send well-meaning activists down a dead end.

All of these questions and more make a Constitutional Convention a terrible idea for activists to spend their precious time and energy promoting. If you think the Constitution is the problem with this country, your priorities are completely backward and you need to stop listening to hypocritical talk radio hacks immediately. The problem is that our Constitution has not been enforced. The idea that some of today’s infinitely corrupt bureaucrats can improve upon the greatest document ever written is preposterous and frankly un-American. We must resist demagogues and charlatans like Mark Levin and focus on the proven, time-tested solutions that our Founding Fathers recommended in times of tyranny such as nullification.